Lets assume that Alerts = Matches.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Scr1nRusher, Sep 1, 2015.

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  1. Scr1nRusher


    That hilarious. I'm surprised you don't have a tumblr at this point talking about your "oppression" & "victimization" and "always being attacked".

    That question requires a different thread to be made.
  2. Obscura

    These statistics say VS wins the most? I'm pretty sure thats been established a BILLION times in this forum already. What do those statistics say about balance? Absolutely nothing lol.

    whats this? It seems here in the past week TR has won an entire 2 more alerts than VS has. Based on that information, is TR now OP? and since NC has won 15% less than both factions, are they exponentially getting more and more UP even though there have been no significant changes to any faction? One could also speculate that NC players might just suck really bad too. But thats just speculation. [IMG]
  3. Scr1nRusher

    SS has nothing to do with Live Server Alerts & is a in a closed regulated(sortof) environment.

    You are correct about that.

  4. MarkAntony

    your initial assumption is wrong which makes your thinly veiled "nerf VS" thread pointless. alerts aren't matches. not even close.

    we have matches. they are called server smash. and they have shown that VS aren't OP.
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  5. Scr1nRusher

    This isn't a "nerf VS thread".

    Also the reason why my title was like that was due to referencing Blizzards balancing method of SC.

    SS =/= Live Gameplay(Alerts).
  6. HadesR

    Well on Connery my theory is that NC / TR get fed up of the constant HA / MAX zerg's where the pop is very commonly 70 > 30 in VS's favour that they just avoid VS and fight the other for " fun fights " rather than overly worry about the alerts ..

    While VS " seem " ( A very opinionated " seem ") to care more about Alerts wins than good fights ..

    Yes everyone zergs but it does seem to be the #1 in the VS alert play book ... And God forbid they have Hossin bonus ( Although it makes MAX kill Directives easier )

    TLDR: A lot of people find VS Anti-fun during alerts and avoid them like the plague ..
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  7. Ronin Oni

    ^This is what I would say as well

    It has more to do with how people on the different factions play the game more than anything (for the record, as Connery VS, I'd personally prefer to just have good fights, but I have little control over my faction. Que sera, sera)

    Emerald VS is much the same, but FAR more organized and efficient at it.

    So sure Screamposter, we can "talk about alerts" but it's going to be a pretty pointless discussion.
  8. Ronin Oni

    WTF does Blizzard or Starcraft have to do with a damn thing?

    You're forgetting 1 important bit of info here.. There is no such thing as a "Match" in live gameplay.

    Alerts are "Events."
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  9. ATRA_Wampa-One

    PS2 = Fluctuating population but 1000 players (IIRC) max per alert with things like starting territory, three way battles, outfits/players active being completely random when they start.

    PS2 Server Smash = even teams with a defined beginning and end.

    Which one is closer to SC where there are even teams and they match has a defined beginning and end?
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  10. MarkAntony

    are you seriously giving me a "honey, this isn't what it looks like" right now?
    we all know the answers to your "questions". and then you mention faction balance. what other than nerf VS could it be?

    and where the hell do you get the idea that balancing an RTS with even numbers on both sides is comparable to how we should balance an MMOFPS where we don't have even numbers?

    and so what if SS =/= live gameplay. i get to ignore that as long as you ignore live gameplay =/= " a match" and RTS =/= MMOFPS
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  11. Movoza

    Well there you don't have to wonder about the goal of these people. Most people want to win in Starcraft.
    Ps2 has more people goofing around. Some people play to win the alert, others just farm, start gank squads, or just generally goof around. Some want a biolab fight all day long. They don't play to their tactical best, winning the biolab. They just fight close corners.
    Maybe the VS is just more likely to participate. Maybe the NC and TR just suck. Maybe the VS population is statistically closer to a server than other factions, or people with love for game computers are more likely to join VS, giving them a fps advantage. Maybe people on the VS are more concerned with winning, reducing their graphics to optimum playing levels to find and kill (a waste of beautiful game and many tactical elements in my eyes). After playing TR and NC people might choose to play VS, giving the VS more pro players. More cheaters, ESP and other illegal means on VS, possibly. Maybe their weapons are OP or force people to play better together. Maybe the faction is simply more popular, giving a population advantage that makes them win.

    There are a ton of reasons more I can give. The stats are too shallow from the live server if you try to interpret them like this. If the VS is simply more motivated to win alerts, it is quite unfair to reduce their effectiveness below what might be balanced.

    As I had 5 years of statistics, I can tell you we need more info to draw concludions. I might look into it later, but it would be helpful if you supplied some sites about population during alerts, weapon usage, vehicle usage and such. I'll grab R or SPSS oand run some statistics for you to give a clear signal. Are they OP? Possibly. I would find out and you could build your case on facts, not opinions.
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  12. UberNoob1337101

    It's like Batman trying to hide his true identity. It's a weak attempt of bailing out and concealment, but is somehow really funny.

    Secondly, the charts only demonstrate population differences and skill, not balance. So just because I'm outnumbering my opponent 2 to 1 with some strategy and tactics doesn't mean my weapons are inherently superior in comparison to my enemy's weapons. This week TR won more alerts than VS. Is TR OP? I don't think so, weapon stats say otherwise with most ES weapons.

    And lastly, VS doesn't need a nerf, a solid amount of weapons like Pulsar LSW, Flare VE6, Corvus VA55, CME, Cerberus and ZOE should get buffs.

    Scr1n, no matter how many times I think you've reached rock bottom, you still continue to be the biggest joke of a poster on these forums. I mean, you could've posted something actually useful and cool instead of another generic "VS wins more alerts hurr durr" BS.
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  13. SavageBacon

    Scr1n... Not to go ad hominem, but the fact that you totally dismiss how the closed and controlled environment of SS is a better test of faction gear vs. fwction gear than the live server only shows that your topic starter is purposefully not open ended and clearly trying to lead people towards certain conclusions that align with sentiments you've stated explicitly in other posts.

    Might as well just say what's on your mind, these posts rarely fool anyone into believing otherwise.
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  14. BlueSkies

    Something tells me they use a lot more data and methods than simply win/loss percentages.
  15. FateJH

    What do you mean? Batman's true identity is Batman. He also hides in plain sight all the time. He's probably standing in that dimly lit corner over there already and we just haven't checked.

    ... I'll, uh, let you check it.
  16. ATRA_Wampa-One

    Does batman have 0.75 ADS?
  17. Ronin Oni

    Batman has 1.5ADS
  18. ATRA_Wampa-One

    batman op, plz nerf!!!!111!!1!111
  19. BaronX13

    >Me every time I see a Scr1n thread that is sadly disguised as a "nerf VS" thread.

    "I smell something, it smells like....bullsh***!"
  20. Scr1nRusher

    Whats funny is that its not actually a "nerf VS thread".

    I just want people to chat about it.
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