[Suggestion] Let the driver control the harrasser gun

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Weterman, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. Weterman

    Lots of people are opposed to this because they think it's op, but it's not, it's actually less powerful. Just think about it for a second, it's harder to get kills while driving, than to get kills when someone else is driving.

    I only really drive the harrasser, and it sucks being defenseless against everything, since I don't play with friends, and anyone that gets in wont really be much help.
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  2. Jake the Dog

    No. Is it hypocritical of me being a tanker to say that? Maybe, but I still try to get a gunner when Im not trying to aurax a secondary. This is a multiplayer game. Make friends, join an outfit. Unless you're a total ******, its not that hard to make friends in this game.

    This game doesn't cater to SP game styles.
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  3. Shiaari

    Unfortunately, I think you might be playing the wrong game.
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  4. FateJH

    I'd like it if you had to disembark from the driver's seat and then re-enter the Vehicle through the gunner's side entrance.

    Since the chances of that are slim, I'll be happy settling for maintaining the division between drivers and gunners as often as I can.
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  5. CMDante

    And while we're at -not- letting this happen. Split up driver/main gunner responsibilities on MBTs.
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  6. Mezinov

    I feel like that one kid from South Park running around saying 'Simpsons Did It', whenever I see an idea or suggestion that is functionally just what Planetside 1 had that was culled for whatever design or money reason. I know you are familiar with Planetside 1, atleast in passing, so instead I will just give you a like and a quote.

    Everyone always says this can't happen because of the Magrider.

    I say, bollocks to that. Adjust the models of the secondaries to mount in the front, make a housing for the front gun for the secondary gunner seat, and done. It worked perfectly fine for the PS1 Magrider, I don't see why it won't work here.

    Then give the Vanguard/Prowler a third seat, so you have Driver / Gunner / Gunner.

    Not only does this solve the problem, it differentiates the Magrider more from the other two tanks and exemplifies its "flexibility". It requires one whole person less than the other two factions to crew up to maximum damages.
  7. Weterman

    Can you give me a real reason that this is not a good idea? Guess what? I don't want to make friends. I actually do more help to the team by myself than I would in a squad. There isn't really a reason to NOT add this, besides "make friends". It only adds playability to the game. You may not know this, but not everyone is exactly like you. Not everyone likes to be around other people all the time. Some people like to be alone, and this is a game that can be played alone. Playing in a group is rather boring tbh.
  8. Weterman

    This game can be played as a loner. Right now, the only reason it cant be played like that in the harrasser is because the game doesnt let you. All they need to do is change it. Once they do, what problems will arise? If none, there isn't much of a reason to not add it.
  9. 1Tap2Tap

    TR nowadays pull 1/2 Harassers all the time.



    You can just park your Harasser at vehicle render range (where not even things like AV mana turrets or Ravens can reach you) behind the front and plink away with your high velocity, no COF, no drop automatic laser gun to your hearts content.

    It makes even Liberator flying unbearable sometimes.

    If something actually ever gets through to threaten them, they just boost away towards their warpgate.

    Happens on Miller all the time.

    I don´t even want to imagine what for example a 1/2 Vulcan Harasser, piloted in 3rd person and the driver simultaniously aiming the gun with an crosshair overlay could do. :eek:

    It would most of the time actually be more powerful than a 2/2 Harasser now, because there would be no communication/coordination needed to combine the drivers and the gunners actions effectively, what the Harasser is balanced around.

    We actually have too many Harassers roam around right now, and some would even argue Harasser being OP used with some weapons in their current state. Harassers surely should not get that feature.

    Just no.
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  10. Lemposs

    Just checked my stats on the Marauder on my Harasser and also my anecdotal story time, I drive into base and between base, all this I do solo (I am scumbag on some characters, I will admit to that). I have a K/D of 50, with the Marauder, now I do lose the vehicle from time to time, but I can usually eject before it gets blown up. With me as the gunner and driver, I have essentially eliminated that of happening, outside of a rush or a very obscure LA. I would average even higher, and my efficiency rate with it (it is 2.25 KPM for crying out loud), would be even more expanded and the only thing that could likely stop me would be running out of ammo.

    I am going with, let's not do that, because that would literally make it OP maybe beyond even the PPA (yes, I went there!).
  11. FateJH

    That's not a compelling reason to do something, however, which is why we're here.
  12. AxiomInsanity87

    It would be nice but no lol.
  13. Thardus

    How much harder? Unless it is at least twice as hard to get kills, than it's OP. If a solo Harasser driver could get more than half the kills of a two man Harasser (sounds entirely possible), then two, one-man Harassers would get more kills than one two-man Harasser. Ergo, that's a huge buff to the Harasser.
  14. Moridin6

    flash driver gets a gun..
    how about a forward only lesser gun for the H driver?
  15. Dirge

    You are asking for the vehicle equivalent of a built in pocket engi for your max. Not going to happen unless you get at least 1 person to play with.
  16. Weterman

    There does not need to be communication. All the driver does is drive around tanks and dodge bullets. The gunner shoots the tanks. It would actually be less powerful for only 1 guy driving. Think about it. With 2 guys and vulcan, the gunner can constantly shoot. If the driver is gunning, then he has to take breaks to look where he is going.
  17. Weterman

    No, its not even close to that. it just makes it harder to get kills as you need to multi task. It's the difference of having a texting/car race. You need to send 100 messages and do 10 laps. If there are 2 people, it will go faster, as no one has to multi task. If there is only one, yea its going to be a lot harder. It's not as exagerated in the haraser, but it is still there.
  18. Weterman

    Yea thats an idea, but the top gun would have to be disabled with the front gun on. It doesnt even have to be less powerful, cause you'll have to point to your target.
  19. Weterman

    Actually, anything that would not be good for the game would bring problems. Anything that does not bring problems is fine, if you think about it.
  20. Weterman

    What would be more powerful than that is 1 person driving, 1 person gunning. So no, it wouldnt be op.