Let me Keep my old Saron and make this "new one" a seperate weapon

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Cortosis, May 22, 2013.

  1. Cortosis

    This is horrible i want the old saron my gunner has over 2k kills with it and can snipe a troop/max at 100 meters.

    Will the new saron be able to 2 shot a max? NO
    Will the new saron be able to 1 shot a Trooper? NO
    Will i have wasted 2000 certs on a reload timer thats useless now? YES
    Will it have a longer TTK on vehicles at long range? YES

    You are changing this weapon far to much. Give us a type B or something.
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  2. Bindlestiff

    Definitely a change that kind of takes away the point of the gun in the first place.
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  3. Xae

    The Saron was already inferior to the Halberd. Why did it need to be nerfed?
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  4. Cortosis

    Hey look at load of people who cant aim have complained so much the weapons has become easy mode close range trash.
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  5. Cortosis

    Only advantage it had was it could snipe troops at 100 meters. A guy standing still aiming his striker\engineer turret\phoenix at you? BAM dead.
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  6. Angry Scientist

    You do realize that the CoF only spreads if you hammer the trigger? The cooldown is like half a second. The thing still has no drop and is quick. It's just not all or nothing now. Rather then a firing delay, you need trigger discipline for targets at long range. Oh noooooo.
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  7. HellasVagabond

    Since when is the point of a secondary MBT gun to SNIPE infantry ?
    The changed they made now allow you to inflict the SAME damage on large targets in the same amount of time. However you just can't snipe infantry anymore. Get ovet it.
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  8. Cortosis


    Direct hit damage per shot decreased from 1500 to 425

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  9. PhilDun

    Yes, overall it was a nerf because now Saron can no longer (effectively) kill Infantry.

    And adding a CoF... Let's just remove skill from the equation.

    Not sure what they were thinking.
  10. Bindlestiff

    I personally thought the Saron was in a good place, even the delay was becoming second nature.

    I guess this may well end up being apt:

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  11. PhilDun

    Ermm.... It's been the point to snipe infantry with Saron since it's had that capability for over half a year now?
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  12. Van Dax

    um its an AV weapon-it is now not as effective vs infantry and is more effective vs vehicles.
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  13. Cortosis

    Exactly because in the current climate me and my gunners main threat is other tanks XD NO its the millions or dumb AV heavys standing still aiming at me.
  14. Cortosis

    at short to medium range. at long range NO

    Direct hit damage per shot decreased from 1500 to 425
  15. HellasVagabond

    What it was CAPABLE of is not what the point of a secondary MBT weapon IS or SHOULD BE...That's why they changed it.
    Now the game is balanced since there's no secondary MBT that can snipe infantry with 1 shot from 50-100-200m away.

    And now you have 6 shots in each clip (6x425=2550) instead of 1.
  16. Tar

    I agree this needs an option to uncert (altough I wouldn't use it :)

    for a pre-patch saron, get the Halberd.
  17. Tar

    Since the time infantry started using Pocket AV turrets.
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  18. PhilDun

    Yes? And that's the problem?

    AV tank shells can 1-hit infantry... Yet they're AV weapons... Should we remove that capability too?
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  19. TripleAych

    You keep repeating that constantly, but did you miss the whole point that it rapid fires now and most likely at perfect accuracy if you have proper fire control?
    Are you gonna stop kneejerking over it?
    Are you still gonna respond to everything with the same message as if you had a point?
  20. Cortosis

    Honestly if this goes through think me and my gunner are quitting ps2.
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