[Suggestion] Lets defend!!!!!!!

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  1. L1ttlebear

    Everyone knows that the defenders are severely lacking in the ability to set up strategic defenses that have any ability to hold off larger amounts of attackers. In addition to revamping the locations of defensive turrets i propose the following:

    I propose that ALL defensive turrets be removed. In their place, i suggest terminals be added to all defensive turret positions. From these terminals, you can purchase (via a new "defensive" resource) a series of defensive turrets. The turrets purchasing prices will reflect the prices that the vehicles use.
    A AI turret will cost you a small amount of resources, its weak, short range only and cannot damage tanks
    A AT (the current one) will cost you the same as a lighting ( but in defensive resources) and be the exact same as it is but with a cert tree.
    A AA turret will cost the same as a sunderer and will have ""AA specific" terminals that are well inside the base system to protect them from tanks.
    For the 500-750 resources, I propose adding a new turret to the mix. The turret can currently be seen sitting inside any tech plant! A MASSIVE cannon with different optics capable of obliterating armor and infantry alike. This turret would ONLY be available in large facilities and would be a monster to deal with.

    This system would allow for small but organized squads the ability to defend larger facilities with some decent effectiveness. The new cannon would be allow for tank zergs to be dealt with but the lack of its ability to defend itself from air means that the solo player will not have a "guarentee" kill weapon. The terminal system will allow for infiltrators to still hack the turret systems but without the ability to kick the kick out the occupant.

    the resource system makes turrets a valuable asset that are worth protecting (hence the desire for a cert tree). The amount of certs and resources needed to use these turrets effectively would mean that those whose playstyle is defensive will have toys but those who prefer assaulting do not need to change a thing! The larger turrets spawnability could even be linked to this new "interlink" facility that they are introducing.

    The need for resources for these turrets means that they cannot be repaired after being destroyed (like a tank) which makes blowing them up feel like a true victory rather than just an XP builder. It would also mean that those who spawn the turrets without the support will be very limited in their effectiveness but those with engi support will be a force to be reckoned with!


    Only real (by that i mean intelligent) comments and feedback please :)
  2. FreelancePanic

    Sounds like an interesting idea, but I don't think I'd spend much resources if it was implemented. Buying static defenses means I have to leave them behind if the action moves away, so I'd be very hesitant to spend anything if I couldn't reclaim the resources.

    Plus if turrets started costing resources, they'd need a massive buff, as they get farmed easily by any vehicle (or MANA AT).

    I would love to see custom base defenses. Having an ability to cert into turret HP/damage or something like that. I would gladly cert into these things. I dont think that defensive turrets should be removed though. I like hat any ol joe can jump into one at any moment. I just wish that they were more diverse, more customization, and of course actually useful.

    I am, however, all for using that huge gun inside the tech plant. that would be awesome! I could see it being a total ****** to balance though.