Liberators OP Once Again!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Malebranche, Oct 18, 2019.

  1. Malebranche

    So they can blow up sunderers with just a few Dalton shots. Oh great, why not just rename this game Lib-side 2 while you're at it, DayBREAK games... :mad:
  2. tigerchips

    Use a cloak lol.
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  3. Scroffel5

    They should really make Flak more dangerous to it. We had 2 MAXs with AA capabilities shooting at it, AND IT STILL GOT AWAY! It was flying low and stayed around even after it got shot! The heck? You could get a squad of 7 Flashes with a Basilisk on it and open fire on it, and probably knock it out of the sky.
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  4. Liewec123

    it is a curious change,
    Libs were already hellishly strong, they're flying tanks,
    i don't know why DBG thought they needed a buff.

    also did they buff the splash of Dalton? i had a Lib shooting at me last night and i thought they were using zephyr,
    because i was taking big spash damage hits, but when the splash killed me (after a few shots) it was a Dalton.
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  5. Skraggz

    Libs took a 20% armor nerf and an increase of 300 damage per round on dalton putting it at 1500 and an increased reload timer. That damage came at an expense. It seems they were trying to bring back solo lib pilots. I dislike them but at least it will be less lotto based and more skill based as it cant be as easily spammed.
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  6. LordKrelas

    20% Armor reduction on a high-health vehicle with mobility, and massive firepower, that faces Low-damage weapons.
    That thing can alpha-strike so damn hard, I don't think it's going to notice a 20% decrease in armor when Most sources of Damage aren't capable of taking it down Prior to the firepower increase.

    Oh joy more 1-man operated 3-man Vehicles, with Alpha-striking firepower, that can escape any ground threat they don't vaporize.
    Let alone if they actually get a Gunner for once.
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  7. Skraggz

    As a Ground unit 20% armor reduction is huge, is it enough? idk, but It is a nice start from patch day 1. Maybe give it a week before speculation? I personally don't care for libs in any manner. Already gunned me down some Dalton newbs.
  8. InexoraVC

    Dalton is overpowered. It now kills ESF with just one shot. I've been killed a lot today. Damn... Libs are invincible
  9. InexoraVC

    Even anti air turrets at watchtowers can do nothing against Libs. Saw it today: turret got destroyed and the Lib is just started to burn but alive
  10. iStalk

    Do you even realize how hard it is to kill a esf with dalton? Lol. It's not OP. It takes skill to use, don't stay still, avoid belly.
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  11. InexoraVC

    Yes I know. But do you even realize how hard it is to kill a LIB with ESF ?
    It is almost impossible if the LIB's crew is not "green".
    It take either skill to use or ages to kill a LIB!
    Wyrm is nerfed, Coyote missiles are nerfed, the main ESF's guns are very low DPS guns to kill a LIB.
    So you need a few minutes to kill a lib in a 1v1 duel.
    And just one (lucky or skilled - choose what you like) shot of Dalton, and all your ESF's efforts are rolling down to hell.
  12. adamts01


    ESF are now irrelevant. They were pushed out of base fights, and now it's pointless to fly anything but a Lib for A2A.
  13. MonnyMoony

    I just found the Wyrm cannons for new favourite weapon.

    They are devastating to Libs and Gals. I have taken out quite a few over the past few days - it doesn't take many hits to get them smoking.

    If you run composite armour, the Lib can't one shot you with the Dalton unless you are already damaged.
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  14. Zizoubaba

    once again?

    it's been that way for aaaages now oO
  15. Dethonlegs

    I've noticed the TB + dalton finishing shot is a thing once more for solo pilots against MBT's. Just great.....
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  16. Exileant

    :eek: I hope so!!!!:confused: ...You mean aside from the main gun it is based off of being able to kill most targets in 1 shot? Or the fact that a Liberator costs as much as a tank, or can be easily beat down by A.A. fire and stalked to death by E.S.F's? Pull a Skyguard..... The Dalton Needed its explosion back. It is not hard to kill a Liberator at all. :pYou had a few shots to get to safety. Next time take the hint or get in one. I rather enjoy the Cert gain they give me trying to get some D--------------------amage.:D

    :eek: CRYBABIES!!!!!!! Sheesh, everyone has access to this stuff. :D Stop whining and enjoy it!
  17. iStalk

    Lol pointless? All I do is fly esf and hardly have a problem with Liberators. You're acting like esf are useless lol. Haven't you seen the post about air to ground? Lol calling it pointless for esf a2a. Now I know why developer's don't listen to this forum but on reddit instead.
  18. iStalk

    I mainly fly esf, sometimes Liberators. Liberators got a nerf to health and gained its 1 hit kill again. Fair trade off.
  19. vonRichtschuetz

    Libs are agile and fast, can fly, deal lots of damage, can tank multiple AA and/or AV magazines, have self heal.

    What could go wrong.
  20. TRspy007

    The AA lockons shred libs and galaxies. Maybe you can try them?
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