Lets get quantitative on this balance thing.

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  1. Lucidius134

  2. Bankrotas

    NS-11C is bad at burst firing.
  3. Fligsnurt

    I'd like to see a ADS range 30m comparison on TMG-50 / T-32 Bull / T-9 Carv burst of 10 rounds and with the damage vs range chart. Thanks in advance, you sir are a bad *** for making this tool, can't wait to see it when you get it fully fleshed out.
  4. Bankrotas

    Can we add EM6 to calculation?
  5. Fligsnurt

    Don't see why not, I just wanted to compare those TR LMGs against one another, the T-32 and TMG-50 are both really good IMO compared to the T-9 Carv and I just wanted to see what his tool brought out from it.
  6. Sumguy720

    Hey guys, thank you all for your interest. I might not get to all of your requests because I'm trying to get a public release out there. I'm in the process of internal testing in my outfit, so once that's finished and once I write up a decent tutorial/help file you'll be able to try it out yourselves and satisfy your own curiosities!

    Anyway, thanks for keeping this topic afloat in the mean time.
  7. Ash87

    Dude, people in the outfit I roll with are looking forward to this, it's an awesome tool and thank you again for all the work you and your outfit are putting into this
  8. pucwyczes

    I would really love to see tmg-50 vs em6 vs nc6 at 30-50-70-100 meters, while standing, ads. Please!
  9. ThundaHawkPS

    I wish I could code

    gj OP
  10. ThundaHawkPS

    The EM1 is the unwanted bastard child of LMGs. It has the low dps (143dmg/650RPM) of the NS11a and TR Bull but lacks the accuracy and stability of those guns. It's a 'close range' specialist LMG that sucks at close range due to low damage output.
  11. Torok

  12. cfnz

    Awesome, thanks for the update. I'm really looking forward to this as it'll hopefully give me a better insight into one of the questions I've had for a while, the relative effectiveness of weapons at range.
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  14. Anubis132

    Bump for great justice.

    I want to see Scatmax/Hackmax vs. TR and VS max AI weapons. That might be interesting. The NC like to say that the scatmax sucks at range, but it would be nice to know at what range they become less effective than the TR and VS ones.
  15. MrEclectic

    Again, bump because this is a great effort that IMO deserves more attention from the rest of the community. As others have said before, kudos to you for a great idea and application, and to your outfit for actively encouraging it and helping you with testing. Besides providing an excellent tool to the rest of the community, this also highlights what metagame can be. Well done!
  16. InZanity

    Can barely wait for the release of this tool, ******* amazing work!! It needs to be stickied IMO
  17. Sumguy720

    I'm trying to think of a way to distribute this. It's a small file, like 160 KB but in order to run it you need the matlab framework thing which is like 165 MB. I'm thinking about opening a website for it but to maximize speed I'd like to distribute the matlab framework via torrent. Once I get the website up I'll post a link here, but I'll probably end up making a new forum topic when I release. Keep your eyes peeled!
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  18. HuntTheWind

    So is this happening?
  19. Sumguy720

    Yes. I'm in the process of setting up the website.
  20. BalogDerStout

    Sir, I don't know where you came from, or who your work for but they aren't paying you enough.

    This is amazing.
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