[Suggestion] Let players choose between the old version of constructions and the new one.

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  1. DobryiPupok

    I propose to add the entire old construction system to the game in parallel with the new one. How will it work? It's simple. The player chooses the old or new Silo type. In the old Silo type zone, only old structures can be installed. In the new type zone Silo - only new ones.
    New and old Flail, OS and Router Spire work the same.

    Those who love new constructions - will use it.
    Those who have eaten enough this new rubbish will finally use normal constructions, and will forget the new defortifecation update like a nightmare. :)
  2. TRspy007

    As much as I dislike dealing with these I must admit they need to revert the flail, glaive and os firing thing. It should be a dart. However, prevent it from being equipped by infiltrators, as that is the main problem with the thing in the first place.

    Router range needs to be increased, it's range is so limited it's become extremely situational. I would suggest 3 possible options to keep it balanced while still making the thing useful:
    1. Remove the range limit, allow it to be used everywhere on the continent, but the further the router is from the spire, the more cortium is drained from the silo per spawn.
    2. Remove the range limit and keep cortium costs as is, but only allow the router to be deployed in contested territory, so it can only be used on the front lines 1 hex into allied territory or 1 hex into enemy.
    3. Keep a range limit but increase at least 3x it so it can be in multiple hexes close to where it was built.
    Personally I think the best option would be number 1, the routers would be balanced by how weak they are, and the fact it would take a long time to replace the router when it is killed depending on the distance. Also depending on the distance the silo would have to be resupplied frequently to avoid the routing spire draining all the cortium reserves from the silo.

    Another thing I would like to mention is that the reserve silo is a bit weird, it serves very little purpose atm. I would like to see it be able to power a base like a regular silo, or at least transfer the cortium it stores to the main silo as the silo drains. Currently they just get maxed out and then can only be used for the player that placed it to spawn items from, which is a bit useless imo. I'd like to see it more useful as a backup silo when the main one gets destroyed or runs out of fuel.

    I think the new construction overall is better than the old but needs to be less limiting. Many of the new structures are nearly impossible to place, I think if that was fixed along with the points above construction would be in a decent state.
  3. Effect

    Or we keep everything as is since it's objectively healthier for the game.
  4. AuricStarSand

    Dude I use to spend 1 hour building with 5 alts, with the old construction system. Only for a tank army to destroy all my **** in 1 minute. Every single time.

    & have no allies to help, unlike todays' ally to silo support ratios being better.

    People want auto turrets, to deal with that 1 noob lightning who shows at ur base. Meanwhile all 5 automated turrets use to die in under 30 seconds before. The old modules were nice, I'll give ye that. Bout it.

    & only after the many months of some guy cort bombing ur modules. (till they made it take 2 bombs)
    Some guy said Glaive was neutered. Well my silos also use to die to flail glaive too often, so that's fine.
  5. AuricStarSand

    I had thread long ago with screenshots. of my mega silo's getting destroyed. From multiple tanks. Like 40 paragraphs of me yelling lol. Walls were paper then.
  6. AuricStarSand

    I want:

    - Heavy repair to last 90 seconds.

    - Heavy repair to work with your silo maybe

    - Silo item to allow skyshield module

    - Rebirthing center to not allow skyshield module
    Silo Skyshield: Yes. Rebirthing Skyshield: No.

    (unless rebirthing center works on hills? so far doesn't)

    - Rebirthing center to have 3 modules
    So you don't have to replace one, for fortress mod.

    - Silo to have 4 module slots.
    Since the silo now uses Firewall & Skyshield.

    - More spires, 4 more. One is a Jumppad spire.
    Allow use of all of them at same time.

    - Projectile shield module to work with more stuff.

    - Auto regen for items without modules
    Bridge, Ramp, Infantry tunnel, Tree stand.

    - Be able to hold 2 modules at a time

    - Free steele rain once per 20 min for your pub squad; Item button.
    That only droppods your squad to your silo to help defend.

    - A cannon that shoots infantry 1 mile out, like the corsair boats have.

    - A item to fill the gaps between walls. So something skinny that's only 2 feet wide.

    - 0/2 decoration spotlights to see infils, instead of 0/1.

    - A 4th new type of manned turret.

    - Vehi Air term items take x3 longer to hack.

    - OS's take 2 hits to kill router pads. Friendly OS's don't erase friendly routers.

    - Router pad shows the name of who deployed it, to ban glitched router.
    Not that they happen often.

    - Make the deploy box of the router pad small enough to fit ontop of nasons crates.
    Make the router pad stick to side walls and ceilings like a sticky grenade.
    Give router spawners fall resist for a few seconds.
    Or else it's not fun enough to hide.

    - A item that gives you free 6 dev made AV mines; to place around your base.
    That don't register as regular AV mines, so you can put those down too.

    - A item box that equips everyone with special dumbfire Launchers.
    Press " E " to equip weapons crate. No matter their class.
    To be used near walls. Since noob teammates deploying
    at your base as medics, don't help fend off tanks.
    They may not switch to av weapons. & are most likely amateur as LA.

    - Another item similar to the tree sentry stand.
    (my favorite item) with auto regen.
  7. AuricStarSand

    Ultimately 100% more likely for any amateur ally to show up at your base > is worth more than 5 automated AV turrets, with you solo fighting mobs of enemy tanks, & no allies show.

    Which can still happen; defending solo; tho happens way less.

    People use to ignore road silos. Everyone spawns at a road silo now.
    I can build a silo at the top right of Esamir, middle of nowhere & see a few people spawn there.
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  8. DobryiPupok

    What? You've got it all wrong.
    1. No one is stopping devs from making a good algorithm for spawning allies at old version of constructions.

