Let me Keep my old Saron and make this "new one" a seperate weapon

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Cortosis, May 22, 2013.

  1. MorteDeAmgelis

    Not if I am sitting 200+m away sniping them. Get hit by the first shot, laugh it off as I pop mu shield and continue to fire for the next 6 secs invulerable while I would be at a better health to get a new target then before.
    AP + Saron on a mag = Almost dead tank from behind. This "Buff" now gives me much more time to pop the shield as my hud will be warning me more then once and not all the shots may go though. So, its really a nerf.
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  2. Cortosis

    So they deleted pretty much my favorite gun in the game and replace it with this PoS n00b friendly short range pill of """
    Miss once? Don't worry Bambie you got another 2 shots to tickle him with.
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  3. Tenhi

    I dont like it. The new Saron basically cant use peek-a-boo tactics: strafe out of cover -> shoot main+saron -> strafe back. If you want decent DPS you have to stay in the open, stay still and fire your Saron. Thats a giant "kill me" sign right there.

    IMHO they just changed the Saron to fit the their new shiney Harasser. Screw all the Magrider Gunners, lets cater to the new vehicle!

    Also if the patchnotes are correct the Enforcer doesnt lose its Infantry one-shot ability? There is no mention of losing the 1k splashdamage. So now the Enforcer can spam 1 shot darts without CoF (because it also doesnt mention any CoF). Sounds really balanced.
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  4. Sharpe

    My Enforcer!!! My precious enforcer.... what have they done to you baby? :(
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  5. MorteDeAmgelis

    The Enforcer looks like it got an Infantry Buff and a Armour Nerf. No more Insta Killings tank from behind. If I wanted an Infantry 2ndry I would of got the Kobalt or the C85 Modified not the ML85.

    I know how you feel...
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  6. Bankrotas

  7. schwarzklang

    See the positive side.. You got a new weapong for free! :)
  8. PLooschacK

    I was very understanding for SOE actions so far, but this istoo much. I'm not talking only about Saron, but all ES Vehicle Weapons were changed to suit the Harasser... FFS, what are you - devs - thinking?! I usually try to avoid such phrases, but this is way to turn this into HarasserSide.
  9. Cortosis

    I know, NO test server, no warning just here have to nice bag of """ and deal with it
  10. CupBoy

    I dare say the game is now ruined and we should demand our money back.
  11. MorteDeAmgelis

    Taking a Single Shot, Heavy Damage weapon and making it a Multi-shot low damage weapon. Is changing it.

    Its like saying a Mini-gun and a Sniper Rifle are the same thing even though they FUNCTION very differently.
    You would never try to snipe with a Minigun and You would never try to go in close with a Sniper Rifle (Unless you absolutely had no other choice)
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  12. gigastar

    It works for me because i like to get close to enemy vehicles and sample some delecious rear armour with the FPC.

    A Saron with more dakka at close range will make my gunner very happy.
  13. TeknoBug

    What's wrong with the Saron for the Harasser? I've been using it on PTS, tooltip says 1000 damage, not 425 and it still takes out infantry and light vehicles fine but takes like 10 some odd shots to the back of a MBT. The PPA is better for mobility and brings back memories of the Thresher days.

    Nevermind I see the patch notes... yuck. Looks like they made these changes without even putting them on PTS first.
  14. HellasVagabond

    Want me to get into VR and shoot the Saron and the Halberd on the same target 100m away and see what happens ? Are you really so eager to get caught with your pants down ?
  15. Cortosis

    Im not 12 :p but if this is the case it will be looking like canceled sub and no more financial input from me and honestly i spend alot of money and time on this game.

    Yes i know i am a small person with little influence but honestly this is to much for me. time to find a new game i think.
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  16. Cortosis

    People who compare saron to halberd have not used either.
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  17. Osskscosco

    Cry more vanu.
  18. Ribero

    I think such large changes to the mechanics of weapons should come with refunds. Balance changes through changing RoF, Velocity, Damage etc are understandable, but these changes sound similar to* turning a Bolt Action Sniper into a Semi Auto one. In the end, this isn't the weapon people initially payed for.

    A refund of certs and SC spent on it, and just allow people to repurchase the weapon if they wish to have it.

    (*I don't know how they actually work, I've not tried them so it's just speculating)
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  19. Bindlestiff

    You can argue the nature of anything if you really want to. It is still a gun, so the nature hasn't changed. It is still a secondary MBT weapon, so the nature hasn't changed. It is still a laser, so the nature hasn't changed. However it is a gun that, from inception (unless it was different in beta) has only ever fired a single high power shot at a time and is now a gun that fires multiple weaker shots. That isn't a change in nature? Really?

    I'm not disputing the buff vs armour will be welcome (I'd suggest its OP if you hit all 6 shots but there we go) but the fact is if I wanted a gun that fired multiple rounds I'd have bought one in the first place. I bought a gun that was a single shot, high powered weapon for exactly the purpose of firing single high powered shots effectively, be that vs armour or infantry. Now I have a gun that does nothing like what I originally bought it for, and now puts my already fragile magrider in more danger from dumbfiring / lock on infantry, and engineer AV turrets. Danger that we now have to land nearly all (4 of 6 shots) in 3 seconds to avert, whereas previously one clear skill (or luck) shot was all it took.

    It is a fundamental change.
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  20. CupBoy

    If something like this affects you that much, then yes, I do think you could use a change.