Letting those low-level BRs get that kill...

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  1. Meeka

    Have you ever been in situations where you're the only person defending a base against a couple really low BR players (and it's obvious they're new because of how they're playing) and you kill them over and over and over?

    A few times now, I've been in the situation where I've been the higher skilled player preventing a cap at a very small base... and the enemy just hasn't managed to kill me. From there, if they are persistent... and more even... if they are friendly about the rivalry... I find myself eventually setting myself up in a position where I'll let them get that kill against me... just so they'll get the satisfaction of the kill, vent that frustration, and more obviously... gain motivation to keep playing... because let's face it, sometimes PS2 can be hella frustrating. :D

    Myself, I know what it feels like to come across those highly-skilled and difficult to kill players. And then, when you finally manage to kill them, you get a sense of immense satisfaction and fulfilment and the "Yes, I can carry on as a soldier in this perpetual war!!!" feeling. Of course, I don't tell them in any way, not even subtly, that it was a gift kill... but if it was a friendly rivalry, I will usually send them a message something along the lines of, "Congrats, soldierI think you're getting better! Soon you'll be killing me all the time! Keep it up!"
    Have you ever been in the position where you've intentionally, but not too obviously, let other players kill you?
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  2. DashRendar

    Yes. I've also sent apologies to new players after killing them. "oh look, it's a Flash coming, he's probably a high BR Wraith cloak preparing to farm my dudes, better get him while his cloak is down. TASTE MY LMG HEADSHOTS!" *BR2* "oh no... he was just a new player using a flash to get to the fight and I stopped him from even doing that... oh now I feel really bad." Like you ran over a kitten cutely chasing a leaf into the road.
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  3. ColonelChingles

    In order to farm the crops... you must grow them first. :p

    Seriously though, I tend not to shoot the Infiltrators that are trying to snipe me... while I'm in my Lightning.

    Especially if they keep missing. :D
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  4. Crowne

    It's a lovely sentiment but, admittedly, no. The territory is mine, they can't have it.:mad:

    Even worse, I sometimes find myself toying with them. Taking them down from all kinds of different angles, using mines, pistol, hidden at some completely ridiculous spot with my LA, decloak/potshot/recloak/hide/potshot/etc., C4 trap...:eek:

    My grandma always told me not to play with my food, but I just never listen. I'm sorry. :(
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  5. MikeyGeeMan

    I give them hints in proximity chat.

    Like, hey guys come at me in a group....you will definitely get me....if they listen they get me 3 v1
  6. Unsp0kn

    I've never been in that situation because I don't consider my BR53 to be high at all, in fact it's deceiving and still extremely low in the XP sense. As for giving them a break, I don't appreciate the idea that someone would go easy on me because I'm new. They didn't when I started and I got slaughtered over and over again, I learned and am getting better. If they keep bunching up in the same doorway and dying to rockets or turret fire and just keep doing what they're doing, they deserve what they keep getting. Don't cater to the less-skilled too much, Johnny can't always win or be as good as top level players. I won't ever be and I accept my "skill" for what it is, maybe average, casual gamer but I still have fun nonetheless.
  7. Pokebreaker

    Hmm, never thought of doing that. However, I do feel bad when I kill new players repeatedly. I feel even worse when I hear "Rage Quit" from Recursion, shortly after killing some new players.

    On one end, I have my desire to enjoy killing players in general. On the other side, I don't want to be the cause of players not sticking around. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can really do to keep them from quitting, because there are few that will be as considerate as this. On top of that, you never know when you killing that new player is their final straw. They could have reached their quitting point on the first time you killed them, because they were being farmed in a previous fight by someone else.

    All that said, acts of kindness go a long way, and it's cool that you are employing personal methods to make the new player experience a little more tolerable.
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  8. Crowne

    To be honest, I've often been tempted to send a PM with a hint as to what went wrong.

    For example, telling an infiltrator that I was able to use the sound of their constant cloaking and decloaking to get a general idea of where they are. Or that their spotting gave them away as it sounded like it was from left, behind.

    The problem is, it can easily come off as condescending, be taken the wrong way, and only make matters worse. :(
  9. Pokebreaker

    I often do that when I kill a low BR Stalker Cloak Infiltrators. As soon as I hear a random Q-Spot, I whip out my darklight. Half of the time I never get a response. They probably don't know how to respond...
  10. Goldmonk

    I still kill them, but I'll send them a tell with hints and what they can do to improve. For instance, I had an infi on top of a ridge popping rounds off like a madman and silhouetting himself against the sky. It was easy to tell he was a noob because of his playstyle, so I sent him a quick warning shot to say "Hey, other people are watching." When he didn't respond, I put one round through him and ended him. I sent him a tell saying "Control your shots, remember to hold your breath, and aim. This isn't a race."
  11. FBVanu

    I feel really bad after blowing a player away who just dropped in via drop pod.. "instant action" is really not a good tool for new players.
    They tend to stand still, look around, disoriented.. no idea where they are or where to go next..
    When get them, and it turns out to be a BR 6 or so.. I feel bad. I know that player did not have a great gaming experience just now.. :-(
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  12. Devrailis

    Killing a low BR player isn't an issue. This is Planetside and everyone dies.

    Killing that same low BR player 4, 5 times in a row in quick succession tends to leave a bad taste.
  13. MAXArmar

  14. Ronin Oni

    .... prox chat is same faction only.

    There is no x-faction voice chat
  15. Mythologicus

    I don't bother, because they just call ******** and blame cheats.

    I'm not sure whether that's more demoralising than being owned repeatedly or not.
  16. TerminalT6

    No matter what BR you are, you can contribute to my next Auraxium medal!
    I kill 'em all.
  17. ronjahn

    As nice as your sentiment is, I just can't. I feel like the second I try to play that game, a BR100 wearing Halftone camo, a flashy helmet, and stomping around with a Beatulguese is going to appear out of freaking nowhere to instakill headshot me. At the end of the day, I put full effort into killing everyone and everything I can. No sympathy. If your going to attempt to kill me, I'll fight to the last breath. Sorry.

    I do however send tells to new players who I have been repeatedly killing when they finally get me back. I'll also give new people I'm dominating advice or encouragement.
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  18. MikeyGeeMan

    That makes sense then cause it always seems like only a few were listening. Haha
  19. Selrahc4040

    Killing low BR's feels like murder. :(

    Whenever I kill someone <BR10, I send them a tell - "Are you an new player? /r to reply"
  20. customer548

    I feel bad to farm new players when they are alone.

    I usually only whisper BR1 to BR10 when they come repeatedly to "my" base or point, I whisper them in order to say "Hi,you are a new player,you shouldn't try things alone. You do not have enough equipment right now. You should go to another aera and find teammates".

    No answer,but i don't see them again,so...