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  1. Saool

    I've been off for a few weeks and today noticed liberators everywhere. I know there have been lib changes of late. I assume it's back to being the 'I win' vehicle again?
  2. Utrooperx

  3. Scientiarum

    A little bit. Not too bad, the main thing is that they are more survivable. I have no problem with this vs the ground AA, it needed this, but they seem a bit too survivable against ESFs which should be their main counter. Libs DO need to be vulnerable to something. I seriously would not waste certs or SC on the Duster though, it is utter crap. The Dalton was nerfed vs infantry but still a very viable gun, shredder is the same and has already increasingly become the weapon weapon of choice among expert lib teams (even before the update), the Zephyr received another buff, still crap against everything that is not infantry (or oddly) a Galaxy.
  4. Flashtirade

    Average player mentality: Libs got buffs = Libs now OP
    Then they proceed to fly straight into battle and get vaporized just like before.
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  5. Pikachu

    The only "I win" liberators have had is against infantry when using zepher shortly after release. That has been their only good thing. Since the nerf they have been the unwanted child of PS2 used by masochistic pilots and seen as flying tacos of XP for ESF and minor annoyance for ground targets but easily repelled. Now when they got some buffs everybody suddenly turned 1-80 when liberators finally got useful.
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  6. Tamas

    I log in, fly an ESF to hotspot, get insta killed by rank 100 players circling with libs in a pack of 5-6. Try to play ground combat, get spawn camped. Check if there are Bio dome fights, log off.
  7. teks

    maybe, possibly, for some strange reason, updating a vehicle inspires more people to use said vehicle temporarily because its something different.

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