Light Assault class its banned from competitive gameplay

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by terranhawk, Apr 21, 2014.

  1. terranhawk

    In its current state the class is only good for solo playing and baling out of your ship to avoid death,in my outfit they are not allowed in any squad,whenever i join i serious open squad i often hear leaders telling people who is light assault to change class or be kicked,watching competitive gameplay like this community clash tournament you can see that there is no light assaults.....

    Heavy assault seems to be a better combat option when it comes to serious play and all other classes seem to have a role in a squad because they have tools that helps other teamates or in case of the HA let them deal with vehicles and maxes at range but Light assault doesnt,so please devs in the upcoming LA update give the class something so they will be wanted in a squad,dual wielding its cool and all but we need something that make us wanted in any squad....
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  2. WarmasterRaptor

    Why are you posting this in TWO places?
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  3. terranhawk

    Because this fits here too and will fall down into the general gameplay forum
  4. Bruno Puntz Jones

    Stop spamming.
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  5. Iridar51

    While I agree that LA lacks certain *oomph* in terms of team utility, kicking people for playing Light Assaults only shows how unenlightened your leaders are.

    They want control and unit cohesion, and that's not something LA can provide and be effective.
    Light Assault is a sort of a black ops unit - best when operates with freedom to go and do what he deems necessary. Coordination with his unit, is ofcourse important for relaying scout information and receiving general objectives, but he doesn't need squad leader constantly yelling at him "rush point A!11eleventy".

    Problem isn't so much with the class, but with base cap mechanics - the most effective way to cap a base is to ignore spawn mechanics like Sunderers entirely, and rely on medics to sustain the squads while it camps on top of the capture point. Since most capture points are located in the building, this tactic makes vehicles, snipers, enemy LAs and scouting obsolete, so this immediately cuts off almost everything LA can do to help his team.

    Light Assault often dies when out of reach of medics, and has to rely on static spawns to keep himself in the action.

    In this capture scenario LA is less useful than any other class, and it will always be so. I don't think any sort of tool can change that, if base cap meta remains the same.

    One possible use for LA I can think of in this capture scenario is outfit wars. When one outfit takes defense around the cap point with MAXes, engineers and medics, another outfit may attempt to rush inside the cap building with their own MAXes in attempt to recapture the point for themselves. If the cap building provides roof access, and the defenders are contained within the building, LA can toss in a few flash, smoke or normal frag grenades to soften up the defenders a bit just before the MAX rush takes place. Convey this tactic to your leaders, and if they're unwilling to experiment, this only shows facts about them, not about the class. How can it ever be useful if they're not even willing to give it a chance?
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  6. CerealBox

    I think Iridar got a lot of this correct. So I'll address the competitive part.
    Regardless of my feelings of the Community Clash, I'll try to keep this objective as possible.
    TL;DR In essence, the way the Community Clash is structured does not really allow for "proper" light assault, and to some extent infiltrators.

    In the 24v24 situation, it's really difficult to get to use the advantages a light assault can create.
    Under the assumption of 100% of the population is communicating, it is difficult to get away with doing what light assaults do best. Flanking and manuvering.

    It is even more difficult to do things as a light assault because of radar and the few numbers in the battles. There is less chaos going on so players have less distractions and can quickly pick up on a light assault trying to flank around.

    This statement is a prime example of someone who doesn't know how to play light assault to the best of their ability.
    The Light Assault has tools that helps deal with vehicles and maxes at CLOSE rrange. The light assault can destroy a MBT with C-4 quicker than a heavy assault with a decimator.

    There are unique ways the Light Assault can help the team. The best way is positioning. By using positioning, a light assault can do so many things that are unavailable to other classes. The most important in regards to competitive play is passing information about enemy positions and so on.
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  7. Randomplayer11

    He spawn this cos he play just in Tank and he dont like when LA bloow him to oblivion :D
  8. Gleerok

    Wow, kicking people for being light assaults? Unless you are calling specific team formations, this is, on my view, a completely ignorant move. Light assaults are absolutely deadly from close range when the base offers enough assets (roofs and hard to reach locations), strap in C4 and adrenaline, perhaps a shootgun or a good CQC gun (I personally run T5 AMC for the sake of versatility at range), you are unstoppable. How many times I've seen (and I've done it myself) light assaults rushing inside buildings from weird locations, crawling with maxes, and C4 ing everyone, turning the tide of the battle.

