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Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Taj474, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. like a hundred bears

    My biggest problem with the dumb fire rocket (only one I've used) is the accuracy. I know the rocket drops over range (though the drop is a little hard to judge), but the initial firing accuracy always screws me over. I've shot directly at a stationary vehicle within 100m and had the rocket fly completely over or around the target for no reason. Not to mention the fact that hitting the ground 2 feet away from a target does no damage...
    Why can't I buy a better scope or faster rockets for my launcher? At least let me have a faster reload time.
  2. Scorponok

    get the lock-on rocket launcher then ^^ or get better with the default one...only advise that can be given.
  3. Dhart

    Speed doesn't concern me much... reloading or initial capacity is actually a bigger pain; but Ammo packs make up the difference.

    Better tracking would be nice. Keep those 'Aces' sharp. Some of the Vanu abilities... cloak and chaff and then the spin... they definitely have a huge edge over TR/NC in areal avoidance.
  4. Rothnang

    Once you get a homing launcher it pretty much takes no skill to use anymore, so I don't think the rockets need to be any faster.
  5. DeltaGun

    I wouldn't mind how slow they are if it weren't for the fact that Vehicles shoot projectiles that are 4x as fast.
  6. Sienihemmo

    It's the same in real life. What happens is it's really easy for the aircraft to move just a little bit and the missile won't have time to compensate for it before passing the target. Then it won't have enough fuel to come back around anymore. Where as shooting at the rear makes the missile take longer to hit, yes, but the missile has way more time to compensate for any target movement so it's much more accurate that way.

    I think the projectile speed is fine the way it is, at ranges under 200 meters a tank driver has no time to get the tank moving in order to avoid a rocket, even if he sees it coming. Unless the tank is pointing directly at the soldier and sees him obviously aiming a rocket launcher, in which case it's not difficult to just instantly start backing up.

    As for aircraft, you can't even see the missile when it's behind you so there's no knowing how far it is anyways. And I've yet to actually outrun a missile, the only way to avoid one after launch is to use countermeasures or the terrain. Get a hill between you and the missile, and you're home free. But I don't think it's even possible to outrun a missile without glitching with the vertical thrust business. And even if the aircraft uses it's countermeasures, a smart pilot will fall back right away until he can use them again since until he can, he has no defense against missiles. Get up a squad with 4 AA heavies, one baits the aircraft into using his countermeasures and if he stays, the rest shoot him down the instant those countermeasures go down. It takes about 3-4 AA missiles to kill an ESF, at the very least 3 will set the aircraft on fire, forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing nearby. This tactic will also make Liberators bug off faster than you can say "air superiority"

    The range of the lock on needs to be increased then. There's almost not point in using the skep launcher, over the manual one, you use the grounder for air because with the dumb fire one you've pretty much have less than 5% chance to hit air targets.
  8. BadBas

    Increased speed would be not good for infantry fights. I would appreciate increased speed with the cert rocket launchers only if a vehicle or airplane is locked. So if u fire a rocket to an infantry it would be not faster.
  9. Jukes

    I'm thinking make AA rockets faster but deal considerably less damage to ground armor. Then leave the AV rockets alone.
  10. Ctzn Snips

    I've gotten more kills with the AA rockets firing at snipers in the distance than I have shot down aircraft with it. If you fire a rocket a fighter flying toward you it will go right by and not have enough fuel to turn around. If you fire while they're moving away from you, they just outrun it.

    I've delegated AA rockets to a super accurate 1 shot infantry killing machine.

    That should not be the case.

    And all rockets in general have the blast radius of a bottle rocket. Granted I don't want this game to turn into a BF3 64 man Bazaar RPG meat grinder (BF3 players know what I'm talking about) I think giving the default rockets bigger blast radius and less damage would be ideal. I'd say 50/50 it as a base and tweak it from there. We've all shot rockets RIGHT UNDER a Mag Rider or Sunderer and it does 0 damage.

    Tweak the AV rockets to be more like armor piercers (high damage, almost no blast radius) and the AA rockets need to be a bit more agile (not necessarily faster.)
  11. Ctzn Snips

  12. strychzilla

    It would be nice but no where near the top of the list for things that need to be completed.
  13. altonyc

    I think that G2A rockets should be sped up, and A2A missiles should be slowed down. Aircraft have the advantage of being able to be right on the tail of their target; they don't need missiles as fast as they are. But infantry have to fire from a relatively fixed position, and their rockets need to be sped up to be effective. The G2A missiles and the A2A missiles' effectivenesses should be flipped, if you ask me.
  14. Colin264

    The speed of the missles for the hand-held launchers need much more than just a 10% speed boost.

    Look at this video:

    That is a modern hand-held missles launcher. Considering that PS2 is set far in the future, the current missle speed is ridiculous and should be similar to if not faster than the speed of an AT4. You should not have to lead a target if it is a land vehicle with any missle launcher.
  15. Kaoschan

    before talking about balance or speed, we need to have a fixed version of the launcher (lock-ons)

    Currently the normal dumbfire launcher has 100 or 110 velocity (forgot which it was but around 100-110)
    While the lock-on ones (G2A and G2G, no idea about the combined multi-lock-on one) have only 40 velocity (!!)

