Lets get quantitative on this balance thing.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Sumguy720, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. Prodigal

    Perfectly took the words out of my mouth. This is absolutely awesome.
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  2. innersphere1

    If im skilled i can take u down with the worst pistol in the game. Weapons stats trough factions are close to balance.. little differences in stats doesnt make you better. SKILL DOES.
  3. Sumguy720

    Oh man, you're right.
    If only I had thought it through I'd have realized the worthlessness of my application weeks ago.
    Thank you. Thank you innersphere1.

    In other news I've been wrestling with MATlab for ever just trying to get a executable version of this program out that you guys without MATlab can use. It's been a real headache and I think I've done just about all I can. I'm going to end up releasing the source files, but if you don't have MATlab and want to try it out -- well, lets just say it's going to cost about 190 MB of your hard disk because you need the compiler runtime installed.

    Anyway. I think I'll make a new topic when I'm done. The website is up right now but none of the files there are ready for public consumption. Thank you all for your support with this. I'm going to do my best to get it out to all of you soon.
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  4. Prodigal

    Utter nonsense. Wanna try? You take a Beamer and I take a Phobos. Let's go.
  5. Roland0077

    You sir are the awesomeness that makes a community worth it to be part of.
    Edit: Can you do a comparison graph of the GU7 VS MAX weapons?
  6. Roland0077

    Its not so much the difference between the TMG50 and the SAW, but more what each weapon actually does at certain ranges, better informing us on how to use weapons, and exactly how they work. Obv dont use an SMG to snipe, but finding out the exact range and firing tug an AR has can tell you when to engage, and when to save bullets.
  7. Astealoth

    you should rewrite this project in flash or java and make it into a webform

    bet you could do pretty well with it on adsense
  8. Kroova

    Wow impressive work. This thread needs to live!
  9. Bill Hicks

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  10. Mambakiller

  11. MrEclectic

    Development question:

    How do you plan to keep the weapon stats updated?

    You have done excellent wok, and the above question is both out of curiosity and fascination with the project.
  12. GhostAvatar

    Are you going to release this for others to use?
  13. Sumguy720

    The spreadsheet is actually external to the program, so the user can update the spreadsheet manually with whatever stats they want. So long as theres an updated spreadsheet out there, you can keep your stats up to date. It's a bit of a hassle copying all the stats because some numbers need to have their units removed, but otherwise updating is really simple.

    You can even use this system to invent your own weapons with imaginary stats if you have ideas you want to test.
  14. Sumguy720