Let me Keep my old Saron and make this "new one" a seperate weapon

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  1. Cortosis

    This is not a slight adjustment this is a new weapon. Most VS will not want this at all. If they replaced all pump actions tomorrow with a variant that could rapid fire 3 shots with a third of the damage the forums would be on FIRE
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  2. Mechlord

  3. Bindlestiff

    Since it's been there pretty much since day one, offers a tiny tiny reticule and has an extremely fast velocity? It wasn't just sniping infantry, it was sniping enemy armour also. One shot used to inflict a nice amount of damage, now one shot is going to be like kicking them up the **** - they are going to move on having taken far less damage than before.

    This "update" to the gun is more than an update, its a different gun. Tell you what, you can keep your lock on rocket launcher but you can't lock on anymore. Instead you can dumbfire more than 1 rocket at a time which you can just spray and pray. Is your lock on rocket launcher still a lock on rocket launcher? No.

    To get 7 months or more into a game and fundamentally change the workings of a gun like this, when it didn't appear broken even, is baffling.
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  4. Bindlestiff

    Tell that the to engineer firing out of his AV turret that is pissing himself laughing at the fact we are pewpewing all over the place instead of just sniping him in the head.
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  5. Cortosis

    I really cant believe this. whats next change rocket launchers to 1/3 damage and have the rapid fire 3 shots?
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  6. HellasVagabond

    They didn't CHANGE the nature of the gun so your example is invalid.
    Now you can fire rapidly 6 shots and if all 6 hit you get to inflict 2550 damage to the enemy compared to the 1500 you had before.
    Against MBTs this is a MASSIVE buff since you don't need sniper accuracy as you did against infantry.
    Against infantry this is a LARGE nerf but that should be the case from day 1 since the Saron was overpowered and everyoe knew that.
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  7. pica

    I don't necessarily see this as a bad change, the saren will be more effective against armor but less effective against infantry, and the PPE is getting a buff against both infantry and armor.
    Maybe there will be a bit more variation now, let's wait and see how things turn out. If it turns out to be crap you can still go for the halberd.
  8. Cortosis

    DO i look like i want to fire bloody rockets.
  9. Xae

    At 100 meters the Habred has almost no drop. Maybe half a meter, if that. It also had larger splash so it was just as good as killing infantry, and just as good as killing armor.
  10. Hunter_Killers

    Halberd has been the same as the Saron since it was changed.

    So, no.
  11. Locke

    Agree with this issue. AV turrets shooting from miles away will be almost impossible to take on now. This is even more of an issue for the new Enforcer ml85 where our projectile velocity has been reduced by a third. I hate to think how the projectile drop will be affected by that change also =/
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  12. Zitroxious

  13. Bindlestiff

    My example is perfectly valid. They have changed the nature of the gun. It was a single shot laser with delay. Now its a multi shot laser with no delay. If they put that up for sale in the depot, people wouldn't argue its different enough to warrant the price. It is certainly more different than putting colours on a pistol.
  14. metrotw

    I would love for the striker to be dumb fire only...then I could use the annihilator for lock on and the striker as a HA version of the fracture ;) ;) ;)
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  15. Algernon

    I actually see this as a massive buff, saron on a magrider is going to be a nightmare for enemy armour. =D
  16. MorteDeAmgelis

    If you got killed my a Saron they you are stupid end of.
    I have played with the Mag a bit, (guaranteed not much) and the Saron was not an Infantry Killer.
    I bet the Pheonix has killed more Infantry then the Saron has for the time the Pheonix has been out. I never had a problem with the Saron, can I count on two hands how many times I have been killed by the Saron. The Saron was the ONLY THING I feared when trying to Out Snipe mags. Now they will be a cake walk like all the other 1/2 mags out there. All of this BS cause they wanted to put the ES Weapons on the Harasser. They even killed the ML85. Which the Halbered is much better at Infantry Killing then the Saron OR the Enforcer yet I have NEVER seen a thread on how the Saron / ML85 / Halbered is being used as an Infantry killer. The Splash is so small you have to practically hit next to the target to do any damage let alone kill anyone but they did better at range instead.
    The ML85 was faster but had a small drop while the Saron was about the same speed in a straight line.
    All because of the Harasser BS. Its not even like you are going to be able to use the Enforcer / Saron on the Harasser cause you have to buy the Harasser Variant. So why didn't they just make the Harasser variant different? Why did they have to change the tanks as well?
    So what will happen when everyone shifts to the Halbered because its BETTER at range over the other two? What use will they be? an NC / VS Version of a poor mans Vulcan? Why do I not see that many Vulcans on TR tanks and see mostly Halberds instead? SoE say they want Asymmetrical Balance but its becoming more and more of the same. There was no need to change the Saron or the Enforcer. They only did it because TR would have a stupid advantage with a Vulcan Buggy that they had to give the NC and the VS something. But then they couldn't keep the TR with only short range options so they had to go and **** on NC / VS while they were at it. BECAUSE MY VANGUARD IS SOOOO GOOD IN CLOSE RIGHT!!!!!! I want my 2nd Sniper back and I am sure the VS do to.
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  17. Cortosis

    IT already was! it did not need a buff vs armor at close\medium range
  18. HellasVagabond

    More bullet drop....Not the same gun....Where you aimed well lets just say that the missile would never make it there.....So yea not the same.

    The nature of the gun is to be a dumbfire laser.....If it was a lockon laser and removed the lockon feature (like you said in your example) that would be changing it....Now they just reduced the damage of the laser and added more.
  19. Zombo

    just use the halberd? i like the saron changes very very much
  20. Hunter_Killers

    Thought so.