[Vehicle] Liberator TB Free Cam on Optic?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by IzumoKousa, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. IzumoKousa

    As the title suggests; is the Tank Buster on the Liberator now a forever Free-Cam toggle on optic as of the Combined Arms/Critical Mass update? If so, Libing is absolutely ruined for me. I understood the whole one clip a tank from the butt dealio, but there's a reason no one uses the Spur, Free-Cam sucks.
  2. tommyrocket

    Yeah, it's likely to be permanent for all lib primaries. I do hope they find a way to clear the cockpit view or implement some way to see better, though. As far as the Spur goes, I've heard because of its similar DPS to the Vektor, along with its better accuracy, it's probably a better choice than even the Vektor or Tankbuster now, since the Tankbuster is now worthless.

    75 Vektor shots can down a galaxy, equivalent to a fully upgraded magazine, granted not a single shot misses. No damage fall-off either, so that's a plus. It's more accurate than the Tankbuster, but it still has slow projectile speed. Spur stats haven't changed, but 225 base damage with some indirect damage, allows it to kill infantry, along with everything else. 445 fire rate as well, if I recall correctly. It's also near pin-point accurate. Worth giving it a try now, I think.
  3. IzumoKousa

    I've used all Lib primaries, but I specifically never liked using the Spur because of the Free-Cam on optic. So if all Lib primaries have it permanently, all reason for me to fly is gone. I understand the Combined Arms changes and why they did it, but this literally just makes me want to quit in the near future. I have used Free-Cam sometimes for air vehicles, I bound it to Middle Mouse. But I use it maybe twice in a 6 hour play session.
    Libs are (were) my favorite thing to do, and since I basically have no friends I always solo. But this just simply ruins it; all of it.
  4. Kreantris

    It sounds like you didn't even try it out. The Liberator nose guns engage their optic by default with the right mouse button. If you want to move the crosshair around some, you have to press a different keybind called cockpit freelook (middle mouse button is the default). I haven't seen any option that lets you use the optic and freelook with the same keybind.
  5. adamts01

    Go to VR and test it out. The Spur let you airm the gun like you're using freelook when you engage the optic. Now all lib guns do that.

    The Lib was gimped as a solo vehicle, but I'm fine with that. It absolutely wrecks ground with a gunner, thanks to its new belly armor and the weaker Skyguard. If the cockpit was eiher cleared up or we could see vehicles through it with threat detection then the hting would be great. Only being able to shoot up with the nose gun is the opposite of what that vehicle needs. I get that solo-libbers are pissed, they had a very unique vehicle and their playstyle since the beginning was just taken from them. But the Lib is in a better place now as far as balance. All that needs to happen is remove A2A lock-ons from the game, buff the tail guns, and make a weapons like Coyotes need to be selected in order to reload.