[Suggestion] Let's revive PlanetSide 2

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  1. LeleITA


    Even if I write in English (approximate but understandable) I had my friend translate this mail because I wanted you to fully understand my thoughts (thanks Davide).

    Having been a hardcore PS2 gamer I would like this mail to reach someone who decides even though I know it will be thrown out without appeal, but never mind I know how it works so I've tried.

    PlanetSide arena is a RIP-born game, a not-free multiplayer product completely empty that has to clash with a free-to-play "titan" joined by millions of players named APEX people between the clone (PSA) or the original (APEX) for the same price will always choose the 'original' and a free-to-play.

    It's not all lost. I am an amateur programmer and I know that if PSA was written following the software engineering in a couple of months, at most, a team of expert programmers can integrate it's code into a PS2. This does not mean making yet another "battle royal", PS2 must remain as it is but now it is a exhausted product and something more is needed.

    Some days ago I decided to resume playing PS2 and to my disappointment I found that except for some irrelevant details like new music (very nice) and improved graphics, there is nothing new.

    I saw that there is a new breed but, even having been a player who paid for the subscription for months (level 99), I didn't even have the curiosity to invest 12 euros to try it.
    Do you know why? Because nothing has changed.

    I am an experienced player with the sniper and infiltrator. I tried all the possible and imaginable combinations even going so far as to use the crossbow infiltrator and the explosive dart Vs a Tank or Vs a Max and I win as well ...

    What is the problem in having a backpack with one or two fit in it to change quickly without having to go to the sunderer or station?
    What is the problem with having adjustable sights?
    What is the problem in reloading grenades more easily without having to go to the sunderer or station?
    What is the problem in having truly diverse breeds? THEY ARE ALL THE SAME!!!!
    What is the problem in having dynamic maps regenerated from time to time?
    What is the problem for the sniper to have more decent places to shoot? They are always the usual ones that everyone knows and often without decent visibility. The snipers LOVE do kills in the long distance but with the current mechanics it is impossible. Any weapon firing in bursts from any distance will always hit the sniper. The camouflage (this unknown thing even paying in euros)! Everyone simply see the sniper even if don't shoot.

    If you do the sniper, regardless of race or rifle, 1 or 2 hit a kill on the head (and that's right) while 2/3 hits on any other part of the body, this completely nullifies the use of boltAction. It would be enough to inflict malus of movement if the target is hit in the leg with a powerful rifle. Instead, they run as hell and not shooted by a 50 caliber.

    And above all, you use an "outrageous" version of BattleEyes against paying linux users, the game works perfectly even under Linux yet BattleEyes blocks it. To mention the words of BE customer service: "makes low win level checks". As if all users of the world were stupid ... Please!

    To make it short, I LOVE PS2 but revive it or it will die, if you want advices or opinions, ask to me

  2. onishikawa

    I left year ago because of lag in Brigg.
    last month I decided to resume playing PS2 too as found there's a Asia server with lower ping.;)
  3. 4JlEH30CM

    woow so cosmic absurd game will be)) change title to [Suggestion] Let's bury PlanetSide 2
    - change class withour sundy woow ima MAX now letsgo boombooom oh no they too strong i need to gohome ima infiltrator now sneak a pick tootooo okay lets revenge them ima MAX now oh i need ammo ima ENGI now okay lets buttle again ima MAX now )) maybe delete all classes and do one? its bad that MAX cant repair himself like ENGi lets give them secondary weapon repair tool?
    - reloading grenades more easily without having to go to the sunderer or station? yeaaah where is our engi? hi engi please ammo here and buttle become a grenadegrenadegrenadegrenadegrenadegrenadegrenadegrenadegrenade

    thank you for such *** ideas you are true game designer....
    i can continue ideas in your genius way - free bullets? no we need hardcore lets buy bullets for certs))) if you do not have certs then you should knife them first ))
  4. Liewec123

    Best way to revive ps2 is to undo everything that DBG have done to it...
    The new weapons and DX11 can stay, but literally everything that SoE made which DBG have changed has become far worse.

    Instant action? Yeah not anymore.
    Sunderers? Obsolete and can't be deployed defensively.
    Airgame? Made more and more skyknight-only every time DBG touch it.
    Queues? Hasn't fixed zerging, enjoy the 20 minute wait to play a 7 year old game.
    Spawn system? Again, enjoy the 30 second wait to spawn at the very next base, enjoy the forced zerging.
    Harassers? Let's make the buggies tankier than lightning tanks....great idea!
    Defensible Bases? ruined every base they could find, shield gens entirely OUTSIDE of some bases... R.I.P epic crown fights.
    General vehicle balance? 3 letters...C.A.I.
    Faction balance? Getting more and more Wrelled every patch.
    Maxes? Huge survival nerf from charge removal, 1 of 3 maxes made obsolete.
    Construction? Even stuff DBG added they've managed to break, nothing more than annoying OS crap now.

    Please, someone tell me something that these clueless devs have changed for the better...

    To revive the game undo everything that DBG have done.
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  5. FateJH

    Discussing hyperbole is going out of left field in this thread already; but, regardless, I'm actually convinvced that the Ammunition Pack that I have relied on so heavily to assist of my allies does need to be reigned in in some manner. It's carried multiple characters from 1 to 100 (okay, maybe just 50). While probably being designed for versatility against a myraid of unassumed situations and for execptional UX, I have felt for a long time that the long-standing model the game has been using has had no real thought actually put into its design.

    And the free bullets you get when you pull a firearm? same deal.

    The knife-shoot /shoot-knife process is actually a viable combat style. It's usually for Infiltrators, yeah, but it can also be applied in any unexpected CQC encounter.
  6. KingSnuggler

    Personally I wish other studios would make their FPS games like this , Battlefield, Call of Duty need to take a page from this game, even I can see Star Wars Planetside working real magic with gamers, with the inclusion of space as well, Star Wars Planetside is really what we all want in the end :p
  7. Jbeasty

    Would much rather have a different company making a new MMOFPS that is inspired by this game (in its first ~2 years).
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  8. LeleITA

    I'm not going to start a war flame. I expressed my opinion in a calm and documented way.

    I have not deliberately expressed myself on "all" the various classes and this means because I do not have a sufficiently wide knowledge in these other classes to make reasoned speeches.

    My main game play is sniper/inflitrated

    With the sniper I own the "Big Horne" (final weapon) counting 1546 kill and 6 sniper rifles with a purple medal in addition to the rest check here

    In addition to the "water guns" and "halloween grenades" I have not seen any significant changes for the sniper class.

    Could anyone say what series weapons have been added over time?

    Obviously, if they give me weapons that are lower than those I already own, it doesn't excite me.

    What problem is there for someone who has finished a class after years wishing for something more? Just look around: the maps I saw only once of significant additions, desiring new maps in reasonable time is normal.

    Personally, I generally like the various media or classes, but I'm not thrilled like the sniper. Since I paid so many seasons I can also say "I want more".

    For those who will give aggressive or useless answers I will not even answer, I have no time for you. Others are welcome.
  9. Cest7

    The only thing that will save this game is reverting to a pre-nanite build.
    She's dead Jim, move on.