    2. Why do you think that I want to defend the base solo? It is nonsense!

    If you build a base in the right place, there will be a lot of allies and great cool fights. My main goal has always been to organize a good fights with a large number of allies. To do this, you need to build a good base that will not fall apart in 30 seconds from the enemy's zerg. Not everyone could build such a base.
    If you don’t understand, then I’m building bases not for myself, but for allies.
    If I managed to build a good base, there were often a lot of players at my bases and there were cases when some allies thanked me for such cool battles.

    You write these posts as if you live in your parallel reality...
  9. Somentine

    The problem is that these bases aren't created to be balanced, they are created to be advantageous for defenders, and if they aren't then the defenders get steamrolled; there is zero reason/incentive to create balanced fights, and one side is almost always not having fun. It's why PMBs are a failed mechanic and concept and should have never been added to the game.

    Construction should have been small support/utility for dev bases and field fights.
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  10. Aris12

    Not just that, but they are obnoxiously intrusive.
    Say a construction player feels like dropping an OP base to block some pathway in Hossin?
    Your vehicle gameplay can no longer happen along that pathway, time to find a another path. Nope! that other one has another base blocking it altogether. So, it is now time to either play air, play infantry, or stay in your vehicle and make flanking pilgrimages hoping to find a way around them (or give up).

    For construction to work, half of the developer bases need to become flat ground on which these construction self-centered passive players can build (AKA "minecraft players"). Basically, turn watchtowers into flat terrain with vehicle capture points around. This should incentivize minecraft players to build on useful terrain instead of *bleep*-blocking narrow roads. This would also incentivize Zergfits to actually confront the minecraft player bases owing to the capture points. Right now (never mind the Sunderer update), the only thing that can destroy a full base in a reasonable amount of time is the Zerg.
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  11. DobryiPupok

    The PMB is a tool that must have a force multiplier. Otherwise, there is no point in wasting certs and time on building and maintaining bases.
    This is exactly the same as if a main battle tank had the fire and armor capabilities of a flash, but it would cost 5 times more. Of course, the tank has a fire and armor power multiplier. PMB is the same.

    PMBs are available to all factions (as are tanks). All factions can use this tool. Therefore, everyone is equal and everything is fair.

    We have already discussed these issues 1000 times. There are those who love new constructions, and there are those who hate them. There are also those who hate any kind of construction. And we will never agree with each other on this matter. This thread is just a suggestion about giving builders a choice, not about discussing the details 1001-st time.
  12. Effect

    "Everyone has X, so X is fair" has always been a terrible argument. Construction as it works in planetside is just a badly designed mess that should have never have existed and that's ignoring the negative impact it has on FPS.

    All of that said, at least the current iteration of construction is less cancerous to engage with now.
  13. DobryiPupok

    That's right. As I wrote above, some people hate it, but others love it. In life there is always a matter of taste. Some people like rock music, some like trance, someone else like pop.
    Therefore, it makes no sense to argue with you about tastes. We will never agree with each other.
  14. Somentine

    Exactly; it is a balance mess that failed at the design phase. It should have never been implemented like it was in all 3 (4?) iterations. It is an utter failure, and anyone with a brain could have told them that, and did tell them, right from the moment it was announced (including developers). However, just like the MAX, the leads wanted the BS mechanics shoehorned into a game that does not fit it.

    No, it is not like an MBT; you can't have multiple PMBs in a single fight. You have one PMB that is the defender and the attacker has no PMBs (except for maybe glaive/OS utility).

    No, and that is just a bad argument to make for any mechanic at all; if I made the heavy assault have 5000 hp, it wouldn't be balanced regardless of the availability, and a PMB is not even remotely close to as available as a free infantry class.

    No, the problem is that it isn't an issue of choice, it is a balance issue; that while both construction versions have problems, old construction was pure cancer and was changed specifically to address those issues.

    The amount of dev time sunk into this failure of a mechanic has been a pure waste and needs to end.
  15. RiP0k

    DEV needs to make special construction zones on flat areas in which all structures except Silo will be invulnerable as long as there is Silo.
  16. DobryiPupok

    As far as I remember, our previous discussion a year ago led to a temporary ban for you and me. You have a very specific way of communicating.
    Therefore, I see no point in arguing with you. Therefore, everything you say is the pure truth from God. You are the best PlanetSide player, and you are also the king of the world and the universe. Good luck to you, Your Majesty..
  17. Somentine

    I was never temp banned for that... seems like it's just you who has a very specific way of communicating.

    As if my skill was brought up even once in this thread, you just don't like what I'm saying and prefer to sit in your echo-chamber of all 12 minecraft mains left in the game.

    Your suggestion is just not thought out; imagine if after any change in the game people were like, "well, why don't you just let people choose to ignore the changes or not"... can you seriously not see the issue here? If not, let me break it down to a very simple example:

    - Nanoweave armour was nerfed and lost its 20% resistance to small arms.
    - The change was made for balance reasons.
    - Some people like the change, others don't.
    - Enter a player with the same thought as you; "Well, some people enjoyed the old NWA, some people enjoy the new NWA, why not just let people choose to use whichever they like".

    If you still can't understand... then just lol. lmao even.
  18. DobryiPupok

    Sure. We completely agree with every word you say. Thank you. Is there anything else you would like to say?
  19. Somentine

    Nope nothing else to add, and since you (the OP) 100% agree that your suggestion is bad, the thread can be locked, or even just deleted, right?
  20. Effect

    This isn't a matter of personal taste. Construction is a badly designed mess no matter how you frame it.