Let's play 'Spot the OP Pounders'

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  1. HadesR

    Check the first post ... Pounders exceed Raven's in the KPU / KPH stats
  2. Dalemir

    Because NC can easily kill enemy MAXes using their AI weapons, no point in using raven in biolab.
  3. Crayv

    Pounders: TR burning up an MBT's worth of resources just so they can use a weapon to mimic the Lasher.
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  4. david06

    Pounders aren't OP versus infantry, it's just that they are the cheap and versatile while every other TR max weapon is expensive and niche or lacking.

    For 250 certs you get a 2nd pounder, and have a set of accurate weapons that do good damage to armor, max suits and also infantry if you can aim well. If you miss it's because you didn't lead properly or account for the drop of weapons, not because of some randomized projectile path. If you cert lockdown you can hang back on top of an ammo box and bombard an area from a distance. So pounders scale with player skill, they reward you for being able to aim and being able to read a situation to get your farm on.

    Chainguns are garbage, the least-bad ones are mercies and those are 2000 certs. They spit out a mediocre cloud of bullets and are passable for rushing a room along with other MAX suits during a crash(which pounders are also good for) and nothing else. They have a low skill ceiling and they don't synch nearly as well with lockdown as pounders do.

    Fractures are 2000 certs, suck against vehicles and infantry and are actually less accurate than pounders. I don't even know whey they're in the game.
  5. DCWarHound

    That's because the NC MAX doesn't have to use ravens for AI.

    I would still use chainguns over the pounders for pure AI work,i usually use pounders in biolabs to fight enemy maxes and sometimes normal infantry just happen to be on the menu.The NC already have pretty good AI weapons that doubles as a great Anti-max weapon so they don't have to rely on ravens.

    Pounders are basically just watered down ravens with less damage,more drop and no laser guidance.
  6. HadesR

    Still doesn't change the fact that Pounders exceed Ravens at AI .. You asked for them to be compared .. The first post lists the comparisons.

    I know that maybe doesn't suit what you were aiming for , that being Ravens being better at AI than Pounders, but sadly the stats on the First page don't back that up..
  7. DCWarHound

    Weapons stats vs kill stats.

    If you want kill stats then you will have to compare the pounders to the NC max shotguns.
  8. Mxiter

    Already, falcons and comets have better TTK against infantries due to them higher alpha (falcons), faster ROF(comets) and fast reload time.

    If you touch Pounder damage, falcons and comets would be superiour at them turn and complains about an other TR max terrible weapon (the last good one) would start.

    It's very tricky to balance AV max weapons against infantries. Maybe a slightly longer reload or removing short reload with a small splash nerf and a small direct damage buff to compensate in AV department?
  9. Revel

    This is wrong. Scatmax has a faster TTK on enemy MAXes than any other MAX weapon.
  10. FateJH

    Two default NCM1 Scattercannons unleashed at a default target MAX within their optimal ranges (8m) won't kill a MAX without reloading. To do it without reloading, one of the Scattercannons needs Extended Magazine for an extra shot.
    If the Scattercannons have Extended Magazines:
    If the target MAX is wearing Kinetic Armor:
    Kinetic Armor and Extended Magazines cancel each other out:
    Magazine dumping two M3 Pounder HEGs can kill a MAX. (Direct damage type is Medium Anti-Armor Ordnance; Indirect damage is Explosive Splash.)
    If the other MAX is wearing Flak Armor, the Pounder MAX needs to reload (calculations not shown). Kinetic Armor is never an issue.

    I believe these calculations are correct.
    Timing, however, will require a video; but, I have a feeling that the Pounders still win out due to reload speed.
  11. Jawarisin

    Pounders are great against vehicle. But they have a higher skill floor. Numbers on high-skill stuff are always very biased. Consider pounders are one of the defaults and that everybody has them... It makes for a lot of idiots with them.
  12. TheBlindFreak

    Sure, if the scatmax has extended mags, is within maximum damage range, 0 pellets miss, and the other max doesn't have any ranks of kinetic armor. And in an ideal world, I'm a multimillionaire with a smokin hot girlfriend.

    But since this is something that doesn't happen, you can't ignore the reload time.
  13. DCWarHound

    So we have come to the conclusion that pounders are NOT overpowered vs infantry and don't need any changes.

  14. DCWarHound

    soooo,how fast do ravens kill maxes?
  15. Scr1nRusher

    Give the TR MAX Chainguns a Modified BRRT attachment as a alternative to Extended magazines & Buff the ROF's abit.

    Then nerf the Pounders splash damage slightly.
  16. TheBlindFreak

    Ravens kill at around 5 seconds. Pounders kill under 3 seconds (less with lockdown). This doesn't include flak armor, but pounders would still have a shorter time to kill.
  17. Gutseen

    Pounders are teh on1y weps. that cam some how counter that NC max spam, or Vanus lasher fest
  18. Bearded Wall

    I love that the argument for TR being okay is a video of TR maxes, not using our faction ability while using our AV guns to get SOME kills from range.

  19. Revel

    This happens all the time indoors, where most max on max combat takes place.