Leadership Stats?

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  1. ChampagneDragon

    After an informal meeting last night with several Mattherson NC outfit/ops leaders I started thinking about leadership, and SOE's decision to make command tools a pay for instead of an earned right.

    We all know there are those who talk a lot in both orders and command chats. There is always "that one" who rants and demands things are done his way. He's always right. For my faction/server right now that person commands an outfit of FOUR, and seldom has more than one other in his squad. I'd go so far as to say he ONLY squad leads so he can troll command chat, but that is just my opinion.

    One of the other large NC outfits internally attempts to track their outfit/ops leaders time leading, but there is no effective tool.

    I suggest if there were an easy way for everyone to see actual leadership stats such as time leading a squad, time leading a platoon, and platoon size it would give credence to their orders in orders chat.

    Sony already gives time in game, and time in specific classes. Would it be so hard to add time as squad leader/platoon leader? I understand the amount of troops leading might be a bit harder.

    Has anyone developed any way to track this effectively?


    One who constantly gives orders isn't a real leader.
    Outfits attempt to track their own field leadership, but no tools
    *I think* SOE should implement tracking for actual time squad/platoon leading

  2. DrPapaPenguin

    Wouldn't it just be easier to make a reserved rank just for field leaders in an outfit?
  3. Axehilt

    Time spent leading definitely isn't much of an indicator of strategic sense. Many players led for years in Planetside 1 without developing any real sense for good strategic decision-making.
  4. Ice

    I have 3 CR5s. Does that make me qualified?