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  1. Lucidius134


    Made a wiki page for people to post suggestions to improve the tactical experience for leaders in the game. It's not really my area of expertise but it is definatly an area that could use with some more features and some improvements from the comments i've heard over the years.

    An example of such a suggestion would be a Squad/Platoon wide ability for player created missions that over ride the default missions and can be very specific.

    Example: Armor hunting mission:
    issued to Alpha Squad by Alpha Squad Lead
    Mission marker would update
    Any armor damaged in the area would reward players with EXP
    Would allow squad leaders to incentivize and mark vehicle locations for the squad.
    Could have a click and drag 'field' effect that would tint the minimap/map a color (like no deploy zones) to show the visual range (with a max range)

    If the page is found to be too broad i can move outfit leader out of it and make a section for outfit improvements but for the moment that's not an issue.
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  2. Lucidius134

    Added Squad/Platoon level missions and some additional request things.

    No leaders piqued?
  3. FateJH

    Before leadership, shouldn't the first hurdle be set for actually getting people to casually converse even if they're not familiar with each other?
  4. Lucidius134

    I do not know what you mean.

    This is about leadership tools in the game, not about how to improve AS a leader.