[Suggestion] Let players choose between the old version of constructions and the new one.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DobryiPupok, May 18, 2024.

  1. DobryiPupok

    I completely agree with everything you say. But suggestion is not for you, so you can just pretend it doesn't exist. Thank you.
  2. DobryiPupok

    You see it as a mess, but others see it as a very interesting system (meaning the old constructions before they started being nerfed).
  3. Effect

    Because it objectively is a mess. Construction needed nerfs, while it's still a mess it's also in the healthiest state it's ever been in.
  4. DobryiPupok

    I don't know if I need to remind you that nothing objective exists. Everyone has their own truth.
    I just doubt that there is any point in talking about such things and hoping for any understanding in this place. This is a completely different level.
  5. Effect

    Denying reality doesn't change it.
  6. RaiMarie

    We all want a change in something here and there and there will be plenty of agreements and disagreements on everyone's suggestions. The very first change we need is better skywalls. The current skywalls do not stop flail splash damage and so it is annoying to spawn in at a rebirth center just to be killed by flail fire since your skywall does not stop the splash. The bubble shield on other hand biggest problem is that you can instantly refresh it when it runs out and needs a internal cooldown as well as a power up delay for it taking effect. If those 2 things can be changed, then maaaaybe those dart thingies can be looked at
  7. DobryiPupok

    Show me my quote where I say I deny reality.
  8. DobryiPupok

    There are so many problems in new constructions (from the builder's point of view) that such tweaks will not save this system. This system is fundamentally flawed and broken. This is why I propose giving players a choice between the old and new system.
    This Suggestion is in case a miracle suddenly happens and the developers think about bringing back the old designs. Then there will be some problems with the fact that some builders may like to build new constructions and they have bought a lot of new stuff and do not want to lose it.
  9. Effect

  10. DobryiPupok

    Mmm... But this is not a denial of reality, this is an indication that almost everything that we are aware of, as well as the assessment of things, is subjective. :)
    That is, there is no objective “good” and “evil”, “ugly” and
    “beautiful”, “white” and “black”, “harmony” and “mess”, etc.
    As I said, it is difficult to hope for understanding such things in this place. Unfortunately.
  11. Ps2pIayer

    unfortunately that isnt a legit conclusion to remove construction as thats specific to hossin and 90% of the time that blockade you speak of gets deleted by an actual group of vehicle players who arent lazy like yourself to go around and delete the silo, ive seen it many times. two sides to every story.
  12. Ps2pIayer

    some people dont eat certain fish and consider it trash fish, when it isnt a trash fish, theyre just bad at cooking.

    in this case, you're just bad at realizing the legitimate benefits of construction / that same reply has been used for years for people who dont bother with construction so of course you wouldn't know. what i do know is that you use it to spam harassers though, surely it isnt a badly designed mess no matter how you frame it.
  13. Ps2pIayer

    new system is fine, the main issue is the fact that we cannot place objects how we used too, which is currently what is making it "bad" compared to its former self. walls cannot be placed with even the slightest curve in terrain and its stupid.
  14. DobryiPupok

    That's why I made this suggestion to give a choice between the old and new system. Some people might like the new system too.
    But if they gave the option to choose and included the old system in the game (for example, with indestructible walls and Silo)? What system would you use? Old, new, or both depending on your goals?
  15. RiP0k

    The old system has a poorer choice of structures, plus there is a Pain spire, an AI module and temporary invulnerability from the shield module. The new system has a more pleasant variety of structures (still not enough), the minus is the stupid running around with the new system of modules, the absence of Pain spire, AI and invulnerability from the shield module. And the biggest disadvantage is the lack of survivability of new structures. Previously, it was possible to maintain the integrity of the base by alternating the activation of invulnerability. Now, without a dome, the base cannot exist, and the presence of a dome simply makes planning the base around the spawn point useless.
  16. DobryiPupok

    Yeah, that's right. If I had a choice between a new system with lots of nice looking fancy cardboard stuff and an old modest but very solidly reinforced system, I would choose the old one.

    Of course, everyone is different, everyone has different preferences. If only we could roughly divide us (players) into two types:
    1. those who want nice loking things (even if it's cardboard trash)
    2. those who want reliable results - strong fortification (no matter how it looks)
    I am the second type.
  17. RiP0k

    Or they could take the advantages and combine them into one system. And fix the negatives. And that's it, I would happily play the game.
  18. DobryiPupok

    The new stuff was developed based on a completely different concept. I think you can’t just combine the best things from old and new, because you need to keep some balance. In my opinion, let them spend 100 years perfecting the new system. In the meantime, I'd rather use the old one, which has been well balanced and tested.

    One of the negative aspects of the new system (not even the main one) is an attempt to force builders to do what they did not want. For example, they on purpose made it almost impossible to place the stuff on a non-flat surface. This is ridiculous.
    People don't like being forced to do something in such way. They simply stop playing in response.
  19. Effect

    The difference is that how something tastes is actually subjective. There's well documented science on how the same food can taste different for people due to genetics, environment, and culture (spicy food is affected by the same factors). Then you have food allergies, lactose tolerance, and way more. You can learn all that in middle school biology.

    There's so many legitimate benefits to construction that you didn't bother to list a single one. Where as I already listed a big negative in how construction heavily impacts FPS. Me having used construction isn't some gotcha moment bud, I use everything in the game, as I have repeatedly stated.
  20. Effect