Launchers are to slow

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Taj474, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Taj474

    They should add 10% more speed to the rockets, or at least a perk that increases the speed.
    Anyone feeling the same?
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  2. Ezze

    I feel that way mostly for anti air... the rockets wont hit the target if its flying towards you at high speed.. you have to shoot at it from the back... I dunno.... just needs better tracking (Hawk)

    The tank rockets are fine... mostly about aiming ahead... but if you unlock the targeting its pretty easy to hit them.
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  3. SixVoltSamurai

    Oh jeez, let's not go there.. the outrage would be immense, god forbid these aces of the air would actually have to respect enemy bases and not rofflepod with complete impunity in the middle of an enemy compound.

    On the actual topic, yes they should fly faster.
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  4. Jokester

    Why? They shoot at stationary targets, groups of infantry, and targets that have to remain still in order to aim. If you need something that always hits vehicles, go for the one that locks on.
  5. Corsix

    Its only a ROCKET, what makes you think it should go fast? Its not like they can go as fast as real life rockets, this is the future were all weapons are significantly worse than our modern day versions, i think its supposed to be ironic. I bet they'll release a laser sword that cannot in fact cut butter
  6. Hoki

    Yes, they are WAY too slow.

    Corsix, infantry rockets are not the only rockets. The air fighters also have rockets that are about 5 times faster than the infantry rockets for some reason. If the air fighter rockets were as slow as infantry rockets, the fighters would run into their own rockets because infantry rockets are actually SLOWER than air fighters.

    I would say adjust rocket speed from twice to three times the speed they currently are. Vehicles are FAR too comfortable around infantry, faster rockets should put the fear of god back in them.
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  7. Taj474

    Why? Because the launcher makes the heavy infanty what it should be a "multi-role" class, and if its worthless than the whole class to....and groups of infantry? don't be ridicilous if there were 5 inf i would kill MAYBE 1 due the low dmg and the blast radius, or they simply just walk away before it hits. Personally i don't like the lock on system + i could hit air n ground targets easily if the rockets would fly much faster.
  8. RHINO_Mk.II

    But then I wouldn't get my 8-second airtime hits on liberators flying at the height limit. ESFs with the speed certs and using the vertical thrust trick can fly faster than my rockets without even using afterburners.
  9. Beltway

    That sounds fair. I think they could make it into a side grade weapon and it possibly does less damage then the standard G2A rocket.
  10. RedOak

    I would love the ability to dump some certs into them for more ammo. higher velocity, or whatever as long as its not too much.
  11. Fligsnurt

    As it stands its pretty easy to take down armor with rockets, slow or not, its all about aiming ahead and hoping the drivers aren't watching for incoming projectiles and just looking for kills. At anything under 150m you shouldn't have to much of a problem vs armor with missles, dumb fire or not. Air is another story, the AA missle should travel faster, not much but just enough so that an ESF can't out run it if you fire it from withint 100m of him.
  12. Jokester

    He can only outrun it if he knows where it is coming from. Usually if I'm flying around and something locks onto me, I just high tail it back to base. I don't actively try to evade the missles because you never know where they are coming from.
  13. Zaik

    G2A rockets should, yeah. I think the AV rockets are fine speed-wise though.

    Dumb fire launcher is...well...dumb.
  14. Fligsnurt

    I honestly don't have an issue with AA missles in an ESF I just AB straight up and break off in a random direction forcing the missle to my 6 so I know where it will be since it will be unlikely that the missle is coming down on me. Also I try to stay on the edges of a fight above friendlies so I generally know where the AA is coming from as well, but everyone has their own play style.

    Quoted for truth.
  15. absolofdoom

    Eh, I think the speed is pretty much good.
  16. Grotpar

    Just customization with certs in general are needed.

    This goes for any other weapon type that doesn't have extensive customization, as well.
  17. donvincenzoo

    AA rockets are slow and do low damage cause i think a AA rocket will destroy more !! what 4 AA in a plane and that don't destroy him !! yéé
  18. Locke

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with the current speed imo. If its at range and the vehicle is moving then you just lead the target a bit.
  19. Darlith

    The Ground to air missles are too slow, there is no reason an aircraft should be able to simply outrun the missles. I don't mind seeing my missles steer into a mountain or something, thats clever flying, but just watching a plane burn away and knowing my missle won't catch it is frustrating.
  20. Hoki

    I suppose a cert to double/triple the rocket speed would be acceptable.
    Rockets have no certs on them as it is, so speed could be 500/1000 certs for double/triple speed.

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