Lets get quantitative on this balance thing.

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  1. Sumguy720

    I'm tired of all the unsubstantiated claims and anecdotal evidence people use to claim that certain faction weapons are better than others. I spent the last fourteen hours carefully crafting the ultimate ttk simulator.

    It creates heat maps that represent damage dealt per unit area. It can simulate over 120 weapons at any range between 1 and 1000 meters with three different firing modes (semi-auto, burst, and automatic), and calculates bullet drop and damage falloff due to range for TR and VS weapons. There are options for recoil compensation, stance, motion, and aiming setups, as well as a real time hit simulation (not shown).

    It's called DIRt, for the function it describes: Damage as a function of Input, Range, and time.

    Like I said, I spent all day on this and it's like 3:00 am now. I need to use it on something, so just give me some weapons you want me to compare or something. Or make personal comments about my life. Whatever.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, thanks to this spreadsheet for the stats.
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  2. LonelyTerran

  3. Shockwave44

    VS - Ursa. SV-88 and Flare
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  4. ReconMarauder

    LC2 Lynx and VX6-7 ADS, 30M, 12 round bursts.
  5. Sumguy720

    It helps if you are interested in a certain range or firing condition, but here's ADS with burst fire at 50 meters.


    EDIT: Holy cow guys. I'm going to bed, so you'll have to be patient!
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  6. Bankrotas

    This thread needs to live.
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  7. Sumguy720

  8. Sulsa

    I'd like to take this opportunity to point out that Sumguy is Vanu. VANU beetches! SCIENCE!

    Suck on that NC and TR maggots!

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  9. BH Brigade

    Well I'm NC and I live in America! CAPITALISM AND FREEDOM :D
  10. MurderBunneh

    Really cool.
  11. Vertabrae

    Nice work mate, very nice work. +100
  12. Bankrotas

    Not planning a full release on this? I think, I even might pay for this kind of info a bit.
  13. Ash87

    Uppercut v. Haymaker v. Barrage v. Nighthawk

    Moving. 5, 10, 15m range

    Slugs and regular shot.

    I really can't express how amazing this is. Are you considering releasing this publlically?
  14. Leer

  15. cc2001

    Is recoil compensation simulating a compensator/grip or simulating as if the player is compensating for recoil? If the latter how does it work for guns with both left and right recoil?
  16. Sumguy720

    I'd just like to note that this program does not account for headshots or footshots. You'll have to look at the groupings yourself and decide whether or not you could land a majority of the bullets on the head.

    Also note the offset: I added a 1m vertical offset for the lynx, which would put the crosshair at the head, where the vx6-7 is aiming straight at the body. Maybe I'll add an actual crosshair on the screen so you can tell.


    It's simulating the user pulling down the mouse as the gun pulls up. It basically pulls at a rate depending on the average recoil jump, so a gun that pulls both left and right should be compensated down only.
    I have been fiddling with the recoil compensation for a little while. It might be too good right now, but it at least seems reasonable for most ranges and firing groups.

    EDIT: Okay, time to go to work, you guys sit tight. Thanks for the requests.
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  17. Mrasap

    I like this guy.
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  18. Zotamedu

    Would you consider sharing that .m-file with the community? It looks really really interesting and I would love to play a bit with it.
  19. MrEclectic

    Great job and matlab skills.

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  20. MrEclectic

    And a request: VX6-7 vs Serpent, 30m, standing, Hip-fire and ADS
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