Let's give no-drop weapons to the TR/NC

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  1. Moonheart

    I've been hearing since ages that VS weapons were too easy due to the no-drop features coming from the TR/NC players.

    Today, I'm just asking this to my fellow VS comrades: honestly, why not give them this feature as well?
    We all know better than them how few this feature matter in the result of a fight... if it can make them a bit less whine about a pretended "VS easy aim mode", we would be the true winners in that trade, IMHO.

    I do think there is more potential into charge weapons, providing SOE will find the right way to exploit this idea (last tries have not be really convancing...), that into the no-drop feature that only have an interest on sniper rifles and missile launchers, and that SOE will never put on a good one because it would be "too much"

    So, yes, why not give that no-drop to NC/TR?
    Not a big loss, really...
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  2. Ribero

    Or we could try and keep a bit of difference between the Three factions.
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  3. Moonheart

    Charge weapons. I like the concept. More potential...
    No-drop leads nowhere, except in the head of TR/NC players.
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  4. Hatesphere

    the only real advantage to most no drop weapons is with a silencer or SPA (and the battle rifle of course) if they want to help remove the whine about nothing then just make an NS "plasma" rifle that has the no drop trait so everyone who only plays one faction can see how little bullet drop maters at anything but extreme range.
  5. sindz

    Sure, but keep in mind with no drop waepons comes lower dmg and velocty and actual more bulletdrop on the weapon that doesnt have it.

    Still want it?
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  6. Palkora

    Bullet drop in general shouldn't be varied based on faction but based on weapon.

    Vanu needs a more better trait anyway than no bullet drop. Is the heat system still happening by the way?
  7. Moonheart

    There is no need to ask a counterpart. Honeslty, what it matter to us, really?
    They will kill us 1% more past 60m ?


    Heat system leads nowhere imho in this current form, IMHO:
    - Standard weapons fire a given amount before their clip is empty, heat weapon fire a given amount before their overheat
    - Standard weapons fire need to take time to reload once the clip is empty, heat weapons need to take time to cooldown once they overheat

    What does it changes, really?
  8. Paragon Exile

    Most of the Auraxium Vanu weapons are based on heat.
  9. Juunro

    Why would we need guns with no bullet drop? At closer ranges it doesn't really matter much. In the case of sniper weapons, it's all mirrored anyway.

    Honestly, coming from someone with characters on all three factions, the VS do have the easiest to use weapons, but with the exception of the Orion, not dramatically so. The Orion is a special case, because the VS get their CQC LMG as their default, while they cost 250 certs and 1000 certs for the TR and NC respectively, and the Orion is a hell of alot easier to master then the Carv or the Gauss SAW. If they changed the default VS LMG over to... whichever the medium range suppression LMG is for you guys, and then made the CQC LMG's for each faction be 250 certs, you'd probably see less whining by an order of magnitude.
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  10. Moonheart

    Currently, those are TR/NC tears, and we offer you a kanderchief !

    Free no-drop trait! With no counterpart! Want it or not?
    We only want you to stop sobbing about it, no more.
  11. Shatteredstar

    The issue is more that people grasp at any straw to call VS overpowered as a whole. Not a single weapon needing tweaked lightly, not one thing maybe leaving a bad taste, no it is everything from bullet drop to .75 ads being godly to Orion supposedly feeding everyone kills and millions of certain and I'm sure that even if vanu had half magazine size, damage, and bullet speed with bullet drop and a .25 ads when they got beaten they would claim the color purple was overpowered.
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  12. Paragon Exile

    This isn't something you should hang yourself on, considering the NC is producing shotguns from every orifice, while the TR have the best RoFs and magazines (more reliable). Vanu weapons in general have characteristics in common with the TR, except we have worse DPM by virtue of our "Standard" magazine sizes. Most Vanu weapons are only marginally easier to use than the NC's slow-firing heavy hitters like the Reaper and the SAW, the most skillfull automatic weapons in the game.

    Would it surprise you o learn the CARV and the Orion are practically clones of each other?

    Or the default NC LMG could be the GD-22 and we'd be set.
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  13. Hatesphere

    I currently main TR, but this is defiantly the response I would expect from a non seasoned single faction player with no real argument and nothing but VR experience...
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  14. Juunro

    I don't honestly play HA much on NC; my VS used the Orion just long enough to unlock the Lasher because I really only made that character to play with the discoballs of death cannon, my TR is rank 60 or so and played HA pretty heavily. From personal experience the Orion and the MSW-R felt way more similar then the CARV did.

    As for shotguns, as far as I know with the exception of the Jackhammer, they follow the mold of the sniper rifles in that they are all mirrored. I'd be perfectly fine with say, trading the default NC LMG over to the GD-22 in exchange for, for example, switching the default NC sniper rifle over to one of the semi autos for parity with the other empires.
  15. Shatteredstar


    I probably need to disagree somewhat just in terms of use. I generally find the vs weapons a little easier to control than TR or NC counterparts. Not dramatically so but somewhat.

    Not a massive deviation that the forum rants would make you think but I at least feel like it is there. Just feels easier to pick up and go with vs guns by and large although not to say mastering them is easy.
  16. p10k56

    Just give drop to VS weapons too. Nobody believes they are using lazors anyway:p
  17. Moonheart

    No no, that won't do. If you do this that way, TR/NC player will keep saying forever that VS was outrageously advantaged and that is why drop was added.
    Better give them no-drop, so they will see by temselves how pointless their complaint about it was, much more educative.

    I'm fine lowering CARV price to 250 as well, on top of making it no-drop, no problem. Seriously, who in the VS cares about that?
    If this is what it takes to make TR/NC happier... I'll be glad to recommand that change to SOE as well.
  18. SerasVic

    I play 2 factions
  19. Moonheart

  20. Paragon Exile

    Perhaps. I'm not exactly new anymore so I can't really comment anymore :p