[Vehicle] Liberator Tank Buster - TOO MUCH DAMAGE

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Bidaum, Dec 20, 2014.

  1. Bidaum

    I'm sure anyone that has come up against a liberator in close combat will agree that the Tank Buster is the most powerful AV/AA weapon in game currently.

    Whilst it does still need to be a good AP weapon, it currently is basically an 'I Win' Button against most vehicles.
    So my suggestion:

    Currently the gun does
    334 damage < 50M to 143 damage > 300M per round
    600 RPM fire rate
    30 round magazine size (upgrade by 14)
    3.5 second Reload Speed

    So in 44 rounds it would do 14696 damage, at under 50m, and take 4.4 seconds to empty it's clip
    So including reloads it would do 1860 Damage per second and 3340 Burst DPS
    That's an unbelievable amount of burst damage

    To compare that against vanguard it can fire 2 AP and 2 Halberd rounds in the same time it takes to empty a tank buster clip so with 2 AP and 2 Halberd rounds it would do 6150 damage, at all ranges
    including reloads it would do 957 Damage per second

    The tank buster should instead be:
    215 damage < 50M to 120 damage > 300M per round (decreased to 65%)
    900RPM (increased to 150%)
    25 round magazine size (upgrade by 10) (decreased to 80%)
    3.5 second Reload Speed

    So now we have
    in 35 rounds it would do 7527 damage, at under 50m, and take 2.33 seconds to empty it's clip
    So it would do 1291 Sustained DPS and 3230 Burst DPS

    Now that is a lot more fair. It still does almost the same amount of burst DPS as it used to allow the jump in jump out tactic of the gun. However you now need to be more accurate as the RoF has increased so it is easier to miss the target, and the total damage per magazine and sustained DPS has been reduced a lot to bring it more in line with the other vehicle weapons, but still powerful enough to be viable for the Run+Gun tactic that the gun is made for.
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  2. NinjaKirby

    I like to drive Tanks. But I think the weapon is fine as it is.

    But I respect your opinion OP, I thank you for your well-articulated contribution and fabulous presentation.
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  3. Alarox

    Can we stop with this "I Win" buzzword crap?

    Thank you.
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  4. CMDante

    When it stops being relevant to so many things in this game, maybe.

    However I don't think it applies in this context regardless. Something being OP is not the same as an I Win button.

    Of course the problem with the Tank Buster is the Liberator itself, a gun that eats MBTs -that- fast has no business on a floating fortress that can saunter up to its victim without a care in the world.
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  5. Flashtirade

    Tankbuster: Unable to kill base turrets in a single pass
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  6. Bidaum

    I wouldn't say it if I didn't believe it was.. As in 1 clip at under 50m it can take a tank out. Thats the very definition of 'I WIN'
  7. CNR4806

    You let a large gunship open fire at you at what is basically shotgun range for a vehicle. This one is on you if you ask me.
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  8. Alarox

    Everything in this game is an "I WIN" tool. Let's nerf everything because they kill stuff well.
  9. Bidaum

    As the lib has afterburner and is a lot more maneuverable than a tank.. It's not a case of you let a Lib do it.. it's that the lib is actually able to do it.

    Can any other weapon (other than C4/tank mines) take out a MBT in the same amount of time?

    This is the issue that you don't seem to understand. It's so much more powerful than the rest of the weapon.

    Yes it can still be a powerful weapon.. Which it would be under the stats I proposed.. but not an overpowered weapon like it currently is
  10. Pikachu

    Retro-nerfers do too much damage.
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  11. Alarox

    Of course I understand how powerful it is.

    The thing is, I prefer the Tankbuster's design to the Dalton's.

    The Tankbuster requires a closer range, more dedication to the attack, and puts you in more danger overall. The Dalton lets you hover 100s of meters away and kill a tank in four shots with a faster reload speed than a Lightning.

    I don't find the Tankbuster to be much of an issue compared to hover spam.
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  12. TheBurningLegion

    Stop with this "I WIN" nonsense. All the bad players in this game love using obnoxious buzzwords to try and sensationalize a non-issue. Nerfs quickly follow, its getting damn infuriating.
  13. TheBurningLegion

    Took the words right outta my mouth man, didn't realize you also commented on it.
  14. axiom537

    And do you know how incredibly exposed you are @ under 50m. If you are in a MBT and you are not situational aware enough to see a Liberator lining up on you and flying directly at you waiting till it is with in 50m, so that it can land all its rounds into your rear, then you deserve to die.

    I fly Liberators and I drive MBT's and I am pretty good at both and I will tell you I have killed more Liberators flying low and trying to make that tankbuster rear shot, then I have killed MBT with the Tankbuster.

    Situational Awareness + AP rounds = Dead Liberator

    FYI, you can also rotate you tank and if you really want to screw with the liberator back up towards them just as they are trying to make that shot and they will over shoot almost all those rounds, then you shot them out of the sky as the pass over you...
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  15. PrimePriest

    Forumside - TOO MUCH TEARS!

    Tankbuster has been nerfed multiple times in the past. Stop crying and git gut! Or keep getting rekt. Your choice....
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  16. ronjahn

    Breaking news:

    The Tankbuster has been caught red handed busting tanks. More at the top of the hour. Stay tuned!

    To OP: have you actually used this so called iWin button. These types of posts should come with a built in requirement to discuss your true experience using the weapon.

    I will agree with the first person in the thread though, you did present this in a very reasonable and thoughtful way. I just simply disagree.

    If you get killed by tankbuster, you either:
    1. Deserved it.
    2. Couldn't avoid it; you know how all those infantry youve sniped with your AP/HEAT/HE probably feel when you kill them from 200m away when they aren't even looking at you. Only difference being the Lib required risk and skill to get in position to do it to you.
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  17. patrykK1028

  18. Crowne

    Wouldn't that be nice :)
    I've gone through some interesting gymnastics running around with Hawk missiles to get at least a start on damage, then hop in turret to do damage until it inevitably pops.

    I think the hawk starter helped make me a deterrent, but we kept up that dance quite a while and I had to make sure to keep hopping to a different tower before his next pass to keep him guessing or his secondary gunner would have just splashed me instantly. Was kinda fun, but neither of us were really getting anywhere.

    In any case, it's definitely been brought up before. I'd rather just leave it as is, otherwise we'll have nothing but more of these folks crying their toy got nerfed and life is so unfair! *stomp foot*
  19. taxidriver

    Also AP-rounds are relatively weaker against base-turrets compared to a Viper-Cannon. It all depends on damage-resistance to certain weapon classes.
  20. SniperTarget

    can we stop beating a dead horse already please
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