Liberators and Player Attitude

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  1. Gambitual

    Does anyone else have problems with Liberator gunners or pilots being overwhelmingly outlandish? To the point of team-killing and hate telling?

    I remember a time when I was running towards a public Lib and someone shot me from behind. I questioned him and he specifically told me he killed me so he could get to the Lib first and man the gun. And today I got into a Lib only to have the pilot hover off the ground, kick me out, and make me take fall damage. He couldn't kick me out on the ground? And then, walking back to the terminals, someone knife kills me and gets in the Lib. Really...

    These are just examples. Things like this are just infuriating.
  2. PurpleBeefer

    The teamkilling thing i can see happenning way more often than not. the opportunity to pad your kd in a flying death machine is enticing to anyone. Although most of us prefer gunners we can talk to. Sorry to hear your death of being punted out of the lib at death height. I always kick my peoples over enemies safe areas.
  3. SacredRay

  4. Allin

    People in Planetside start to act like ******** ADD children, because they are mostly ******** ADD children.

    This is what we, older generation, are responsible for. Brain-numb insta-gratification crybaby crowd, that spams "It's only a game", becasue they are too stupid to look at the freaking map, or come to any conclusion at all.

    Also, that's what we get for not smashing the face with spiked club of a person, who came up with the "trolling".
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  5. Whatupwidat

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  6. Rift23

    Now you know why people flip them over at the warpgate.

    Also, gonna take a stab in the dark and guess you're NC.
  7. Tuco

    Some brat TK'ed me yesterday because I finished hacking a terminal before he did.