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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by LordNicon, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. LordNicon

    Hi there,

    another Update 1.8GB the same Problem.

    I can play the Game for Days when it runs (no 24h dc) on complete high settings without having trouble. I also can do some work beside running the game....without Problems.

    But when i am doing a update everytime the launcher had the socket Error 10060 (The host is failed to respond) I also just have a DLR from 30-100kb/ when it runs i need days to update....

    I try a clean boot but it wont help, also try to clean the libs folder no way.

    Could it be that the Update Problem is depending where to install the game? I inst it to D: not on c:

    I also dont have the Application Update Service.exe...the complete SOE Folder is on D: and the is no AUS.exe

    Where do the Supporter find that .exe?

    Does anyone have a better idea to fix that ....problem to update?

    I dont want to DL the complete game again just because its not possible to get the Update.(The Launcher is from not from Steam)

    Is it Possible to create the Updates as a normal downloaddata via WInstaller??The Update via LP is not possible.

    (Other Programs runs normal Steam,Origin, GW2 Launcher my c: is complete clean because after the last Update i reinstall my windows.)
  2. LordNicon

    Try to Ping Update Host....0%Lost but DL with 600b/s....i dont know what to do but there must be a fix
    Ping Time is 225ms

    In my DownloadError Folder is always the same report "Connection Time Out Socket Error 10060" with 2 diffrent Hosts....66.238.... and 12.XXX......

    It not only happens with my PC also with my LT there are these Problems.

    The only way trying to help of german support is to tell me "try Knowledge Base"...i do no result..."Planetside need much Ressources"...ok thanks for helping no comment.....playing with high settings no lags no crashes but the ressources seems not enough....

    So my money runs out of my bank account but the game cannot be played because the Updates are not able to donwload because of what ever.....spending 5 Days to DL the whole game because of "socket Error 10060"

    I got 127.11 MB of this Update in 3 DAYS!!!!

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