Liberator questions

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  1. KamikazeRaccoon

    What should I use on my Lib, Dalton or Shredder?(vs armor)
    Also, is the Bulldog workable for the tail gun?
    Is the Spur worth it over the Tank Buster?
    Nanite Auto Repair or Composite Armor?
    High G or Precision Bomber?

    Thanks for reading/answering
  2. Daikar

    If you have a very good gunner the dalton would serve you the best, if your gunner is the best the shredder will probably work better.
    Bulldog is for infantry farming, walker for air and drake for armor.
    Tanks Buster 4 life.
    NAR for pure A2A combat and composite for A2G.
    Frames are pretty much up to you but most pilots probably run precision bomber, or racer to chase and run from air.
  3. ItsDangerous

    Shredder/dalton (if im gunning shredder)
    Auto repair
    Fire Suppression

    Maxing fire suppression/high-g and shredder clip capacity first.

    For those times when derpy is gunning for me

    Bulldog/lockon (cause i know they arent going to hit **** in the air)
    Tank buster
    High G
    Composite (cause youre going to have to linger longer for them to kill anything)
    Fire suppression

    I find bomber frame is useless, High-offers so much for for the pilot. Gunning for a liberator you should already be able to work well under evasive maneuvers already otherwise should go back to sitting in base turrets.

    If youre not good at fyling at ground level sideways and hugging terrain Id go composite because youre going to eat a lot of flak. I just prefer repair because I have a great pilot and composite doesnt work for all damage sources so i find it hit or miss kinda thing,
  4. Brahma2

    Don't bother getting into Libs. It takes way too much time, a ridiculous amount of skill required to pull off well, is an exercise in frustration with current starting ammo, and you'd do just as well or better in an ESF.
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  5. SerasVic

    Both are good, but for an average gunner the Shredder is "easier"
    works well for ground and air too

    It's supposed to be anti-infantry gun, so yes.
    Works well on armor aswell


    Most of the time auto repair

    up to you

    high g is good when diving for tankburster and then going up again
    Bomber is good for hovering and giving your gunner angle aswell as making your lead easier

    both are good
  6. FieldMarshall

    1. Dalton, probably.
    2. Yes. Its really nice for AI at shorter ranges. I would use a Hyena, but that's just my personal prefrence.
    3. No. Unless you have problems aiming with the tank buster and find the spur super easy to use compared.
    4. I run with repair, but i think most people run composite. I like having my vehicle repair itself while i reposition myself.\
    5. I use High G. I find making sharper turns benefit my playstyle more.
  7. KamikazeRaccoon

    "It takes way too much time"
    Eeeerm.. Excuse me..? You buy a Liberator, starting guns are pretty swell compared to other air vehicles' ones, then two other people get in your liberator too, and you're ready to go.
    The Liberator has better defense and twice the firepower of an ESF (at close/medium range), so why would I fly an ESF when I much prefer flying a gunship? Also, why would I fly an ESF when I have lot better aim and driving skills when the only thing I have to aim for apart from shooting stuff with the tank buster is aiming my other gunners towards whatever is shooting at us and trying to evade lockons. Its like a thousand times hardrer to fly something that flies really fast(Mosquito in this case) and you actually don't have any firepower apart from when you yourself are aiming at your target than when you have 3 guns at your disposal.
  8. Brahma2

    I guess it's easy then. Good luck.
  9. Slavek

    Shredder is arguably "Easier" to use and free(starting weapon, needs upgrades though). Dalton can deliver its damage in one shot making it good for fly-by attacks(And knocking out ESFs if your gunner can land the shots). Both are destructive when combined/handed off with a tank buster on ground targets. See what your gunner prefers as neither is "bad", just different play styles.

    One of the more used tail guns. Good for ground farming infantry, capable of damaging armor and is a "Mini dalton" on careless ESFs tailing you. Throw Thermal Optics on it to see infantry during fast passes.

    No. In its current state it is a inferior vektor with freeaim. The free aim sounds good on paper but in reality is hard to use intuitively and the DPS/Dmg drop off is vastly inferior. Choose Tank Buster or Vektor, play them to their strengths. Tank buster will probably suit you best overall against all targets. Invest in magazine size for Tank buster and watch things melt.

    I choose nanites a majority of the time as I roam around alot and rarely land. Composite armor may suit you better if you are running a crew and are fighting tanks(Composite armor was buffed a while back to reduce dmg from tank shells.).

    High G is regarded as the preferred choice with lib pilots. You really cant go wrong with it. It makes tank busting much easier, lets you turn using pitch very fast and offers a little bit of speed. I use precision bomber most of the time. Helps me aim my nosegun using yaw on flying targets and if I have a gunner helps me with keeping my belly gun pointed at close flying targets.
  10. WTSherman

    One question I have is which sights to get for which belly gun.

    I know thermals are the way to go for the Duster (being an anti-infantry gun and Aircraft thermals having plenty of range, unlike ground vehicle thermals), but what about the others? Thermals or Zoom? Is NV ever worth it on anything?
  11. McToast

    A 3/3 inexperienced liberator crew is what I call a "cert pinata". The time it takes to get good in a liberator is immense, the immediate reward is lower compared to an ESF in my opinion. The liberator was never easy to get into, the liberator update didn't change that but reduced the amount of power an experienced lib crew has.

    But in answer to your question, I run:

    Dalton (thermal)
    Bulldog (thermal)
    Tankbuster (thermal)

    High-G Airframe

    But I don't pull or gun liberators on a daily basis anymore.

    If you ask me? Always thermals. For everything. If a target is too far away to be hit without zoom, it's usually outside of effective engagement range. This counts for the Dalton, Shredder, Halberd etc. The only exception for me is a tanks AP cannon.
  12. Lyncz

    Hi, I'm new in PS2 and I'm trying not to be cert piñata. I have few question from view of definitely not experienced player. How can I deal with MAX, when I usually don't saw them and can I take down scythe/mosquito with my tail gun (buldog?) or should we try to get them with belly/front canon?
  13. Jawarisin

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  14. Lyncz

    well, thanks for your interest and your offtopic/bump (I'm not sure, why would by "thread nekromancy" so bad) but I was searching for liberator topic and this one was about my question, about weapons and why should I use them, so I wrote my question here, because I don't like forums with 100000 topic about same thing

    and my question is still unanswered
  15. Krinsee

    1: Vs Armor, if your doing Low passes or your gunner knows how to compensate for the drop and your movements you'll want dalton.
    2:Bulldog is workable and can deal with infantry, but if your going for armor your better off with a walker or drake due to the higher rate of fire meaning more hits.(drake will do more damage, walker has bigger clip and is better for air protection)
    3: NAR is good for keeping you in the air longer and not having to land to repair as often, Composite armor is good for High flak zones so you can actually stay alive to get a few rounds off.
    4: It mostly depends on how you like to fly really, both have their good points, and both have their bad. I prefer the precision for the turn rate. but High G can also allow you to pull off faster dodges in the air.

    5: You missed your option untility. If your doing NAR Afterburners are your friend. Composite will probly do best with Fire suppersion.
  16. _itg

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