[Guide] Levelling an F2P LA for novices

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    I play exclusively an F2P LA. I decided to briefly summarize what I learned about levelling such a character from the ground up without using any other classes or vehicles. I assume that the player is not a part of an outfit and will be mainly on his own or a part of a pub squad. This quick guide is here to minimize the initial frustration for a novice player who wants to play the LA only.
    1. When you first see the surface of Earth Auraxis quickly approaching, just log out immediately before even landing (hit Escape, then click "log out" in the upper-right corner of the screen). Log back in, voila, you are at your warpgate and still a virgin.
    2. Go to the terminal with a globe over it, interact with it, choose "VR training" (near the bottom of the screen). You are now in the training area. Familiarize yourself with your basic carbine. Practice shooting targets (both hipfire and aiming down the sights), learn key bindings. Learn the limitations of your jetpack. Also get used to hit "V"+"6" each time you "kill" a practice target. It will help in real combat.
    3. Go to the terminal with the globe again, and transfer to the continent named "Indar". This is now your home continent, you will play here forever.
    4. Hit "P" and click "join" near a top-most "platoon". Now you are a part of a pub platoon. Hit "Insert" and spawn at a spawn point nearest to your squad leader (or a 3-axle truck, called "sunderer"). You will find some friendly (in the sense that they are not opponents) players. See where they are going, look at the mini-map in the lower-left corner of the screen. "]" and "[" change the magnification of the mini-map.
    5. Cowardly hiding behind the backs of your comrades, start picking up your first real targets. Do not forget to hit "V"+"6" every time you kill someone (if friendly, it's "V"+"8", otherwise they will transform into an opponent). Do not try to Rambo, you are not equipped for that yet.
    6. At this point, I assume that you have already learned that there are territories to take (and lose), that you get XP and certs for killing your targets and conquering territories. Certs are needed to acquire new weapons and tools. Your first task now is to collect 250 certs. For that, join large pub platoons (called "zergs") and roll with them. Also, if you find yourself inside your spawn point camped by opponents from the outside, rejoice! Kill as many opponents as possible from behind the shields of your spawn. Log out when the spawn is about to flip sides.
    7. Your first unlock is the shotgun for 250 certs. Each faction has one. TR and NC have the 8-shot one, and the VS has the 6-shot one. Congratulations, you are now a farmer. The way you play with a shotgun is that you run like crazy inside buildings, towers, and other urban environments, and slay everyone you see (avoiding MAX suits and friendlies). The best tactics is to enter buildings from the top, and towers from the upper floors by using your jetpack. You will observe your battle efficiency skyrocket.
    8. Drop 10 certs into the second tier of your jetpack. It will help in tower fights.
    9. Unlock and equip the extended magazine for your shotgun (100 certs). You will now have 12 shots in your magazine if you are a TR or an NC, and 10 shots if you are a VS.
    10. Unlock and equip the adrenaline pump (30 certs). Very helpful when running with a shotgun.
    11. Unlock the first tier of medical kits (50 certs). They are better than the restoration kits because they act instantaneously. This will increase your efficiency in the tower and building fights, where you will often be grazed by returning fire.
    12. Unlock and equip the first and second tiers of the Scout Radar on the Flash vehicle (150 certs). This will give you a legitimate map hack within 50 meter radius of your Flash. Park your Flash inconspicuously inside buildings. Approach the locations of red dots on your mini-map and use your shotgun. You are now an advanced farmer. Beware of the cloaked SMG-carrying infiltrators, as they are not detected by the Scout Radar. You can always avoid them by moving around in places unreachable for them, such as rooftops. Descent to Earth Auraxis Indar briefly for a kill, then go back to your roof.
    13. Unlock and equip the Stealth option of your Flash. That will make your Flash undetectable when parked, unless explicitly spotted by an enemy.
    14. Unlock and equip the 3rd and 4th tiers of the Scout Radar of your Flash (700 certs). Your flash now detects enemies within the 100 meter radius, and covers 4 times as much area as with 50 meter radius. You are now the boss farmer. Now you alone can harass whole enemy squads (that is, if they do not have the Scout Radar), driving them mad (do not forget "V"+"6", also try to move above enemy's body immediately after kill and press "Ctrl" several times).
    15. Max out your jetpack. I do not remember how many certs it takes, but you will see a lot of difference in mobility. You will be able to fly up the cliffs near the Crown and other similar bases, in a few leaps.
    At this point, you have all tools for farming certs and driving your enemies mad. You can now cert into whatever you like. Remember to try it first in the VR training room.
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  2. Blitzer

    This guide is significantly above average, props for that. I especially approve of sending the message (v+6) to people you kill. In the unlikely case of someone killing you multiple times in row, it's doubly important to v+6 after you finally get them, just to show you weren't impressed.

