Lets get quantitative on this balance thing.

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  1. RageMasterUK

    Request TR MAX AI cannons at 25m/50m/100m/200m/400m great work on this you are a Planetside legend just for making this.
  2. Qaz

    wow. this is a very nice tool! can the program account for attachments like the adv fwd grip?

    let's compare long range LMGs:
    100m range, 15 shot bursts: SVA88 vs TMG50 vs Gauss Saw

    now mid-range:
    15m, full auto: Orion, Carv, EM6.
  3. Bersigil

    Amazing tool. I'm really impressed by what some people can do and that you took your time to build this program.

    I'd love a comparison for NC carbines:
    ADS, Burst fire, 50m
    Merc vs Razor vs the new NS-11C
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  4. MayorD

    Isnt EM1 the equivalent to Orion and Carv?
  5. MurderBunneh

    It has a faster fire rate but the EM6 and Anchor are the highest dps lmg.
  6. Bersigil

    I'm not sure we have any NUMERICAL data on what the attachements really do. If there is, I would really love a link!
  7. Sumguy720

    I'm not ready to release a build to the public just yet. I need to go through a few iterations of in-field testing (thanks to you all for the requests) and there are some features I intend to add.

    One dawback of my engine right now is that it does not support multi-shot guns such as the scatter cannon or shotguns. It also does not deal with weapons that have blast radii such as rocket launchers and the lasher.

    As far as an ultimate release of this program I'm looking for a way to make it more accessible to people without matlab, and I'm waiting to get some feedback from it (slash become famous) before I open up the floor to the community with the source files.


    Of course this setup is pretty temporary. While the heat maps are awfly cool, the really useful info is going to be from graphs that this program will put out.
    What I'm doing today is working on a way that the program will give out graphs of damage per square meter versus range and damage landed on target versus distance.

    Something I haven't shown yet is the realtime hit animations. This is something I'm working on right now.

    Just ignore the bad looping :)

    EDIT: Feel free to request the animated variants, but I can only do one of those at a time. Still working on the others, got to make progress on the program as well as your requests so thank you for your patience.
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  8. Zotamedu

    As for letting more people use it, there are ways to let Matlab automatically convert m-files to C. I don't know if it supports the graphical stuff or just the calculations but it could be worth looking into.
  9. Sumguy720

    Feel free to request these now.
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  10. Konfuzfanten

    First and foremost i dont know what to say...that is AWESOME....FREAKING AWESOME.

    My request:
    Could you do a "Pulsar LSW" vs "Orion" vs "SVA-88"?
    Wth ADS 15 meters and 40 meters. Mainly interested in TTK with full auto.

    Pretty plz :)
  11. SpaceCommie

    Excellent work :D This needs a sticky. Or maybe even incorporation into the game itself? :D
  12. anaverageguy

    very nice

    id actually like to see a comparison of the SAW w/ itself if possible
    adv forward grip at 200m (to make differences obvious)

    strafing ads bursts of 3 versus 8
  13. St0mpy

    not interested in individual plots, things change here, will you be releasing the app?
  14. Snotgurg

    Are you factoring in recoil into the equation? If so, how do you do it? I have a similar tool implemented in a spreadsheet but only using COF and COF bloom.
  15. WalrusJones

    I would really like to see the three S rifles be shown up, as well as the three S carbines.....
  16. cfnz

    Now this is very interesting, particularly the ttk vs range plot.

    In terms of a request, I'm interested to see the performance of the longer range weapons (SABR-13, Reaper DMR, battle rifle, T5 AMC, AC-X11). It would be nice to be able to compare these to a default and short range version.

    I'm very much looking forward to a potential release of this tool.
  17. Badname3073

    Looks really weird. How do you interpret the parameters? When it says "recoil between x and y", how do you choose the distribution in between? I did not see any info on that in the published files.
  18. Sumguy720

    I'm not 100% sure what you mean, but the recoil parameters in the spreadsheet are in units of degrees, so when they have a recoil minimum and recoil maximum I add an offset to the weapon's angle that is a uniformly distributed number between angle_min and angle_max.

    Well, I don't think there's much sense doing past 100 meters for this gun. I mean, look at the distribution at 100 m.

    http://imgur.com/tkDEH6J Onslaught
    http://imgur.com/BtQWJZG Mutilator
    http://imgur.com/SNp4W0t Mercy
    http://imgur.com/BhttgAY Cycler
  19. WalrusJones

    It needs to live for the sake of getting the program released!
  20. MrEclectic

    Any news? This is great, and really helps both the balance debate and deciding future weapon purchases.