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  1. VulphluxTR

    My goal here is to farm infy when solo libbing so im thinking a zephyr. I know tankbuster is a must, but what about comp armor/nanite autorep and fire supp/afterburners. What is best?
  2. axiom537

    If you have to ask, then you do not have the skill to do it...Get a gunner and focus on learning to fly...
  3. VulphluxTR

    Look ay the logic on you buddy o'pal. Yeah, im on ps4 ombre. So wanna take that stick thats up your *** and remove, then make a comment? Kthnxbai
  4. CipherNine

    I don't think you will find consensus on best Lib loadout. All are viable but require different piloting styles.

    I personally use afterburners and nanite repair. Sudden acceleration from afterburner will usually make you evade more damage than the amount fire suppression can repair.

    Nanite repair because for a good Lib run you need to spend lot of time moving in position and during that time you can make good use of nanite auto repair. Not to mention you will always be scratched by some random long-distance flak and having to land and repair every little bit of damage is too time consuming.

    How to farm infantry in large fights:
    First off, you won't have time to hover and look for targets because there will usually be plenty of AA around. You need to do quick hit and run strikes. Your best bet is too coordinate with someone on the ground who can set squad waypoints on infantry blobs. If that is not the option then you need to learn usual infantry blob locations for each base.

    That said there are 2 ways to farm infantry depending on base location:

    1)If the base is surrounded by mountains, hills or anything else that can serve as cover then you want to fly low altitude, come over mountain, do a full stop for you gunner to unload and then afterburn away.

    2)If the base is out on the open field/plain then you need to divebomb. Approach the bomb location at flight ceiling. When you are above desired bomb location do a sudden dive, stop at 200m altitude or so for you gunner to unload Zepher and then afterburn away trying to use every bit of potential cover to evade flak.

    In both scenarios you need to have exit route in mind before you even start bombing. Good exit route is basically a direction which has lot of obstacles to block enemy AA line of fire.
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  5. JudgeNu


    Anyway how would anyone know you are PS4?
    From your thread title or from your post?
  6. axiom537

    Wish I had a PS4, so I could own your azz left right and upside down as you try to cheese infantry in a solo Lib...
  7. VulphluxTR

    get one brah and we can 1v1
  8. axiom537

    Not gonna happen, I play PC and you have got a lot of learning to do till you'd even be able to scratch my paint..Get about 70 hours of time in the Lib and you'll be about half way there... Good luck
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  9. TheBlindFreak

    I wouldn't really advise going after infantry as a solo lib. It requires you to sit still too long or know where your targets are going to be before you arrive. Not to mention the difficulty of keeping your craft in the air while swapping between seats long enough to aim and shoot. I don't recommend it. Get a gunner or try something different.

    If you want to solo lib, the best option to start with is an AV lib. Get a hold of the Tankbuster main gun (it's pretty cheap, like 100 or 250 certs) and go after tanks and sunderers. Slap on auto repair or vehicle stealth and sneak up on those tankers. One full mag from the tankbuster should kill a tank if you hit them from the rear. And 2 mags if you start shooting them from the side or above.

    Mainly though, as a solo lib, you're easy pickings for ESF's. I don't know what the air game looks like on the PS4 right now, but on the PC servers, you have to be quite careful.

    If you want to do solo A2G on infantry, start certing out an ESF. Assuming you're on the TR, A Rotary+Rocketpods (or Banshee+Coyotes) setup will work nicely. Learning to fly during the beta will give you a leg up when the game opens up anyway, so I'd recommend starting up on that now while you have the chance.
  10. iMartyr

    If thats your goal you'll have a much easier time certing an AI ESF.
  11. stalkish

    + theres the fact that this isnt posted in the dedicated ps4 section of the forum...