Let's play a Balancing game

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  1. FateJH

    This isn't how you do balance. You don't find three things that could use an improvement from each side of the conflict and adjust something about them by X (percent or raw numbers, it doesn't matter). In fact, you especially should not specifically select one item, modify it in a specific way, and then blindly pick something else "underperforming" and change that in the exact same way too. You're not giving all weapons their due consideration and instead you're just looking for to apply a targeted judgment, followed by a blanket judgment trying to justify against some perceived/alleged bias.

    Some times, you should just focus on what needs to get done.
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  2. Mechwolf

    Reduce Canister damage by 100 to infantry (because it 1hks infantry, and meant to be an AV weapon)
    Reduce Saron damage to infantry by 100 (although tbch i don't think that'd be fair given it already takes 3 shots)
  3. z1967

    And so it becomes my new willy nilly point and killy weapon. Faster than hitscan projectiles? Hell yeah.
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  4. cruczi

    What do you mean by "their faction"? I don't have a faction. My characters have factions, I just pretend I'm the characters.
  5. Mechwolf

    Increase all scout rifle damage by about 50-100 so they can 3hk with body shots against most enemies unless it's a heavy, then it should be 4
  6. cruczi

    "Faster than hitscan"? Even faster than light wouldn't be faster than hitscan
  7. SerasVic

    So Canister (which is AI weapon) should do 0 damage at 42+m because it's AV but does no damage to tanks?

  8. Vixxing

    Idd that dude is clueless, and whats the point nerfing Saron vs AI? it already takes 3 direct hits from a semi auto weapon on a moving platform...
  9. Tuco


    buff lockdown by 50% buff spiker by 50%
    Buff chaingun by 50%, buff top gunner on Liberator for NC/VS by 50%
  10. cruczi

    lol fail. "buff by 50%" means nothing unless you specify what specific property is being buffed
  11. z1967

    -All faction's burst variant weapons get a buff in ROF, some weapons now fire more than one bullet per shot.
    -All faction's burst variant weapons now have a refire delay put in (this is a nerf to balance the new DPM and DPS of the weapons).
    -Burst Carbines no longer drop two damage tiers, only one damage tier.
    -Burst ARs have a larger than usual Max damage range (30m or more).
    -VS burst weapon accuracy becomes best of the weapon group. Refire rate also becomes the shortest of the group. Reload is best in class (pre-existing condition). Balancing factor is weakest per burst damage.
    -NC burst weapons have highest velocity (600 m/s or so). Max Damage is increased to 184 with a drop off to 167 dmg. Worst ROF of the weapon group (but not worst refire rate).
    -TR burst weapons have longest burst (a 4x burst and 2x burst mode, no single fire mode). TR weapons have a unique recoil pattern because of their burst system (first 2 bullets are accurate, next 2 are bumped up to the right when they get fired). Tr have the longest refire rate and the longest reloads (pre-existing condition)

    Since all factions get nerfed and all factions get buffed, nothing changes except making a weapon more manageable. The last 3 sections of changes should make the weapons diverse, but still powerful in their own ways (NC do more damage, VS are more accurate, TR have good ROF etc.). This should balance out, but it is also why I didn't attack too many numbers to this. Should make some fun weapons out of some useless ones, its not like anyone uses the Burst variants as they are now for anything other than auraxiums.
  12. z1967

    I thought hitscan was the speed of light? Huh, guess I got my terms mixed up again :|
  13. cruczi

    Hitscan is instant, i.e. damage is registered the moment your weapon fires. Speed of light is limited, about 300,000 km / s. "Faster than hitscan" would mean faster than infinitely fast.
  14. Ixidron

    Hitscan is limited by technology, since we cannot create technology that goes faster than light I say light is faster than hitscan.
  15. cruczi

    Hitscan has nothing to do with real life physics limitations. In games, your bullet travel speed can be infinite - the game interprets the firing of the weapon and the hit detection of the projectile to occur at the same moment.


