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  1. Jaggedmallard26

    Waaah my faction is worse than the other faction. Waaaa
    Nerf the other faction their tank is more manoeuvrable/more armoured/kills infantry too well.
    Nerf the other factions weapons they are too accurate/too powerful/have too many bullets.
    Nice trolling attempt OP.
  2. HerpTheDerp

    >Vanu avatar

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  3. JohnnyMaverik

    LOL TR hard pull the other leg on your way out sir.
  4. Jaggedmallard26

    >Green text
    >not 4chan
    My post works as a template for all 3 factions. Just replace faction with the intended faction and delete where appropriate.
  5. Daikaze

    LOL! I don't agree with it but it's funny. Gotta love how everyone shows up to whine though. Could you imagine how much these people would have whined in PS1?

    The lancer is too accurate.
    The Phoenix can be fired from cover.
    The TR don't even have to aim their rocket launchers.
    The Vanu have flying MAXes
    The NC MAXes are too hard to kill
    The TR Max sucks.

    Okay, the last one was true was true and there was some whining about the unique faction items. The variation between weapons is so minimal that it's not worth complaining about. More common pool weapons would help stop the complaints though. The ES differences for weapons could also be added to each of the other factions with new weaponry. ESF are mostly similar, albeit the Reaver needs some tweaks.
  6. Dasbag

    You need to perpetuate the image to feed the ego somehow.
  7. ChrisLand

    Everyone knows NC is hard mode, not TR. Vanu = Easy, TR = Normal, NC = Hard. 'nuff said
  8. PieBringer

    Best thread I've seen in a while. And good threads don't come too often. Actually, no, scratch that... They don't come nearly often enough. SOE! BRING BACK THE FUNNY!!! D:
  9. sagolsun

    Holding you to your word.

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  10. Bill Hicks

    ironic that your avatar is a magrider, get ready for some nerfs
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  11. PhredEx

    Thank you, OP.

    My only chuckle on a **** day.

  12. gunshooter

    Is this a ******* joke? What made TR players suddenly think that TR isn't trivially easy??

    Failing with TR guns is essentially failing with pinpoint accurate hitscan weapons with no recoil.
  13. Obscura

    Sounds like someone gets a daily steamroll from the VS on their server

    and I lol'd when you called EFS fighter jets
  14. Fox234

    lol TR hard mode? Hardly.
  15. sagolsun

    Fixed in the new version on page 2. Was initially going to do it that way but it required some fiddling with photoshop and I was too drunk.
  16. Cochise

    You guys a fricken nuts. TR has the best stuff out there with the exception of the mosquito (even though it has more A2A clip size, looks cool and is fast i still prefer the scythe) TR Guns are the way vanu guns should be...LASERS! Anything medium range or closer gets shredded with the almost no recoil (i dont care about numbers, roll characters and try all the non upgraded weapons), and fast fire rate. BUT I still prefer my energy shooters (not because they're better, but because i've invested lots of cash in my vanu, before i figured out how much better tr is), oh and you guys have way cooler character models (except that ugly dominatrix infil)
  17. Windchaser

    I'm sorry. Does the TR icon say Hard or T'ard? Pretty sure it's the latter.
  18. HerpTheDerp

    Awww, yeah. lol'd at the description too, though I can't say I fully agree with it(VS is probably mostly played by the kind of people who watch MLP and who mostly play Minecraft - that's why they can't do crap in the game despite their advantages).
  19. Sapare

    I let it be known that this proud TR brony outfit will kick your *** anyday. Good day to you sir.
  20. HerpTheDerp

    Wow, so if you gather your entire outfit you will kick my lone ***?

    How did you get so good at the game?