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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Fligsnurt, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. Fligsnurt

    I want to hear opinions on what everyone thinks about the Light Assault in relation to all other classes without putting any certs into any of them.

    My opinion: Light Assault doesn't have enough flavor to begin with. They seem almost like they are one trick ponies instead of an assault class. You get a jetpack, but thats it (other then the default loadout. IE: Knife, Pistol, Main wep) which even then the jetpack seems just a bit short on the begining end. In what I have played I find that I end up dropping from a roof, nadeing a room and going back up and waiting for shields and jets to recharge. Then I come down again and put a clip into someone and repeat. Just seems that as an offensive class there isn't much options other then how we utilize the jetpack but that only goes so far. And even if it is just a run and gun class so to speak, there isn't enough ammo on hand to justify that. I can understand lower amounts of ammo on support classes but on an assault class is kind of obsurd. Yea sure the engis drop ammo but as an assault class shouldn't they be out front more and be able to hold their own until the support catches up? I haven't played the LA much but just to know that I run out of ammo pretty fast, faster at anything outside CQC and Im forced back from the point I was at seeking resupply.

    This is in comparison to all other classes. Every class has multiple rolls w/out certing into them.
    HA: Anti Tank (Rocket Launcher), Meat Shield (Personal Shield), Anti Infantry (LMG)
    Infil: Anti Infantry / Spotter (Sniper Rifle), Sabotage (Cloak and hack)
    Medic: Anti Infantry (Standard Wep), Heals / Revives (Healing Tool)
    Engi: Anti Infantry (Standard Wep), Repairs (Repair tool), Resupply (Ammo box), Area Denial (ACE tool Turret and an additional ammo box)
    MAX: Meat Shield (All that sexy armor), Multi purpose loadouts (Comes avail with AI, AV, AA arms.)
    LA: Anti Infantry (Standard Wep), Imaginative Flanking? (Jet Pack)
    Would love to hear some thoughts on this.
  2. pochacco

    I used to think so too. It seems that way because the other classes just have more 'stuff' from the get-go - Engineer has its versatility, Medic has its healing, HA are the frontline shock troopers, and Infiltrator..........

    Anyway, you just have to get creative with the jetpack. LA's about constantly moving, diving in, getting a kill, and moving out. If you find yourself in giant fight situations where you can't find what to do with LA you're better off changing to HA.

    The Jetpack itself is a huge game changer. With it, LA pretty much makes the battlefield its *****. That's a huge role compared to the other classes.

    Unlike the Infiltrator, you have find ways to be sneaky without having to use cloak, both in CQC and large scale combat.

    EDIT: Also, with peoples' bad computer specs and the poor optimization of the game you'll run into tons of people - especially spray and praying HAs that have trouble aiming when you're standing right in front of them and over around them while trying to kill them.
  3. Fligsnurt

    Lol you got yourself a good post. Pretty good points, the issue I did have was ammo consumption as an LA when I was up front ( I play Engi almost exclusively ) so with my GD-7F (name may be wrong) I hold my own in medium / close ranges and the jet pack helps me from being caught while reloading or from the "Oh look an enemy killed someone over there everyone get him" mobs that roam around. I guess the versatility of the jetpack as default seemed a little low compared to what the other classes got. I will say because of it I have easily gotten KDRs of 6/1 or better dependant on my ammo supply. Ill thow some more certs into it, maybe get the ammo suit cert and see where that takes me. I like supporting my squad/platoon so its interesting what I can pull off to do so with a class like LA. Thanks for the feedback.
  4. kyre5

    jetpack is a game changer with infantry. if you aren't creative enough to use it to dominate then just play heavy

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