[Suggestion] let EMP grenads temperarly disable vehicles

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by FatherVanu, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. FatherVanu

    When I think EMP I think anti technology not anti infantry so how about we let EMP grenades temporarily disable vehicles for 10 sec means no firing slower movement speed and reversed controls that's all folks!
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  2. OldMaster80

    This has been requested since beta. Answer so far: none. :(
    That should be done immediately, considered we're the only class that cannot damage vehicles.
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  3. Kronic

    No. Vehicles are already UP as hell atm, they don't need any more things to make them less deadly.
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  4. Dragonblood

    thx to dominating classes HA and engineer.
  5. Rhinzual

    Or we could just get access to Jammers like in PS1 and I feel nostalgia hitting me full force so bear with me. Instead of one grenade per re-supply, you get three, each grenade bandolier upgrade gives you three more. Jammers would be available to all, they'd disable shields, HUDs, and vehicle weapons, but Infiltrators would get a beefier version that would also turn off/prevent class abilities/tools (for LAs) from being used (engineer would have a disabled turret/ammo box) and the vehicles would also move at half speed and have the duration of disabled shields/huds/vehicle weapons be twice as long.

    So in a way, it's kinda like my Empire-specific Grenade thread with Infiltrators getting a beefed up version in this case.
  6. OldMaster80

    It's well known that Infiltrator is the only class that has to run away when vehicles are inbound. I can live with it, but it sounds freaking unfair. Many claim we also should have C4 and explosive. What would you prefer, an invisible guy putting some explosive right under your wheels or a throwing grenade that makes you temporarily weaker?
    The only effect EMP had in PS1 was to temporarily shut down vehicle weapons, so the driver had to retreat. It doesn't sound a huge game breaker considerer Infiltrator can only carry 1 grenade, hitting a vehicle is bloody hard and they cost more resources than a common frag grenade.
    I don't see the point in letting Infiltrators die like critters when tank are in the area just because some devs decided to introduce tons of locking weapons.

    Man, EMP greandes are actually the old PS1 Jammers, but they do half of what they're supposed to.
  7. Prodigal

  8. Rhinzual

    That's because the vehicle people would whine even harder if they found they could no longer fire their insta-infantry-death guns while HAs pound on them, they'd hate having to realize that they'd actually need infantry to fight near them to keep them safe incase they got disabled.
  9. OldMaster80

    GIve tanks enough armor to resist 1 rocket more and they'll be fine.
  10. Rhinzual

    Pitch the idea of a proper Jammer grenade over in the vehicle section and tell them they'd be allowed to take one more rocket to compensate. Be sure to link the thread.
  11. Orosian

    I'd rather Infiltrators were able to cert into hacking vehicles. Like the good old days...
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  12. Alexanor

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  13. OldMaster80

    Me too but in Planetside 1 we could deconstruct vehicles, which was a good way to neutralize an enemy vehicle like a Sunderer. The vehicle was there, and suddenly 3 seconds later it was gone and no one knew what happened. That was very "infiltresque" but In Planetside 2 we can't do that.
    Honetly I see Infiltrators more like silent spies and saboteur that attack in a sneaky and tricky way. Instead what could you do once you hacked a vehicle in Planetside 2? Run through enemy lines and shoot infantry using vehicle weapons? This kind of noisy way of harming imho doesn't fit the Infiltrator's image that much. We could hack enemy tanks, but neither the idea of Infiltrators stealing enemy MBT and running through the battlefield seems to cool to me. Infiltrator is the kind of soldier that hits without being seen so enemies don't understand what's going on, not the soldier that drives a huge truck blowing the horn and shooting all around.

    I'd love instead to be able to install informatic viruses in enemy vehicles: slowing them down, disabling modules, inverting commands, debuffing their armor or causing a slow DoT. That would an AMAZING way to improve hacking, much more that "hey look at me, I have a blue and yellow Magrider! BOOM! BOOM!".
  14. TheRighteous

    Give EMP's the same traits that jammers had in PS1. Just disable weapons fire for 3-5 secs.
  15. Sulsa

    What if the EMP or Hacking effect:

    - Removed HUD from tanks/ESFs/Sundy Turrets etc.
    - Disabled ReEquip/AMS/Nanite-repair/Fire suppression etc.

    - Vehicle movement
    - Vehicle or turret Firing
    - Deploy/undeploy

    Only Fixed by:
    - Friendly Infil 'unhack'
    - Engineer repair tool
    - No time limit so it would actually be worth doing
  16. Zerran

    Would be great if EMPs actually did something to vehicles. Even if not disabling them, blacking out their screen so they can't see would be great. (Or something like the static effect infantry get, only MUCH stronger; to the point that they cannot see.)
  17. TeknoBug

    Yes I think EMP should have an actual use besides the jajajajajaHUD disable troll nade.