Lattice Base Considerations? Adjustments?

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  1. LordKrelas
    Referencing this PTS Update, which will bring additional defenses, offensive-tools, and more options to PMBs
    (I like fancy additions, but can the Lattice get more than Turret removals?)

    At present, the Lattice has no real proper points of Value, or interaction past vehicle gate shields.
    No counter-measures against shelling into it, or aircraft - Nor anything to possibly help the steam-roll.
    While PMB's, are getting more tools to become harder to assault, and easier to use to mulch the Lattice.
    So, this will first mention the advantages of PMB vs Lattice against Threats, then address my concepts.
    Which will have a " ---- The Actual Request --- " Header. So if you want to Skip that, just jump to this header.


    With the ability to generate 15 meter pain fields inside PMB's,
    I assume that with ANTs, being used as siege weapons, that Infantry aren't going to be expected to need to attack the modules inside?

    Or, are we getting to Skyshield Capped, Pain-Field & Automatic Turrets protecting Modules that automatically repair the entire base, that fires off Artillery & Mortars into the Lattice remotely?

    Are the Lattice bases going to be updated to allow safeguards that can be taken down by attackers, or do they get to have free rein on launching Artillery & Mortars into Lattice bases, while being Shielded by anti-air Skyshields, Automated-Defenses, and self-repairs?

    Lattice defenses were already inferior by numerous degrees on most bases (While others can hold off, a bit more than sane, and I'm not talking Bio Labs even)
    Having no means Or seemingly any concern for exposure to Enemy aircraft from Spawn, to the exterior defenses (if the base even has 1 easily destroyed Turret, hoping it faces the right direction), while also sporting chokepoints on defender access to the base itself.
    The Pain field around Spawn rooms being the sole reason attackers aren't standing at the sides of the room doors.

    A PMB can shield itself from Aircraft, have full turret coverage, AI-controlled defenses, self-repair on everything, and now literally has Mortars & Pain fields...
    If the concern is that a Defensible Lattice base could slow the battle flow - What do you think a PMB does?
    If actually engaged, it forces & encourages defenders to force the longest siege possible in the most painful way they can, to discourage attacking at all.

    ----------------------- The Actual Request -----------------------

    Can Lattice get something that addresses the poor defensive position of actually defending a base with the bloody base?

    • Can we get hack-able or destructible counter-measures against Mortar fire?
    So the defense of that Lattice, requires the opponent to actually engage the Base to use their Mortars.
    At present, a Lattice base, has barely a thing that actively stops anything or needs to be taken but the points:
    Introduce points on Bases, that actively interfere with the enemy's ability to attack fully.

    If the attacking force, has to disable a point-defense, before they can bombard, they & the defense have a chance to have more tactical gameplay.
    If the Attackers, want the Artillery, they need to disable the Point-defense - if the Defense wants to block it..
    The Defense Defends their Point-Defense - They do not have to attack the PMB as the defense..
    Unless they wish to remove the entire threat of the PMB...
    which is easily rebuilt. And more easily defended, than defending the Lattice base

    Rather than have the Defense need to 1:10 outnumber a PMB in the hex, and siege it.. They actually DEFEND something of their own.

    • How about An Anti-air Screen around the Lattice Bases, separated into multiple "fields" of energy.
    These Fields, are controlled by Emitters, able to be knocked out by Ground forces..
    Or by Liberator's using specialty rounds - which disable it for a brief moment.
    This forces the need for either Ground engagement, on these bases, or a proper Ground-Assault Aircraft.
    No ESF farming of Spawns across a map easily... These are military bases not Camps.

    • Lattice Turret Redesigns?
    We presently have NS defense turrets of 3 Types.
    Identical appearance across the three factions - Identical functionality for simplicity as well.
    Tech Plants lost a grand deal of their Defense power, via loss of their AV turrets.

    Most Turrets on the Lattice Bases, are poorly placed - or so very limited, that they die before actually being useful for their purpose.
    AI was outclassed by AV for killing infantry, and was so out-numbered for good reason..
    AV was an high-speed single-shot kill, AI was a barrage that took longer, when the turret was even available.

    Perhaps, instead of 3 turret types, we have One. (For Lattice, PMB's are a different beast)
    We split the Turret into 1 Type, with a weapon-switch system, for all 3 types - but with a switch-time.
    Could this be abused? Possibly, but these are defensive turrets - usually destroyed by a single MBT..
    This also simplifies placement.

    Rather than have players wish they had an AA turret, they can change the AV turret into AA, or vice versa, if the time allows for it - IE if they have the time to switch.
    Change the AA Turret weapon type from Flak, and turn it into a direct-fire ballistic.
    (And change the damage, given it won't be exploding - this gives Air & the ground, an easier time)
    The other two types, at least work properly - without also easily stacking into a mess.
    With Elevation-limit changes between all three, you mostly prevent the AP shell into sky, or the AA can't fire into the Sky.

    The purpose behind, the multi-weapon is that Every base with a Turret is actually able to respond to a threat, with some manner of response.
    Turret position of course, changes the effectiveness of using that weapon type
    - but each Turret is static, and presents Value to actually destroying or keeping the Turret on said Base.

    Also means, Cutting down Turret numbers, doesn't risk removing the entire base's ability to respond to a threat type outside of Infantry.. which all three turrets can achieve at present.

    If you need models, or variants for any of these objects. I could also work on that.
    I just want the Lattice to have some Love, outside of just moving Turrets around, or Lane changes.
    Bases are either near impossible to defend with what is available, or is incredibly murderous to attack.
    -- Encouraging roll-overs of the entire lane nearly.. while Bio-Labs became a slog.

    While PMB's are designed to encourage discouraging attacking entirely, by the Builders...
    The exact opposite of Lattice bases... and with more tools, and now more tools to Break lattice bases even easier.
  2. DemonicTreerat

    Personally I think they should just move the spawn rooms underground and be done with it. Link them to the surface at multiple points with teleports and tunnels equipped with pain fields (that destroy vehicles to eliminate the Connery Asian cheese that is parking Sunderers right on top of the exit portal) at the exits. In one go it removes the ability of vehicles to shell a spawn rooms exits and makes it much harder for the campers to park an overwhelming force around each possible exit to stop any attempt to break out.