    But YES I feel light assaults neeed a revamp just like the Stalker cloak for infiltrators and new tools, because those open a new field of play, something I think LAs are in need, to broaden their play range. For example, allowing some scout rifles to be used on LAs. They have so much range potential but none of that is explored (minus TR's T5 AMC with 6x scope, which is still not deadly at very longe ranges)
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  9. Daibar

    if we just had one tool.. i would be happy..

    and like so many others i feel that if the leader can't see the need for any of the classes, then they are not leaders, only bosses.
    (if you don't know the difference, dont worry about it, go look it up)

    i've started teaching my outfit some LA moves and it pays off well.. with 2-3 LA's in a squad, we can cause so much havoc and we're deadly, sure we die a lot, i think i have more than 14k deaths.... but then again i've chased down a lot of maxes, tanks and sunderers..... suggestion for a tool would be toggleable glasses as described in that post.
    they already have the code written (steal the code from the scopes in vehicles) and come up with the bullet trace, since we can already see bullet trace, it should just add 1-2 seconds extra to the fade for our class when the tool is active...
    should be simple and not too overpowered.
  10. terranhawk

  11. Sandpants

    ... enemy composition, their fractions, a rough evaluation on their strategies. Yeah
    But it's such an intricate and niche role. Not many could pull it off and this is why there are even fewer people who would accept it is a an actual thing.

    Worse yet the fundamentals, potential and approach is there, but SOE will do nothing to build up on it. Cos LA is deadly. In places where this trait holds absolutely no value but as a random cert faucet.

    Your posts show a clear understanding of the ecosystem LA has to deal with. Hence, please for our sake - post more. If we could compile, what is perhaps dramatically categorized as collective wisdom, in one place, maybe SOE will actually have enough convincing arguments showing that LA is not what they persistently think it is.
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  12. vanu123

    LA are great for beacon placement. As for a "teamplay" aspect, you need 1 infil and the rest should be medics and engineers. Outside of that you are just a killwhore and not much of a team player.
  13. Stinneyt

    I'm confused.
    I kill more vehicles as LA than as any other class INCLUDING other vehicles.
    My KD is easily the same with LA as with Infiltrator which I use with ~85% of my game time.

    You'd be better off banning crap players from your squads.
  14. stalkish

    The lengths people will go to just to 'win' a computer game is unbelievable.
    I personaly play for fun, i know its a wierd concept but just simply having fun, dont watch stats, dont play in 'competetive' matches, all that crap just makes it too serious.
    Video games are an escape from real life stresses IMO, not an additional stress.

    If a squad leader kicked me for being a LA i think id be thankful im not in that squad any more.
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  15. CerealBox

    That is why Iridar has is always promoting his LA guide. People should really give it a good look through. Especially players trying to diversify their game and outfit leaders looking for more utility.
  16. Iridar51

    I think they even do, I'm proud to say that at one time Pella of INI Elite asked me if they could copy my guide to their outfit website.
    But the thing is getting so huge, I'm not even sure what to do or think about it.
  17. Rift23

    I said it once, I'll say it again: your outfit sucks.
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  18. Metalsheep

    Personally i feel the Light Assault is too Niche to be effective in 90% of outfit operations that involve capping a base. My outfit doesnt even allow LA players in our composition, if youre LA and wont switch, you'll be kicked.

    Most capture points are inside buildings, where a LA can't really take advantage of the one tool it has, its jetpack and mobility. In an indoor environment where you're defending/capping a point, you possess just as much firepower as an Engineer, with less utility and no turret.

    Engineers can carry C4 (As well as Medics and HA), use Carbines, Provide ammo, repair MAXs, use smoke (with a UBGL) AND have a turret they can use as cover or for more firepower.

    The only thing an LA has that an engineer doesnt in an indoor environment is Flashbangs. But Concussions are just as effective and equippable on a much more durable class, the HA. Sure, the LA can put a beacon down on a rooftop, but other enemy LAs/Aircav can easily reach it anyways.

    Ideal compositions for capture holds in my outfit usually consist of 1 Infil (who is handpicked by our outfit leader and is typically the most skilled/certed infil in the outfit) 2 or 3 engineers, 2 or 3 medics, 1 AI MAX and the rest HA. this is per squad. We typically also Gal Drop on our targets, no reason to use LA to flank or fight our way to the capture point either.

    I'd love to see the LA become more attractive to Ops, but it doesnt currently have much use in the places most capture points are located.
  19. Ohmlink

    I just think LA's just need a utility function, the jet pack is great, but as the thread has said many capture points do not favor attacking from an elevated position.

    In outdoor points it really shines, but it doesn't fulfill an always needed role.
  20. Dietre

    light assaults are only good for putting a becon ontop of the crown and camping the turrets from higher up for easy kills lol

    I just cant get into the game play of LA, in biolabs you can get up on builds etc and give yourself an advantage but what good are you really doing? Maybe if the LA like some sort of ability for relaying info on troop movements etc or ability to lift someone up to a vantage point they could be more useful.

    Concussion nades are way more effective because it restricts the movement of effected player, the flashbang turns the screen whiteish... you can easily run away.

    maybe a ability to wear IR googles and carry more smoke nades by default could work to, but then that's why we have the ir scope so ya.. pointless. only gives the advantage to players who dislike that scope. I honestly do not know of anything that would be a usefull tool to the LA. I understand that the jetpack allows you to clear walls but the bases are designed that a well placed sundy allows the entire platoon through walls at the gaps at some bases and kills the need to jump over em. Now if bases were designed to be attacked to lower shields (which don't allow troops to pass) then you need LA or a gal drop but that isn't the case.

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