[Suggestion] Let Us Cook Grenades

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Scroffel5, Feb 8, 2022.

  1. Scroffel5

    Grenades bounce around and aren't all that accurate in the way we throw them. It'd be nice, especially for Flash grenades, if we could cook them so that we can throw them closer than we currently can right now. Its kind of sad to throw a grenade into a room, knowing people are in there, but it ends up shooting like an arching bouncy bullet and doesn't land where you want it. I don't think changing the power of our grenade throws is necessarily the way to go, and since we only press G to throw them, I don't know how we could add a system for either a normal throw or a lob, so I think letting us cook them will be the easiest thing we can do.
  2. Demigan

    No for a couple of reasons.

    1: if cooking works it would be too easy to figure out the distance for each second held (say in VR), then use that to detonate the grenades exactly in doorways or behind cover. If not make macro's with different ranges.
    2: grenades are serverside objects. That means that high server latencies wont just throw off your timing, the exact opposite of what you try to achieve, it will also cause grenades to explode too soon if you cook it too long. Like in your face, as we see with C4 happening.

    Also for differences between "throw" and "lob", throwing grenades has a lengthy animation, if you simply judge the distance thrown on how long you hold the G button you can choose between dropping at your feet, lobbing and far throwing.

    Also flash grenades are the only grenades that truly deserve to be explode-on-contact. The weaker flash grenades they introduced was a kick in the face as it neither had the explode-on-contact nor the already low power of the Flash grenade. After all, dealing damage with a frag grenade is often more useful (ignoring the OHK potential!), lasts longer before the damage is gone than being Flashed does and a flash grenade that does partial damage isnt useful since the target can still see. They are way too niche for what they can do and need buffs.
  3. Shadowpikachu

    This would also open my favorite gun in games, cook a nade until it is almost done, throw it to have an airburst grenade launcher infront of you with no reaction time.

    I'm pretty sure the underbarrels have less aoe for a reason.
  4. nadir

    Well, if they had the mechanics of the original Thumper from PS1, you could have them explode like now, or you could bounce them. I wish you could bounce them around corners, especially against Lashers. I miss that thumper.... really all PS1 special assault, especiallly the Radiator.