  16. Haquim

    That is not how balance works.
    But I'll still bite, although ignoring some of your rules - I'm using NS weapons and im not adjusting both by the same percentage, also I'm making more than one adjustment.

    Increase Hornet magazine size to 4 - thats (almost) a 100% buff (it would be 100 % if RoF is also doubled)
    Reduce Skyguard RoF to 60 (- 87,5%)
    Make Skyguard shot very visible and the projectile very loud (+- ?)
    Increase Skyguard explosion damage to 1k (+1567%)
    Remove Skyguard CoF (+- ?)
    Increase Velocity to 400 m/s (+ 220%)

    If my math has not forsaken me I just buffed the hard numbers for the ESF anti-tank weapon by almost 100%
    At the same time I buffed the skyguard by 566% (increase to DPS is 108%, so I more than doubled it )

    I am pretty sure that most people will agree that the ESF pilots got the better deal, although their counter is deadlier than ever.

    Balancing is not as easy as most people seem to think it is, especially since there are simply some factors that do not show up in the numbers.

    The same weapons again, this time with exactly the same buffs:

    Hornet magazine size increased to 16 (then it matches the wing mounts) that is + 700%
    Skyguard magazine size increased to 560, that's also +700%

    Sorry for being so blatantly sarcastic, but the set of rules you proposed aren't really fit to balance anything.
    I could give the SAW another 100 shots in magazine and increase the magazine of the armistice by 100% for it. Im 10000% sure the armistice will profit a lot more from this trade.
    Even if I stay in a certain weapon category it gets riddiculous with the ES stuff. Increase all ESRLs damage by 300%.
    Phoenix kills anything slow or deployed in the vicinity, Lancer kills all vehicles except flash and ESF easily and Striker... shoots really threatening flares.

    I really like the idea of the thread, but don't try to force rules on it - just demand that people use their common sense and try to make one weapon per faction "good" instead of OP or UP.
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  17. Vearo

    Okay, I'll bite:
    "Buff" Spiker such that the weapon doesn't fire its burst on release of mouse 1, but instead on pressing M1 like every other weapon (Or add a toggleable burst mode like the TRAP that only has the two burst so that pressing M1 makes it burst).

    "Buff" TRAP such that the triple fire burst doesn't have that weird fire delay that makes the double burst actually better at close combat.

    I think that meets the rules of the game.
  18. Ztiller

    It's a game, as i clearly stated in the OP. It's not meant to be taken 100% seriouslyy.

    The point of it is to demonstrate peoples willingness to buff other factions aswell as theirs, in addition to nerfing their OP weapons as payment to nerfing the OP weapons of the enemy.

    The "Equivalent" rules are there so as to prevent "Buff Vulcan with 500%, buff Spiker with 5 damage per shot." If you want a big buff, you need to pay the price of giving the enemy something good aswell.

    If you are unwilling to give an equally sized buff, then most likely your buff request is biased in favor of giving your faction overpowered weapons, and you need to think over your suggestion in the first place.

    I would tell people to use common sense, if i had that much confidence in people who participate in balance discussions. Due to my experience with these forums and reddit, watching people demand the most outrageous buffs for their factions, that is impossible.

    Once again, it's a game so stop freaking out over how it's not "Accurate." Monopoly isn't an accurate display of market economy, but it still gives you a notion of how money can work.
  19. Leftconsin

    Add the Zephyr to the Galaxy wing guns.
    Return Icarus Jump Jets.
    Reduce Commissioner damage to 10 @ 8m and 5 @ 42m. Increase headshot multiplier to x105.
    Increase Lasher's ADS modifier to 1.25x.
    Make Jackhammer an NC specific shotgun usable for all classes that can shotgun. Replace heavy weapon with the Raven.
    Add an effect to the minichain gun to slow the hit target by 50% for 1 second.
    Increase mag capacity of Striker to 20. Increase RoF to 800.
    Increase Prinny blast radius to 20m.

    This is just a forum game for arm chair devs, dood. I'm certainly not taking it seriously.
  20. Mxiter

    halften the number of pellets per NC max shot then.