Liberators Need a Nerf

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Cute-CandyPants, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Cute-CandyPants

    title says it all

    they are pretty much Tanks in the sky, AA barely scratch's them and the bomb spam is just stupid
  2. SpruceMoose

    libs are fine
    go home, come back with ESF or AA
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  3. Sobieski14

    As an all around player.
    * I'd say they are honestly fine.

    They are meant to be heavily armored, they are meant to be the tanks of the sky.
    * AA seems very weak atm, in the sense that it's very slow.
    * So, I'd rely more on fighter cover.

    Kinda wish my mossie breaker rockets can destroy a lib tho...
    * It shouldn't just eat up a whole barrage and just smoke...
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  4. helloworldy

    Um, but you can? Breaker Rockets + your main pea-shooter or w/e. Should be more than enough to take it down assuming you yourself don't go down first.

    I think it's fine. If you really have to you can take down the Lib, but if there's any other enemy aircraft nearby or AA then...well, not so much.
  5. Dasbag

    Liberators are at this point because during beta they were worthless. They are fine.
  6. Cute-CandyPants

    im guesing your one of the N O O B S abusing this stuff at the moment ? people well know te liberator is overpowerd as hell.
  7. Cute-CandyPants

    worthless ?

    now they are stupid and overpowerd
  8. Cute-CandyPants

    when a lib starts bomb spamming you cant do jack
  9. nubery

    liberators are fine
  10. Hurricane500

    everything needs a nerf apparently

    except for nc guns, buff those
  11. Lightwolf

    Pull burster max, spam HA rockets, get yourself a AAA turret, etc
  12. Rothnang

    Flak guns need a buff. Liberators are basically a free kill for a fighter right now, but hardly any air units can be effectively brought down from the ground.

    AP Python is pretty beastly against Liberators if you can hit them.
  13. Blatantfool

    You are seeing the issue from the wrong angle.

    It isn't the fact that the Liberator is extremely strong, it is actually pretty decent right now.

    It is just you noticing what a LOT of people have. Most of the Anti-Air sucks. Not all of it, just most of it. There are plenty of options for AA, but few of them are actually dangerous enough to really wreck a Liberator Bomber before the Bomber wrecks the AA.

    The tools you have to kill it aren't particularly amazing right now because they are in a state of balance flux - I don't think SOE is sure about what to do with AA right now - so it really seems like the beefy Liberator is extremely powerful when it really isn't all that bad.
  14. Sobieski14

    Yeah I know "Rockets + Main gun" will kill it.
    * It's just weird that 16 rockets does not destroy a bomber...
  15. Gamenut556

    I think Liberators are fine. I gun for a family member and it only takes one or two Mosquitos/Reavers to take us. The Walker does not do as much damage as their nose guns (and it's harder to aim). That or a drop pod. Just today we got killed three times because of that BS. I wish they went through and not damage us. I hate dying to random crap.
  16. Rane

    Don't let liberators or mosquitos or any of those air crafts EXCEPT the galaxy hover in one spot. The problem to me is the Lib can just sit directly over top of anyone outside of range and reign hell down upon them. Maybe I am mistaken but could liberators or other aircraft just sit still mid air in Ps1?

    Also do not nerf any air craft. Just open up caverns. And add in those big mech robots wtf ever they were called.
  17. Arna

    As a Lib pilot, they're fine like they are... Judging from your avatar picture... You can see you and I both play the same faction... Libs are fine... Yes, I'm a pilot for the NC...

    Stop screaming, nerf this, buff that... Or else this game will end up like BF3 did...
  18. klungo

    Liberators are for once actually useful and the first thing people do is ***** and moan about it. Why am I not surprised? The old liberator could barely even rack up three kills before being shot down by some random idiot with a burster max, ESF or a skyguard. Hell even a one armed burster MAX was usually enough to scare away a liberator in a matter of seconds.

    Basically we have a flux of AA campers sad because they can no longer melt liberators with with a few bursts of AA fire and shoot at massive slow moving targets all day long. Now that liberators are actually a threat and that it will take a combined effort to bring them down instead of that one guy sitting in a corner with a skyguard racking up 20 air kills per minute, people are ranting on the forums crying OP.

    Keep the liberator as it is sony, lets not go back to the days of giant flying "shoot me" targets that never get anything done. A single guy in an ESF should never be more desirable for air-to-ground bombardment over a fully crewed liberator.
  19. Endactam

    Libs are fine at the moment, the problem lies in that ground AA can't hit air @1000m the shots don't reach. If you have fighters in the area it works as two can easily take a lib down quickly.
  20. Goden

    Unlike ESF's, Libs are flying targets. They are so big and slow they can even be shot down with tank cannons.

    Sure they hurt, but they don't take much punishment themselves.
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