Liberator REALLY OP now

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by rockhead101, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. Goden

    Uh yeah they do. In fact that's what they spend most of their time doing. If any sort of threat shows up they just leave and move to another base which has infantry they can farm. The enemy team's Libs do it and our Libs do it too.

    It's more common to see a Lib hover-spamming over a quiet base than to see them actually hunting down tanks or something.
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  2. Levtech

    Look at some of the previous US bombers. They were some of the fastest aircraft out there, and we do not know what kind of speed capabilities they have now. Their objective is to get in there extremely fast, drop the bombs, then speed away at a few thousand MPH. And this game is supposedly further into the future yet we're still going 250 KPH.
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  3. Goretzu

    Yeah this was before the buffs! :eek:
  4. cruczi

    By definition, you're not talking about what Levtech was referring to as good pilots
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  5. Koldorn

    There is but one mythological creature that challenges the mighty Liberator overlord...
    Although it was thought to have been laughed into extinction; some whispers still claim to have seen...

    The dual-ranger Sundy.

    Serious note: that 70-round clip is pretty nice.
  6. xXGenesisXx

    We are being Lib spammed by at least 4-5 Libs in every 1-12 engagements now its impossible to play . What was true at day 1 is true now because people keep joining / leaving its not like its the same player base that was playing since day 1 get real . I need 1/2 my ammo if not more as a Max to only deter a drooling lib "hero" while he takes me down in 0.56 sec . 40 People may deter as you say a liberator but only if most of them go some king of AA basically making them useless every where else !!! And even then the Lib just changes tactics and instead of perma howering over us starts doing quick 3-5 kill runs while repairing when needed in between.
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  7. HadesR

    Sounds like GroundHogside .. The Dev's repeating, repeating, repeating the same mistake they have previously done.
  8. Leer

    lol, that is a good one. Glad you commented. You should have tossed in a couple of derps maybe a herp, L2P and a QQ. Those are all good. works when complaining about other NON-OP items like original scatmax, harassers and ZOE. Oh, and everything the TR had/has/and will have.

    How else will my UP game play become OP?
  9. Scientiarum

    It probably was a bit over the top but once people find out the ridiculous damage walkers and rangers do to air now it won't be quite so bad. I have no doubt though they will be toning back some of the liberator buffs a bit though too. I think the Dalton nerf probably put in in right about where it should be now though, infantry ought to be happy about that!

    I think the tailgun will have it's forward angle reduced by about 6 degrees or so and composite will probably be de-buffed slightly. I also feel like duster will get a velocity and cof buff (about 2/3 the COF and bloom of currently and a velocity of 200m/s) and I suspect Skygaurds may well get a slight buff against the liberator resist types.

    Those minor tweaks should start setting things about right.
  10. BoomBoom4You

    what's funny is they asked players for their feedback on balance. People said liberators were too powerful. What did they do? Buff liberators.
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  11. TheBigHert

  12. nubery

    The never ending whine continues. Let's face it folks you'll whine regardless of the situation, if not about libs you'd be crying about something else. I think most of you are just bored.
  13. Goden

    I think the people like who you complain about "whining" are actually more annoying than actual whiners themselves.
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  14. nubery

    Sure I guess, but when literally every other thread about anything ever is a whine thread it gets pretty annoying.
  15. HadesR

    Well I guess a lot of the whine might be avoided ( ok maybe not :p but one can hope ) if SOE actually used their Test server as a real Test server and not a sneak peak server.
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  16. Shinn

    This is what I don't get either - I only dip into these forums but it seemed like the consensus was that Libs were OP o_O
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  17. Pikachu

    Wait what? When before tvis update did people tjink liberators werd tol powerful? The consensus was that liberators were nothing but flying xp pinatas.
  18. HadesR

    First time of logging in since the patch .. And I'm not sure about Lib's so I'm not going comment of that singular aspect ... But damn the game seems to be Airside now .. Wave after never ending wave of Gal's and Libs and ESF's :eek:
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  19. Dinapuff

    That is kind of the point of the liberator.
    It is a force modifier. A force modifier is a conduit that multiplies the power a single or multiple infantry can bring to bear. The pilot needs to spend certs to make the multiplier effective, he has to spend air resources, and his craft is on a timer before a new one can be pulled.

    You can force them away with one dude in a skyguard or burster max with engineer support, but you cannot kill them unless you pull your own force modifiers. Like an ESF. 3 people in their own ESF would be able to take on a single lib without any escort.

    Hell. I can solo a liberator crew in my ESF if they do not have an escort.
  20. Flashtirade

    I think one of the worst things about this patch is that there was virtually no chance for people to give input on it while it was on the test server. It was up for like 3 days or something like that before it went live (so I've been told). I can guarantee you that there would have been so much b*tching if it was available to test for a longer period of time that they would have to reconsider some of the changes.
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