Launch Day Plans

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Antreya, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Antreya

    Finally launch day! So what is everyone's plan for launch day? Are you going to go right in as business as usual just like from beta? Perhaps try out a different faction than you played in beta before? Going to grind straight for that first gun you want? Screw around with some friends?

    What are your plans for launch day now that it has finally arrived?
  2. ikon

    kill barneys and smurfs
  3. Robotojohn

    Kill Smurfs and Elmos ya mean :p
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  4. NachoFoot

    I took a break to play Swtor while they unnerf NC weapons. See you in two months...maybe.
  5. Uben Qui

    Find a server list. Find the individual server boards so we can see who is going to what server.
  6. Seadust

    My plans are to take down the Smurfs and the Communists and to petition the devs to release a ballerina tutu for the MAX
  7. Zer0range

    I'm planning to whine about there being no ballerina tutu for the MAX.
  8. Hamster

    3 words.

    Caffine, caffine, caffine.
  9. Rylan

    Cancelled. 4.7 hours to download puts it to mindnight UK time.
  10. Zorro

    Were your wishes fulfilled?
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  11. Kurohagane

    Rise, my child, for your purpose is not yet complete. Ye Forumside calls thee from yer grave, and so thou shall listen dear thread.
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  12. DrunkenDoughnuts

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  13. Haterade

    Best. post. ever.
  14. Macchus

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  15. Malacovics

    It seems I wasn't the only one digging deep enough on ForumSide.
  16. Caserion

    Oh god, this months old post showed that back in the day, we were still hopefull for the game in forumside...

    Now look at this place... While the game was improving, we were degrading into forumsiders.

  17. CrashB111

    Is this some epic new may may now? Necroing year old threads?
  18. DJPenguin

    necro one with me in it so i can revisit messages from the past.
  19. Messaiga

    SUPAR NECRO! Rise from the dead my pet, for we have more evil to spread across forumside!
  20. Levtech

    Honestly? I just wanna shoot mans!