Let the crying begin. More Air nerfs with G2A Hotfix Buff

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by St0mpy, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. St0mpy

    From that it sounds like all _2A missiles are going to be tougher to evade now - the A2A ones were already hard to avoid, now G2A are going to be virtually unavoidable too, plus faster lock on for liberators. Looks like the devs really want to give air a hard time.

    Now will pilots get a flare buff too? Even the 1000 cert option is ridiculously slow for serious combat use, even 5 seconds buff per pip would make it somewhat better with all these new threats to deal with.
  2. nella

    Very rarely do I have to worry about lock ons from the ground when I fly. A2AM on the other hand...
  3. An Hero

    Here, use these.

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  4. Anasyn

    Want to avoid G2A missile locks? Fly faster. Hovering for 15 seconds spamming your rocket pods is now more likely to get you killed. Deal with it.
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  5. tugernut

    get ready...

    for no pilots
  6. VargTwo

    Dont really like the part where A2AM will be even better vs ESF if i understand the changes to missile physics correct.
    I guess its time to invest in max rank flares and stealth now.
  7. MrPokealot

    Eh, I'll still fly. More incentive to use the zephyr really, the faster we kill them, the less I have to worry about lock on.
  8. Sharpe

    SOE... I am disapoint
  9. Tenzin

    Those are for liberator pilots only.
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  10. Zorro

    The problem is that the current airplanes are dedicated air-to-ground VTOL fighters, we simply lack faster air-to-air fighters. Anti-air used to be underpowered, but I do hope the developers are not going to make it overpowered and cripple the important role air plays.
  11. Fiatsu

  12. fish998

    The G2A launcher was still pretty useless and it still takes a ton of hits to down a liberator. As for ESFs we'll have to see but it's a 1 man vehicle and doesn't cost a lot of resources, they should feel threatened if they're flying over AA, and they don't exist for killing infantry. The dual burster is still going to be by far the quickest way to take them down from the ground.
  13. An Hero

    Actually, from seeing how the aiming works on a lib these days as an occasional gunner, the changes are for newbs, specially the ones with ESF's, only an orangutan uses A2A to try to down a lib or a gal, so by all means, have some bananas.
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  14. Sharpe

    Shut up... You're gonna get A2A missiles to one shot everything if you keep talking like that on the forums... :D
  15. Believer

    I dont get the change as it reads, never had a problem locking onto a lib, they move like molasses. It makes no sense to me this change. I cant hover in a fighter against a lib or I just go poof, have to turn and burn over and over and at this point I'm thinking to dump the A2A altogether and just learn to aim rockets at air targets.
  16. NoXousX

    I hope to God A2AMs weren't just buffed. If so... gfg. I've lost all hope in this game.
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  17. St0mpy

    What else do they use? Or just run from libs scared? Hell no, I use them in tandem with the nose gun, switching one to the other on reloads- usually takes half my a2as and a bit more than half my rotary ammo if its at full strength.

    What? you expect me to 1) expend all my nose gun ammo leaving me in enemy territory with nothing so I can feel superior about the kill or something? 2) Give libs/gals a free pass? Hell no, thats 2 or 3 kills and some vehicle XP right there, if i can take it down I will.


    Having faster A2A lock ESF to LIB is going to increase the power of A2A no matter what, I hope to god SOE leave it at this for a while, let the effects of these nerfs filter down into the stats for a while.
  18. FireKetchup

    I doubt it, but they absolutely should since SOE has basically come out and said that flares will be a pilot's only reliable defense against missiles now.
  19. FireKetchup

    I can't speak for everyone, but if the buff only affects G2A then I don't have a huge problem with it. A2A on the other hand...
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  20. Accuser

    Maybe we could buff damage of the skill weapon (the nose gun) and nerf the damage of the no skill weapons (Zepher/A2AM)?
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