    More sage advice:
    -true ghetto warrior doesn't even need shotgun, default carbine (grip attachment optional) + 1 or 2 lvls each of medkit + nano armor + jetpack will do.
    -bind your knife into easily pressed key (or mouse) and make a habit out of stabbing people at in your face range after couple of softening shots.
    -if you do invest into shotgun, consider also getting a flash grenade.
  3. Blitzer

  4. simmi1717

    Why would you need to unlock scout radar for your flash just to scout out enemies? For a new player that's certs that could be invested somewhere else ... like a C4. Usually there will be other players doing the scouting for you or you will usually know a general sense of direction of the enemy. I can't believe you did not even mention C4 in a how to farm with LA thread. Lol LA are C4 kings. You should delete the points about using flash as scout radar and instead add a tip about using C4s. I feel C4s should be THE very next thing LA needs to unlock right after the shotgun. Now that shotgun is only 250, therefore shotgun should be unlocked before C4. Otherwise I would've put it at the top of the list. Also the very first thing an LA needs to unlock is night vision scope on his primary gun. My kills nearly doubled after using night vision the first time I tried and and I never went back. Basically all good players use night vision and if you aren't using it, then you don't know what you are missing.
  5. Badname3073

    Good points, certified and approved.
    1. C-4 sucks, plain and simple. The reason is: there is always a friendly heavy who pops a rocket into the vehicle you just placed C-4 on right before you detonate it. The result is: you are dead and outta 100/200 resources, the heavy gets all the XP. I used to run with C-4, nevermore. Medkits are of much more help than C-4.
    2. IRNV sucks, plain and simple. The reason is: cloaked infiltrators are completely invisible through IRNV.
  6. simmi1717

    LOL haven't laughed harder. You know what if that's your opinion of C4 and IRNV, then all I can say is WOW. Oh well, I don't mind then, if you play NC, then you are leaving the xp for me to farm and if you don't play NC then I'm glad you are not using C4 or IRNV cz I'll be killing you a lot more than you'll be killing me.
  7. Badname3073

    I do not even have any idea who you are. What are you talking about?
  8. Ghoest

    [Guide] Levelling an F2P LA by a novice

    Fixed that for you.
  9. vulkkan

    Well-written but I somewhat disagree with the points in this guide.
    1. New players are now given a tutorial and no longer dropped into battle immediately.
    5. This is an okay tip, but I think it's best to learn by constantly running around and trying to learn when and where to shoot enemies in the back.
    6. I highly disagree with this, it takes away all the excitement of even wanting to play LA in the first place. Fly around biolabs and towers, learn to shoot on the move. Going splat a few times is better for your experience compared to participating in the charlie foxtrot of spawn rooms.
    7. Shotguns are much less versatile, but I suppose handy. Personally I would highly recommend kitting out the default carbine instead of getting a shotty for most situations. Less noob friendly but it's a better long term investment. Kinda iffy on this point but shotguns are decent for beginners.
    8. This should be one of the first upgrades.
    9. See my point for 7.
    10. Adrenaline pump has a very minimal effect. Flak, Nanoweave, and ASC are all better.
    14. C4 > Flash radar.
  10. EclipsedTerror

    C-4 definitely doesn't suck. It's easily one of the best ways to clear doors/locked areas than any weapon. This is probably one of the best certed abilities for LA other than maxed jump jets, nano weave, and some weapon attachments.

    IRNV too, does not suck. If you are letting cloakers sneak up on you or the fact you can't see them tells me you are tunnel visioning or doing something very wrong. IRNV will be you on target better than most sights and will let you 'see' players a little better, especially vanu in certain situation. Plus smoke + IRNV = hilarious/easy way to kill a max solo since you can see him and he can't see you so you can place C-4.

    Do you actually main LA? Hard to believe.
  11. simmi1717

    not to mention that C4 is the only way LA can kill tanks and sundies and those guys HATE it sooo much. I just cleared out about 7 tanks 7 tanks at the bio lab.