Leaked translation files [screenshot]

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  1. Turkeys!

    My sensors are picking up NC scum in the area.
  2. toph1980

    VS - Easy
    NC/TR - Medium

    And that's the truth

    (lol @ whiners stating TR weapons got no recoil, back to lala land with you!)
  3. Quickscope

    GUASS SAW WITH ADVANCED FORGRIP AND COMPENSATOR AND IRNV SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! doesn't get much more easy mode than that.
  4. MrHenderson

    Hard mode in PS2 only exists if you are terrible, which 95% of the playerbase is. So yeah...rock on with your hard mode.
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    Hit the nail on the head. XD which is :D and :( at the same time.
    When an engie puts a turret in the front door of a WG spawn and you have 50+ people yelling and /reporting him instead of USING THE REMAINING 5 FRIGGING DOORS, you know you are playing with idiots.
  6. Bejita231

    Lol this is both funny and true, please make lore descriptions of NC and TR, NC loving rock and using nerf guns, and TR being commie bastards who still use WW1 tanks in future wars
  7. Protential

    I'd imagine you fail in this game if you think TR is the hardest faction to play.

    Biggest Zergs,
    Most paid players,
    Most vet players,
    Easiest weapons, (even after "nerfs")

    I could keep going. But I'll let you soak in how much of a pansy you are.
  8. lyravega

    You have a carbine that is faster than TR's. Also, try using a prowler someday.
  9. Koadster

  10. Banick

    TR Hard? ROFL.

    VS - Easy
    TR - Normal
    NC - Nightmare