Liberators are the new ESF

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RedHaro, Mar 25, 2014.

  1. RedHaro

    they dominate the skies now. A solo lib with 1 person inside can 1v1 and win against an esf.

    The lib uses hyena, which effectively renders hover dodging useless.
    The lib uses Dalton/Shredder and Front gun to kill ESFs that are not hover dodging.
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  2. DashRendar

    Post a video of you doing it.
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  3. Chubzdoomer

    Liberators are awesome now, but you ain't gonna solo a good ESF pilot. I have soloed some cruddy ones, though!

  4. huller

    Tankbuster should be reverted to it's glory days of launch, the buffs in the recent update were extremely over the top and should be mostly undone. (meaning increased angle for tail gun stays, composite goes etc)
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  5. Tommyp2006

    I think I would word it more like "liberators are the old liberators"

    They basically just got better at what they were already doing.
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  6. gigastar

    Yeah... if youre failing against a Lib with one guy in it then youre doing something very wrong.

    And the Hyena, despite it basically being a Coyote, cant hit an ESF without either the ESF being very close, or target leading similar to what the old ****** Walker required abck in the day.

    And it still cant outdamage a Walker. Even the Bulldog is a more terrifying A2A weapon.
  7. NoctD

    Wrong. This was how it looked like to a top BR100 ace pilot with more than 20,000 vehicle kills in a Reaver. I took this screenshot on the day the Lib changes went live, knowing some people will come up with that kind of excuse. The Lib owns everyone, even the best ace ESF pilots.

  8. xxNinjaPowersxx

    Yes some of those kills were against noob pilots but some were good kills. And yes that was my flying. SOLO. NO GUNNER. lol
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  9. QuakerOatsMan

    That chart made me laugh
  10. xxNinjaPowersxx

    Once again......
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    I am not going to jump on the "lib OP" train, as I believe most of it is unfounded (i.e. ground players complaining), but there is no denying the fact that ATM, the liberator (the ground attack craft) is the most fearsome AA platform. ESPECIALLY to other libs. There is no reason for this to be the case, and a balance pass should occur relatively quick that allowed ESF's to more readily take on liberators.
  12. Beltway

    I've seen enough..
  13. xxNinjaPowersxx

    Please explain? :)
  14. NoctD

    You should see the average BR100 Dalton charts then, they go on and on and on and on for 20-30 or more kills without dying.
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  15. flexib

    if you mean by ESF a giant flying tank?
    i mean, come on, how the hell does an ESF die from a about a clip's worth of skyguard ammo while a lib can ******* sponge up 3 times the damage and fly off? last time i checked, planes shouldn't really be as strong if not stronger then the main battle tank
    it's like fighting a flying brick armed with artillery. make the lib a plane
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  16. HadesR

    I think the whole air game is bolloxed atm and Needs addressing to give more clear roles .. Ie: Lib needs its A2A capabilities severely reduced and ESF need their A2G capabilities also reduced ..

    Libs should be the primary A2G attack unit with ESF's as their natural predator ..

    Atm everything can do everything without clear defined roles.
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  17. Anantidaephobia

    Libs are awfully powerful since they recently got buffed up ... and precise too ... it seems no one can hide from them, even on foot and crouching behind an obstacle while they're so high in the sky that no AA can get a lock on them. Which leads me to the next point : why can't AA lock on aircraft that can see and shoot at them ?!? Liberator pilots complained that they couldn't see the foes who were able to shoot at them, but now why has it become the other way around ?
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  18. xxNinjaPowersxx

    IF they did that it would make A LOT of players quit. Including me. The air game is fine how it is. Its not the vehicle that's the problem. The players are the ones who create it. By this I mean its the skilled players who can make the Lib an A2A fighter not the lib itself. Everything does have a defined role, its the players who make the vehicle have different roles is my conclusion. I'm focusing that to the Lib mainly btw. And trust me.... if you severly reduce the Libs A2A capabilities (I.E. nerfing the dalton ect.) then SOE can have fun with a drop in players lol.
  19. xxNinjaPowersxx

    Ya I love getting shot by un-rendered AA..... please play both sides before coming to a conclusion. And if the lib is where you can't see it in AA then your fine on the ground. He can't see you as infantry ;)
  20. QuakerOatsMan

    I'm not surprised how many ESF kills a good lib crew can farm, it was mostly the fact that the ace reaver pilot got shut down pretty hard by libs within minutes, lol.
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