    40 in my opinion is way to low for either aircraft and/or tanks, but mostly for aircraft.
    IF a missile can be outrun without the use of afterburner or other moves, it fails in its job.

    And that is what the current Lock-on launcher do, they are failing at their job to endanger aircraft (read endanger, not instantkill)
    The Damage for the G2A one was increase slightly so that it definitly two-hits ESF (IF it hits, which it currently does not soo often due to hitdetection bug and really low speed)

    For example the G2A lock-on launcher

    Pre-Update 1
    needs 2 hits on a ESF to put it into burning mode and 3 to kill it instantly.
    Speed was about 90-100 IIRC and lock-on time was fine.
    Counter: Flares (obvious), terrain cover, outrunning with AB (only if it wasn't shot directly in your face and you had a bit of distance to start with)

    Post-Update 1
    2 hits for a ESF kill, no bruning mode
    Speed was redcued by over 60%(!!)
    Counters: Flares, terrain cover, outrunning WITHOUT AB, changin altitude by 100-200m (people tell me that this alone is enough to break the lock-on missile completly)

    And after Update 1 a few bugs were added to the game which broke the Lock-On Launchers and severly reduced their power.
    * Hit-Detection bug past 300m (lock-on range is about 400 or 450m .. IIRC) - seems to be a clientside hitdetection thing
    OR the flight time [flight time = time the missile is able to fly and detonate before becoming a dud] is severly reduced due to the extremly reduced velocity.

    Example (fictional numbers)
    TTL (time to live): 6 sec
    Velocity: 100
    Effective range: 600m (6*100)

    TTL: 6 sec (lets says its the same between the update)
    Velocity: 40
    Effective range: 6*40 = 240m
    Now my idea is that the devs simply forgot about the flight time of the missiles and didn't thing about the consequences of the velocity "nerf" change.

    So even if my lock-on range is 400-450m, it doesn't matter cause my missile can only damage enemies from "within" 250m ... and this is just plain stupid.

    But everything here is only speculation due to now DEV reply on the matter of "bugged lock-on launchers"
    Seriously DEVs tell us already if its intended, a bug or a mix between both.
  16. Zotamedu

    I would love two additional dumb fire rocket launchers.

    One anti tank that is slower than the current free launcher and has a larger drop but does more damage on impact. Give it a shaped charge type of warhead so it will be bad against infantry. I only want it to make a proper dent in vehicles. The slower speed and larger drop would mean you have to get closer to use it and stalking tanks on for with a HA is great fun.

    The other one is a fast and low damage version for AA. It should be high speed and with a low drop so you actually have a chance to hit stuff with it. Please not the less damage part here. I'm not asking for a rocket that takes down aircraft with one hit, only something that can be used to actually hit aircraft so they are force to move around a bit. Libs are too safe as it is now since they can just hover out of range and still do massive amounts of damage. I want to be able to hit them. That would force them to either stay and try to tank the damage or actually move around a bit. A moving target should be hard to hit from the ground but it also means the gunner in the lib needs to be better to compensate for the aircraft's movement.

    Adding those two rockets for 500 certs each would be great fun. Just to be clear, I'm not after easy kills here. I'm looking for a deterrent to make vehicles work a bit more. Also I like the dumb fire weapons since they take some skills to use.
  17. Kaoschan

    Instead of adding more launcher, how about adding type-changing certification for the current dumbfire launcher?
    AT warhead, HE warhead, etc...

    More gunz doesn't mean that its better, i'd rather have certs for the currently existing launchers, instead of more gunz to fill up my screen.

    Dumfire only Launcher
    Special Certs:
    AT-Warhead: increases damage by 10%, no splash, +20% faster
    HE-Warhead: decreased damage against armoured units (-25%), increases spalsh by 33%
    MIRV-Warhead: splits after 1-4s into 4 smaller warheads (each containing 1/4 of the total damage) --> area of denial weapon
    Doublefire Clip: shoots two rockets after another, -1 ammo size, reload time increased by 100%, can only reload if 2 ammo is present.

    Certs with Levels
    Reload Speed
    Better optics (perhaps with projectile drop markers)
    Rangefinder (combined wiht optics)

    Lock-On Launcher
    Certs with Levels:
    Reload Speed
    Lock-on Time
    Lock-on Range

    Special Certs
    Bigger warhead: +damage, -velocity, -turnrate, +lock-on time
    Better engine: -damage, +velocity, +turnrate, +lock-on time
    Better electronic: -damage, +turnrate, -lock-on time


    More Certs, Less Weapons
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  18. gunshooter

    What? The skep launcher is amazing. It lands shots that no one human can land outside of luck upto 400m.

    No human would have killed that magrider in the same situation, or even landed a shot.
  19. Krizzen

    Wow, I'm liking the ideas in this thread. I felt the same way about the rocket launcher having no upgrades/sidegrades.

    Ideas (some you guys have mentioned):

    * Separate weapon with faster rockets, less damage OR certed speed upgrades
    * Certed no drop, removing effects of gravity
    * Certed faster reload
    * Sights! This could help take advantage of a high speed or no drop rocket
  20. Jaeger41

    Isn't that what the Decimator does?

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