Liberators are the new ESF

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  1. xxNinjaPowersxx

    That right there explains EVERYTHING (almost). THANK YOU
  2. xxNinjaPowersxx

    #1 Removing the libs A2A capabilities would kill their player base.
    #2 Most libs don't even run with Tail gunners
    #3 READ Zenanii's POST
  3. IamnotAmazing

    if a lib wins a 1v1 the esf pilot needs to question their skill, hyenas are useless especially against hover dodging
  4. IamnotAmazing

    am I the only one that saw the "mekela cert mining" in that, I laughed pretty hard(in the tell @4:02

    #1: I highly doubt there are that many players rolling libs in the AA fashion, that ONLY roll libs in an AA fashion, that a removal of lib AA capabilities would have ANY noticeable impact on population.
    #2 I only brought it up because the person I responded to brought it up. Additionally, we both know that a 2/3 lib has a perfectly working tail gun as seat swapping is nearly instant
    #3 I disagree completely with his post, sooooo im not sure what we should do here. His arguments are heavily flawed, his examples do not correlate, and his idea of what a game should be, is exactly what we have, and we are seeing NOTHING but problems as a result.
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  6. xxNinjaPowersxx

  7. xxNinjaPowersxx

    Yes most don't ONLY roll AA but they still do it A LOT. And if they did remove it then the game wouldn't be the same(I wouldn't expect you to realize or care). And they won't. Thats how confident I am. And also I'm done with this thread. Spent enough time explaining/arguing over a video game.
  8. WarmasterRaptor

    As I'd see the ESF more like Harassers and Liberators as Lightnings... Galaxies should be MBT... I'm still watching before getting a final opinion on this... the air game is... not really defined enough I believe...
  9. WarmasterRaptor

    How would that kill the player base?? Like EVERYBODY flies libs and only a few walks on the ground. LibSide2!??

    Tail gunners useless since the dawn of libs. Why bother when your main cannon can murder them BETTER.

    I read it and still don't buy it.
  10. IamnotAmazing

    That's hardly close to true. Comparing tanks to aircraft just isn't possible, the speed and weapons difference between aircraft is too great to compare them to a lightning to mbt is just insane
  11. WarmasterRaptor

    I simply replied with how I saw the classes with how he saw them.

    I know that flying vehicles shouldn't be as durable as ground vehicles. But still,...
    Meanwhile, ESF bring destruction really fast, which I fully agree with.
    Libs should be slower and clumsier than they are, but that's only how I see it.
  12. Dead soldier

    that would kill the skilled player base. It would then lead to an increase in farming libs. Because a lack of AA from the libs' shredder and dalton, many more people would fly a lib and do ground pound. It would be like wanting to kill all the insects in the world because mosquitoes are annoying so you decide to kill dragonflies.

    Tail gunners are even more useful now because you can aim forwards and behind so the lib can travel fast and shoot when enemy ESFs are tailing it.
  13. IamnotAmazing

    ok but that analogy was terrible, my worry is that people will read it and base their opinions off of it
  14. Emotitron

    If SOE nerfed lib damage to infantry - most of this complaining would vanish.
  15. warmachine1

    Enter-exit-switch times!
    Compared to animations can be implemented in no time.
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  16. Zenanii

    How so? ESF and lightning are both mobile 1-man vehicles, liberators and MBTs are both slower with heavier armor and multi crew option. The galaxy is the flying equivalent of the sunderer focused on transport and utility, equipped with under-performing weaponry.
  17. SolLeks

    Libs are the best A2A and A2G now, but I just want the ABfuel useage as an ESF to get un-nerffed as that would fix the problem.

    Its good that libs can defend themselves, it makes it more fun as I love fighting PKlite and Hoamingbacon, but with less maneuverability, it makes it much harder to dodge libs and much easier for libs to kill esf.
  18. WarmasterRaptor

    In terms of firepower, I totally agree with you there. Somehow, it's their durability that I'd change to the vehicles I mentioned.
    It has nothing to do with the crew members though. The synergy people can get is already a bonus itself to a crew adapted vehicle. So, don't tell me it's because there are more than one player that a vehicle should absolutely destroy single manned vehicles. Otherwise, put an adaptive HP to every crew adapted vehicle that evolve on the number of players inside it...
  19. WarmasterRaptor

    Why would it be SO terrible?? And what if I'm not alone thinking that?
  20. WarmasterRaptor

    How would "skilled" player be so angry as to leave? Aren't they the one usually saying "adapt or die" ?
    Why wouldn't ESF be the "hard" counter to libs? instead of a pretty soft and squishy one?
    Why wouldn't libs actually ASK for an ESF escorts to protect them? you know, the combined arms thingy so many players like to talk about?

    Anyway, like I said, I don't have a decisive opinion about all this, except that some stuff is... not quite where it should be...