Let's Share Loadouts!

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  1. Eternaloptimist

    This is interesting. I have a low BR toon I run exclusively as LA and miraculously, I recently got Minor Cloak from a free drop after we won an aerial anomalies alert. But I haven't got the hang of decloaking and firing quickly enough in ambush scenarios. I was about to give up on it but, unless there is something i'm missing, I guess it is just a question of practice?
  2. Lee Weldon

    I tend to run manybuilds at the moment, but I'll just say my main build per class, when I'm I get to about BR75 these should all be pretty optimised.

    Build 1: general use
    heavy assault
    default secondary (would take blackhand if i had it)
    default frags (I own the other nades but these are preference)
    hawk launcher
    sweeper/battle hardened (thinking of swapping battle hardened for assimilate since I don't know what I'd get more value out of)

    build 2: fighting a losing battle, best class for making unexpected impacts, but also when the enemy is using air to ground
    SAS-R 4x/Boltdriver 8x always CQC but depends how close
    would take pilot/l8 rebel if i had those
    emp grenades
    sweeper implant
    sweeper/battle hardened (thinking of swapping out battle hardened for regen or catlike, I'd only take catlike if I had rank 5)

    build 3: when I join the battle late and my squads already on the run
    GR-22 2x/NS-11P 2x (range dependant, GR doesn't really need 1x scope as its hipfire is best in these ranges)
    nannoweave but I'm thinking of swapping it to grenade bandoolier
    revive nades
    sweeper/battle hardened i think are perfect for this

    Build 4: usually when the fight gets stalemated or when I get bored of the game and need some extra stimulus
    light assault
    tanto 2x /bandit 1x (i'd take bandit into really close range engagements because its muzzle velocity is quite bad, but also tanto is perfect ads for long range but can also work CQC just fine in a pinch)
    skirmishers I find most useful
    regular grenade

    build 5: dedicated vehicle (I will mostly use ESF, most other vehicles are boring IMO, but mostly just MBT and libs are quite strong too)
    default carbine (but I want archer)
    default pistol (but I'd take commi/underboss)
    tank mines and sticky nades
    Sweeper/safe fall (its an absolute given that I love sweeper, but I'm also often the first player to run on the point so to get through those doorways safely)
  3. JobiWan

    I've been recently trying a loadout suggested by Iridar, called Gunslinger. It works with any class but especially with HA or Infil.

    I mainly use it with stalker cloak;

    Pistol, any really, but I've found the Inquisitor the best for this playstyle (or soldier soaker)
    EMP nade
    Implants: vampire 5 and assimilate 5 - every kill gives you health, headshot kills give you shield

    It works really well on crowds, throw an EMP then charge in firing like crazy.

    With HA it works well with adrenaline shield, obviously you have to use your sidearm for the vampire to proc.
  4. JibbaJabba

    It's completely circumstantial. It's not fast enough to use in combat really so it's handy when used like an Infiltrator w/Stalker cloak. It's more of a "trick" implant. Some tricks with it:

    Engie w/Spitfire turret = plenty of time to decloak and fire at the target distracted by the spitfire.
    Medic = Hellish ghostcap pains for your enemy when combined with just a couple teammates.
    Heavies = let battle lines push past you, then come out of cloak.
    LA = Get up in that tree or base nook, then use it.

    There is one time that I always use it. Always. It's on Esamir, and it's during unstable warpgates. mwahaha.
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  5. blackboemmel

    "Let the salt flow" - NC HA:

    JACKHAMMER (Flashlight)
    AV Grenades
    SLASHER (Knife)
    Adrenaline Shield
    Grenade Bandolier
    Implants: Minor Cloak + Safe Fall

    Shines everywhere, excels when camping Air-Supply pads. :D:p:D:p
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  6. HippoCryties

    Heavy Assualt
    Betelgeuse for CQC fights with 1x reflex or NS15MB for medium range fights. For massive fights a lasher
    Commissioner as secondary or sometimes a black hand for massively long range fights.
    NS Decimstor or more recently an annihilator to counter HESH spammers.
    Max rank Adreanline shield
    Max rank nano-weave. On lasher loadout I will take resist shield for those doorways.

    But this is a standard loadout.
    For something more exotic try the NSX Daimyo. It’s so satisfying to get a triple headshot kill with this gun. It’s a semi auto that has a huge headshot multiplier allowing for one shot headshot kills so is high risk high reward.
  7. HippoCryties

    Take assimilate for definite. Helps you get multiple kills at once
  8. DeathSeeker

    Infil loadout I guess , assume max rank for implant/abilities;
    Primary: Cyclone (Suppressed, laser, SPA )/ Gladius
    (Suppressed, laser, SPRW)
    Secondary: Commissioner/Rebel (Silenced)Nano Armor Cloak
    Knife: default or auraxium or "His Regards" for lols
    Adrenaline Pump
    Darts if I'm mobile / attacking. Motion spotter if I'm on point/ starting a cap with a squad
    Med kits
    Battle Hardened/ Deep Operative and Catlike (always).

    Its more of a run and gun or flank mobile SMG loadout. Adren pump for the speed catlike for faster crouch sneaking and added jump height. SMG because close range, commissioner usually but if I'm being really sneaky it changes to a suppressed Rebel. Move fast, fit hard, hit often.

