Launcher - Black screen "Unknown Error Occurred"

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by missingcipher, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. missingcipher

    This is new. I updated the game this morning and when I get home to play I get this error. Firewall is completely disabled and AV off. I also deleted "launchpad.cache", just in case.

    Any other ideas? I played last night. :/
  2. KuroKeiyakusha

    Exact same problem here, still cant fix it :(
  3. Karles

    me too. i made apost a moment ago. i didnt see this post, sorry for repost.
  4. Unlegit

    glad im not the only one.. let me know if any of you get a reponse. They gone stunt on us I bet
  5. Karles

    any solution?
  6. missingcipher

    Still not working for me. I tried fixing the launcher and cleared the launcher cache, but no luck. I play on EU servers, steam version, if that helps any.
  7. Phukkitt

    EDIT: Nevermind, working now, I was just being stupid
  8. missingcipher

    Solved itself, I didn't even get a response from support. Ah well. Thanks! Good luck to everyone else!
  9. Karles

    good news. i will try later.
  10. Dante222

    man i just wanted to play this a little bit but no ****u you :(
  11. TriumphantJelly

    Why is this happening to me? :eek:

    On a more serious note, I hope this resolves itself quickly, because I have no idea wtf is wrong...
  12. PastalavistaBB

  13. Pootisman

    solved itself??? my launcher is still black. The whole afternoon ...
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  14. Pelojian

    SOE's domain name expired today and has affected people's ability to access the forums and games. they are working on getting the domain name back up but it takes time for the registration to take affect across the net.

    People getting black screens on the launchpad is because the client can't communicate properly with the server because their access route has a DNS server with the vacant domain page data.

    The only reason i can access these forums is because i modified my hosts file with the IP addresses of and etc thanks to feldon from using the ip addresses can't access or patch the games)
  15. Pootisman

    just did this. i can finally start the game.
  16. MobiusWing

    I actually did nothing, and everything is working fine on my end. Games and Forums
  17. hugin_q3

    Thank you, this worked out for me today, actually my hole host file was missing, strange..
    Anyway, with a new host file and updating game files did not solve the issue, but adding this at reddit did the trick.

    If someone is still trying to solve this to this date it might work for you also :)
  18. Leo Maxwell

    If youre still having issues fixing your black screen launcher try following this video tutorial.