[Suggestion] Lets make Engineers even less worth playing

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Targanwolf, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. xMaxdamage

    Engineer is the most played class on ps2

  2. Smoovious

    Engineer is the better choice to take if you expect to be driving a vehicle or aircraft... also if you tend to be a turret gunner (like I prefer to do over infantry)

    Until your class comes with some plusses and minuses when driving or gunning, being able to repair the vehicle/gun you're in control of is a must... because, lets face it... nobody sticks around to keep the guns manned for you the moment you pull up to the next place. They'll jump out and storm the building, even if that leaves you unexpectedly (and often, unaware) defenseless when you turn the corner to run into an enemy vehicle, expecting your gunners to deal with the threat, and maneuver accordingly, and they've abandoned you already, and you get blown up. (my pet peeve for today... hate that...)

    -- Smoov
  3. Outreach

    Is this bait? I want to say you are an idiot and that this is just bait, but we live in a time where it's difficult to tell actual idiots from trolls.
  4. Klinkin

    As an experienced engineer, while I will admit that my claymores tend to get shot up somewhat frequently, I still get kills with them. The "only work in one direction" you complain about is actually a rather useful ability; claymores cover almost as much area as any other mine, but can be placed on the edge of that area. Stick them around a corner, and in many cases the other player simply won't see the mine until it's too late. This is best done in doorways and such where they can't round the corner far enough away to avoid the mine.

    With that said, others in the thread are right; you don't play Engineer primarily for mines (though they're a nice utility); like medics, engineers are a support class. Ammo packs keep your heavy assaults loaded up on rockets and everyone loaded up on bullets, and your repair tool keeps MAXes and vehicles from dying. You get lots of experience for doing all of these, and ribbons on top of it. As has been mentioned, engineer and medic are the two most lucrative classes cert-wise in the game, especially when played by players still learning the game.

    As for EOD specifically, very few people actually run around with it. I'd say that I see my claymores die less to people who know they're there and more to room-clearing grenades. The solution to both is the same; try and mine up less-well-traveled areas, especially back doors. For example, if you're ever fighting in a bio lab and your team is defending the SCU shield generator, try mining the two doors that lead onto the bridge in the point room. Not many people go there, but you'll still pick up a kill or two during the minute and a half it takes the generator to blow because a light assault tried to come in from behind.
  5. Smoovious

    Engineers and Medics also put them at greater risk, focusing on their task instead of their own protection, pretty often.

    When we're doing our jobs, we're often pretty easy pickings. There is only so much we can do to evade getting hit, without breaking our repair/revive... particularly by snipers.

    Easily 1/3 of the times I get killed are a sniper's one-shot while trying to repair something.

    -- Smoov
  6. Reclaimer77

    Guys you just don't get it, Tankside must reign over all play-styles.

    Like C4, AV mines can instagib tanks. It's so "unfair" that someone in their big big pretty death machine battle tank can get unexpectedly exploded while driving through obvious places for mines to be. Mines you can't see or bother thinking about are obviously broken, I mean these guys need to hurry up and camp that spawnroom with 150mm cannons after all. So look, now they light up like neon signs. What's wrong with that?

    So you had to get nerfed. Infantry AV also needs to be nerfed. LA+C4 has to be nerfed. And Engineer AV turrets are apparently just SO game breaking they need to be nerfed too.

    All hail Vehicleside 2!!!!!
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  7. reydelchicken

    You play engie for infinite ammo and the AV turret.... why else?

    That playstyle still works just fine.