    Mid range
    Primary: Auto scout rifles/ CQC BASR (SAS-R)
    Secondary: Commissioner
    Knife: Carver, for close range lols.
    Advance Shield Capacitor/ Chameleon module
    Darts or Motion spotter, same reasoning.
    Battle Hardened and Catlike
    Well its my CQC sniping/ mid range infil loadout going for shield capacitor to get back in the fight faster or chameleon to not be spotted by random shield shimmer when a stray bullet hits me in a corridor.
    I have to take Battle Harden for all the flinching/ explosions since I run this in intense firefights constantly. it's the all round build for when im not too sure or for large bases.
  9. Blam320

    I decided I would share another loadout of mine. This time my main Engineer build.

    Primary: Archer
    Secondary: Emissary
    Melee: Force-blade
    Flak Armor 5
    AV Mines
    Frag Grenades

    This is the loadout I use when pulling a ground vehicle, or when I need a general purpose loadout and my dedicated AI loadout won't cut it. It will be solidified as my utility loadout when I finally hit ASP and get shotgun secondaries. For now, the Emissary is my main AI weapon, while the Archer I use to harass other vehicles and Infantry at range.
  10. Villainous Hydrosa

    A new loadout I've made, that has honestly been the most fun I've had as a Heavy in a long time.

    Loadout Name: STABBY

    Class: Heavy Assault
    Ability: Adrenaline Shield
    Suit: Nanoweave
    Primary: Obelisk(only used to retaliate at long ranged foes)
    Secondary: Doesn't matter, it doesn't get used here.
    Rocket: S1
    Grenades: Concussion Grenades
    Utility: Medkits
    Knife: Lumine Edge(Activated knife)
    Implants:Survivalist Rank 2, Vampire Rank 5

    This whole load out is meant for being a knife-primary Heavy. Adrenaline shield makes it so that you can tank some damage as you close in on your target, then refills by a percentage after you SHANK your enemy. Survivalist gives you a 20% speed boost, which helps you evade shots and close the distance faster, for 3.5 seconds when you drop below 40% health. Vampire Rank 5 gives you 325hp on knife-kills, which means that you can restore health to continue your knife-rushing, and get another speed boost later. Using an activated knife makes it easier to get the kill, but 2-shot knives would add more challenge to the playstyle if you get bored, and using a default knife helps your Force Recon directive.

    Medkits for when they're needed, like when you get shot to low health, but can't reach someone to stab.
    Battle Rifles for when someone's shooting you from far beyond shanking range.
    Concussion grenades to disable enemies to make the shanking easier.
  11. Hegeteus

  12. CrimsonEpsilon

    I've been playing with a lot more weapons lately, to get the Auraxium NC assault rifle. Funnily enough, even though I'm an NC main, my favorite assault rifle is the T1 Cycler, so I'll state my loadout for each Faction.

    Class: MEEEEDDDDIIIICCCC!!!!!!!!
    Ability: Nano Regen
    Primary: NC - Carnage AR / TR - T1 Cycler / VS - Terminus
    Secondary: NC - Mag Shot / TR - Repeater / VS - NS-15 Pilot
    Grenades: Nanite Revive
    Utility - C4
    Knife - Standard Issue
    Implant 1 - Battle Hardened
    Implant 2 - Assimilate (going to replace this when I get the medic implant.

    Overall, even though I find the HA to be over performing in general. I find myself outgunning them with these loadouts.
  13. Nataximu

    Class: Heavy Assault
    Ability: Adrenaline Shield
    Suit: ASC
    Primary: Commissioner/Pump-shotgun
    Secondary: Underboss
    Rocket Launcher: Decimator
    Grenades: Concussion
    Utility: Medkit
    Knife: Default
    Implants: Nightmare Rank 5, Gunslinger

    Not the most effective but its fun to play the gunslinger. If you're good at it there is a tendency for people to really hate you and you get bounties. If you run the shotgun primary you can simple use it as a way to clean up after you kill some one with your secondary, at rank 5 gunslinger of course for the weapon swap speed.
  14. DarkStarAnubis

    Infiltrator: Minor Cloak+Ammo Printer+Hunter Cloaking+Nano Weave Armor+Medikits
    It is like having Stalker Cloaking and be able to use a primary.Run cloaked, stop and wait for the Minor Cloak to engage. I would not recommend to equip a sniper rifle (Minor Cloak does not de-cloak automatically when firing) but an SMG.

    Engineer: Symbiote+Health Regen+ASC+Mines
    The Engineer already benefits from a reduced shield recharge waiting time (4 seconds wait time instead of 6), Equipping ASC at max level reduces the shield recharge from 6 to 3 seconds while Symbiote provides a basic Nano Armor and the gnawing is balanced automatically by Health Regen. It makes the Engineer well suited for sustained combat by recovering quickly.

    HA: Survivalist+Ammo Printer+Nano Weave Armor+MediKits+Adrenaline Shield
    Survivalist Level 4 reduces the recharge waiting time to 5 seconds, Adrenaline over-shield can be recharged by killing enemies and to get health back chug a Medikits. The idea is to maximize uptime.
  15. JDS999

    ive been trying out ambusher jets with covert drop n heavyweight but seems that there are better load outs. the rank 5 seems to only have a 2 meter radius along with not messing up enemy aim as well. i would like to see first hand what it feels like for heavyweight 5 impact feels like maybe needs a small buff.
  16. The Shady Engineer

    General Purpose Repair Warrior: Requires ASP.


    T1 Unity (or your mid range assault rifle of choice)
    TX1 Repeater (or your sidearm of choice)
    Repair tool
    Spitty or Hardlight barrier, depending on the tactical situation
    EMP grenade
    Explosive of choice. I usually go with anti tank mines.
    Regen + Battle hardened implants.

    EMP grenades combined with assault rifles are low-key the most powerful combo to come out of the ASP program. Makes the engi a very formidable fighter in infantry combat as well as a support class.
  17. Gustavo M