Liberators die in ******* seconds

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Codeak, May 26, 2013.

  1. Codeak

    So you spend 300 resources, get a friend, get all excited, then die thirty seconds in combat.

    It takes like 15 minutes to get 300 resources to do that? This game makes no sense.

    Not to mention i actually know how to fly.. Currently I'd have to be so far away that the enemy wouldn't render in the first place.
  2. LonelyTerran

    Because most people still deem liberators as death gods so they get focus fired first.
  3. Van Dax

    Justicia would probably like to prove you wrong, but he's to busy flying his lib solo murdering mosquitoes.
  4. Codeak

    im aware im a flying blimp with a shoot me sign on it but seriously ive got no armor or any survivability..

    where no AA is? wow real amazing, thumbs up for going against noobs coming out of the warpgate woooo so skilled im jelly.

    i know plenty of people who can do this.
  5. Fallout10mm

    A liberator is a death god if AA doesnt get on their *** at every opportunity, whenever I see them while in my prowler I immediately deploy and target them before they get overhead and rain hot spicy death on me.
  6. Codeak

    then whats the liberators roll in the game? to have you practice your prowler aim on a slow moving plane? real smart, kid.
  7. Barana

    Indeed. Entering the airspace over a battle is cause to be immediately targeted by every AA MAX and heavy with a lock-on that can render you. Against one or two bursters, however, Libs take a bit of time to whittle down.
  8. EvilKoala

    No armor or survivability? Libs have more armor than tanks and they fly.. No.. They have more than enough survivability.. Its just that people hate them, so everyone shoots them first. Not to mention they're juicy targets for XP rewards.
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  9. vincent-

    A lib shouldn't be flying solo into a heavy combat zone without his squad telling him if their is any AA presence. A libs job is to provide support for ground troops when pushing. It's also wise to get 2-4 esfs to fly cover and help spot ground targets that can be deemed a threat.

    If you thought going in solo is smart or it seems unfair that you go in solo and get destroyed well consider this. that a lib is a flying death machine and if you think anyone is going to just sit there and take that kind of fire power up the *** than you need to think again.
  10. Codeak

    No, they die in within seconds. This means they have no survivability and a small role in combat. The game could remove them and all that would change is the scrubs who camp inside spawn rooms with their duel bursters would have nothing to do.

    So now i dont only have to wait 15 minutes to get 300 resources i have to ask people if theres AA? are you kidding me who is going to do that?

    AND i have to get 3 esf's to fly around me? are you kidding??

    Someone who is new isnt going to fricken do that, theyre gunna go fly around looking for people to kill and die immediately, and give up on flying libs forever on...
  11. FigM

    TR faction doesn't even need dedicated AA. Every other guy has a Striker
  12. RHINO_Mk.II

    So a 2 man lib that is good against everything in the game (including ESFs, don't even pretend it's difficult to Dalton ESFs with a competent gunner) should be able to win against 2-3 or more players who have DEDICATED themselves to only countering air?

    Keep dreaming.
  13. EvilKoala

    Just because you die within seconds doesn't mean they have no survivability. If 10+ people weren't firing at you.. if maybe.. 2-3 people were firing at you.. you'd basically have free reign to do as you please. A Liberator can take an absolutely massive amount of damage. The only vehicle in the game that can take more damage than a Liberator is a Galaxy. If you can't survive in a Liberator, then maybe you should find something else to do in game..
  14. Codeak

    Yeah i agree on that. Striker is reeeally a game breaker. All the game needs is sundies and the rest of the vehicles can get removed.

    People who can get daltoned by a lib while in an ESF reeeeeally suck, i kill libs with hackers in it easy with my ESF, the libs are just not maneuverable enough to combat an ESF.

    And no they shouldnt be able to kill dedicated AA. They should be able to survive better against them.
    no its always like 2 people firing at me. 10+ would create an invisible wall that would insta kill me if i flew into it.
    Liberators cannot take an absolutely massive amount of damage lol.

    and i like your suggestion to go do somehting else, because im sure thats what 99% of everyone that tries the liberator does, they just go to something else. because its ******* pointless.

    Whats your in game name btw? we can tell how reputable you are real quick.
  15. RHINO_Mk.II

    The strength of the weapons on a Liberator means that surviving longer within AA range is the same thing as being able to kill them.
  16. Codeak

    Then give AA a magical shield room to camp in? how about that.

    That way they can spawn duel bursters and get lockons and survive a lot better then the liberators can.
  17. joe smo

    if libs die easily to AA what good are ESF's for especially if AA kills them easily too?
  18. Robes

    Lets see your video of hitting ESFs with a dalton, oh yeah you don't have one.

    To the OP, this is an infantry game, vehicles are only cert pinatas. PS1 free to play right now though.
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  19. vincent-

    Think about your past first time experience with these games. If they give up the first time they were not going to play this from the start.

    Also it's how you actually make an outfit join one or even meet friends. My first fps was battlefield 2 and it was with military players. I learned how to play right and meet great people.

    Stop playing lone wolf and make friends and maybe teach noobs how to be good.
  20. pada0

    When you use a lib and start flying towards enemy, one of them has already spotted you. Meanwhile over in voice chat, it's blah blah lib coming from so-and-so direction. Before you actually reach, people would have already got into MAX bursters and other AA set ups to welcome you. Don't dream about trying to get easy kills just because you spent 300 resources getting a lib unless you are playing with backup.

    If you actually play infantry/armor more than using a lib, you should be able to understand why libs are so hated. and you will get targeted. Try putting yourself in your enemies' shoes.