Let me Keep my old Saron and make this "new one" a seperate weapon

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Cortosis, May 22, 2013.

  1. Bindlestiff

    OK fine, by that rationale reduce the damage that ALL AV weapons do. That includes the (stupidly overpowered) AV turret, Fractures, rocket launchers, AP etc. I'd be fine with that, but that isn't the case and it never will be.
  2. Cortosis

    Umm so now you have to hit a guy 3 fing times to kill him thats BULL. How is that a improvement?
  3. PhilDun

    You act like it was easy to hit Infantry with Saron. Not so.

    Yes, there are more shots. Great observation. But when an infantry is hit with the first shot - which doesn't kill him - he'll duck for cover. Not to mention the increased CoF on the remaining shots.
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  4. jiggu

    The only part that has been nerfed in any way is the long-range infantry sniping, everything else has been buffed or stayed the same. I too will miss sniping infantry with it, I really liked it being an evil one-shot lazer, but I don't think the new version is bad either.
  5. jiggu

    The remaining shots will have no COF unless you're practically holding down the trigger.
  6. Cortosis

    It was you just had to practice with it. My gunner can effectively snipe AV heavys at 100 meters that stand still for a few seconds to aim at us. Also guys on air pads standing still were easy pickings for my gunner.
  7. MajiinBuu

    On a semi-related topic, our mags can have glowing trim now :)
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  8. Adamar09

    Because you can fire those shots a lot more rapidly?

    It's been said several time in the thread that you can use the Halberd (which was SUPERIOR to the post-nerf saron) for the same style if you don't like it.

    If not, feel free to quit the game. No-one will miss your histrionics.
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  9. HellasVagabond

    It was EXTREMELY easy to hit infantry, it has no bullet drop so where your reticle is that is what you will hit.
    NO OTHER secondary MBT gun can do that. Every other has either a lot more bullet drop or too much bullet spread.
  10. Cortosis

    Was actually looking forward to more swag but now i don't think i can bear to even log in :(
  11. PhilDun

    It should have happened before people put down thousands of certs into it.

    I mean, when a weapon stays unchanged for several months, you kinda get an expectation that the devs are happy with it.

    I want a refund. The Saron was deleted and this is a new gun.
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  12. Cortosis

    word this guy is NC and knows the score anyone who spent time and practiced with it could be good with it at range.

    It rewarded Skill.
  13. Cortosis

    Exactly this is not a slight change this is a new weapon. 2k certs into reload timer? wasted
  14. Cortosis

    No it was not. not even close.
  15. metrotw

    What skill? Putting a red dot sight on someone and pulling the trigger?

    The saron was more of a sniper rifle than actual sniper rifles...With the added advantage of...you know...BEING IN A TANK.
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  16. PhilDun

    No, you can't rapid fire at perfect accuracy. Did you even read the patch notes? The gun has a Cone of Fire when you rapidfire it. It's pretty clear.
  17. Cortosis

    Firing delay+long Travel time. It rewarded a good shot and punished people who stood still while aiming the little strikers at you.
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  18. PhilDun

    I love it when people who never used a weapon think they're experts on it.

    The Saron had a slow projectile speed, requiring you to lead targets. There's one element of skill. Also, the Saron had a half-second delay between mouse-click and fire. There's another element of skill.

    I don't even really play VS anymore (I mostly play NC nowadays). But this change seems like a pretty substantial - and unnecessary - nerf.
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  19. HellasVagabond

    I'd call it a noob farming machine, no wonder everyone was using it and no wonder the ones that were using it after a month were all over BR50.

    PS : It was used as a sniper rifle from 50m and up to 200-300m so the slow projectile speed didn't matter at close ranges. At long ranges again it didn't matter when it was used against MBTs, Sunderers and turrets.
  20. Silenuz

    Damn, you guys take whining to a whole new level. I'm all for game developers listening to the players and making changes accordingly, but in this community I almost wish they didn't. These forums are full of nonsensical whining. You haven't even used the damn thing yet and you're already complaining and threatening to quit.
    SEE YA
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