[Suggestion] Let the driver control the harrasser gun

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Weterman, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. Ronin Oni

    Then you either need to drive something else (Wraith or Lightning or ESF) or you need to play with friends...

    Sorry, this is a "DWI" issue.
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  2. tijolo

    Even if every player on the game posted here agreeing with this idea it would not be implemented so... why keep arguing?
  3. Goldmonk

    You do realize the most average drivers in PS2 can run and gun at the same time, right?
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  4. Weterman

    You can do the same with a gunner, you dont even need to say a word to the guy, all arguments against this dont make sense...
  5. Weterman

    How do you know? There is a "suggestion" tag for a reason
  6. Lemposs

    I literally just made the argument that you are possibly doubling the efficiency and health that two people can now dish out, instead of the previous model; and that is your counter point? If anyone here doesn't make sense in their arguments or even faint knowledge of what this could do, it is you good sir/madame :p
    Guess MBTs also controlling their secondaries, would be completely balanced, since they also could just do the same with a gunner...
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  7. tijolo

    I've been here for a while now. The only thing I've ever seen player feedback affecting was the implants system. The only thing the overwhelmingly negative opinion of the players on that system caused was a removal of a couple of implants such as "no footstep sounds". But you still see the implant system which most players don't seem to use or if they do use only level 1 implants due to maintenance cost. And now you see on the test server the 0.75 ADS removal due to 1+ year of some people complaining. Which is silly because movement was supposed to be a VS trait but well... It proves that if you intend to gather some players and complain for a year they MIGHT CONSIDER it. So good luck. Yeah sure solo harassers yeah bring them dbg.
  8. Weterman

    Yes it is. You have trouble understanding, but I thought of a simple way to put it for you.

    Imagine the top gunner is a bot, and shoots anything it sees.

    So all you need to do, is drive around, go behind cover, and come out to let the gun shoot, etc. Basically, you do the same thing that you would do if you have control of the top gun.

    So, you have 100% focus on driving. The bot has 100% focus on shooting.

    Now you get control of the top gun.

    You go behind cover, come out to shoot, go back in, etc.

    See, in both cases, you are doing the same thing. Communication is not needed, the gunner just needs to shoot everything he sees.

    You said that you could just go and plan an escape route, shoot, then go down your escape route. With the bot, all you need to do, is drive up so the gunner can shoot, then drive down the escape route. Imagine the escape route is one of those trenches with lots of curves. A flash with the fury chases you and is shooting you. The bot just shoots him, kills him. If you have control of the gun though, you need to point it forwards to see where you are going, so the flash would kill you easily. If you turn back to shoot, there's a good chance you will crash, and then you'd be dead for sure.

    I don't think I can put it any more simple than this. You have 50% focus on driving, 50% on shooting.

    With a bot, you have 100% focus on driving, the bot has 100% focus on shooting. It makes no difference if it's a bot or a human, they both do the same - shoot everything they see.

    The only time having the driver control the gun would give an advantage, is when there is a smoking vehicle, and you shoot it to kill it, while a gunner may shoot a vehicle that isn't smoking.

    If 2 people use 2 different harrassers, yes, ofcourse it would be more powerful than just one harrasser. But it's not going to unbalance the game, unless an outfit all go with harrassers. But there are other things that are way more op than 2 harrassers, if used in a group. Like lock on rockets.

    The point is, you have to divide your attention if you use the gun while driving. If you have double the people, you have more efficiency, not less.
  9. Weterman

    I've been here for a while too, since beta, and quite a few things were added. Of course, most suggestions are ignored, as with any game, but if the dev sees one suggestion as improving the game, or bringing more people to the game, they probably will add it. Allowing solo harrassers would entertain the more casual players, making them stay longer, increasing the chance they will buy something and tell their friends about the game.