Latice is AWESOME! Thank you SOE.

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  1. maxkeiser

    This. I never had a problem with the hex system - on either miller or woodman.
  2. Angelina Assassini

    I must agree with all those guys complaining about " the lack of strategy", of lettuce system. Hopefully, the map is much better now so spawncamping gameplay is almost down atm and it's easier to find the way of the frontline...

    But for now, lettuce system is brainless.

    In my opinion, we need a lot of new links betwen bases to follow the new map strategic capabilities.
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  3. Partybooper

    'Predictable' is a bad thing in a strategic game. Because if a game (or the behaviour of your enemies) becomes more predictable, it means nothing less than removing some features/options when it comes to gameplay.
    You don't need to think of a strategy if it's not working anymore. You are not supposed to be smart. Here are your allies, here are the enemies - now zerg like hell, and the faction which has more players in this sector wins!

    But sadly, this is what the customers want. A no-brainer. Pre GU9 there was the crown which definitely showed what people want: A mindless meatgrinder.

    PS2 is losing its soul slowly.
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  4. SgtScum

    This is not a game about colors on a map its about fighting huge battles.

    The territory control is secondary to the actual fighting and now with the effective choke points the lattice brings to the map outfits will start having to think in terms of squad and platoon level tactics instead of lolzerging across the map at random.

    The funny part is that this accomplishes pretty much what the outfits I fight with did to force fights when we had the hex system.

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  5. llRukk

    GU9 update is the worst one yet. Made changes that did not improve gameplay and introduced even more problems. Problems with the basic game that they should have been working on and attempting to fix instead of changing/nerfing crap.
  6. SgtScum

    Could you be any more general? I'm not sure if your talking about planetside 2 or your cats inattention when you toss a ball of yarn about the room.
  7. Metal Insomniac

    I honestly didn't feel a very big difference today during the alert. However, I am still relatively optimistic that I will with time. And the ones who insist the Lattice is garbage are obviously ghost cappers who don't like encountering opposition.
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  8. ChaosReaperr

    The lattice system seems to be a necessary evil that improves the overall experience.

    If this were a realistic situation people would be stationed at all based constantly guarding, so ghost capping wouldn't exist... but in the reality of online gaming no one wants to guard an unattacked base. So sure this forces you down certain paths more, but in reality you wouldn't normally be able to ghost cap anyways since in real life people defend bases whether or not they are being attacked, but not in games.
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  9. ChaosReaperr

    Which is why it's introduced on one continent to properly test at this scale and improve.
  10. ChaosReaperr

    ... and people will adapt lol. One day can't prove it or disprove it. It needs more time to allow people to adapt more big battles.
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  11. Lyel

    My current REAL problem with Lattice is that while the flow is better directed, the pace of combat is too fast. It takes almost few seconds to cornered into spawn points. The Vanu have been spamming maxes with ZOE and rushing points before anyone can understand what is happening. The pace needs to be slowed down, and i say the best way to do that is (bare with me here) slow down infantry movement speed.
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  12. DonC

    I have to agree, the fighting has gotten more concentrated and feels more like PS1.

    Need ANTs, though.
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  13. ShadowViper

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  14. Sen7ryGun84

    Every one of these threads is jam packed full of people who think that the only way to fight is to zerg charge head on into the enemy right at the line between territories.

    I'm yet to see a single post against the lattice systems implementation that says: "I lead a skilled and coordinated platoon around the front lines, inserted in behind the enemy, hacked a terminal and pulled 4 sunderers then smashed enemy logistics until the rest of my team fought their way up to my platoons position. I've tested a large variety of tactics with a well organised group of players, and after all our testing and implementation of battle strategy I've decided I don't like the lattice and what it means for the game."

    Every single post in this entire forum right now that is against the lattice reads like this: "I hate lettuce because I bang my head on the first wall I see and there's no strategy (and by strategy we mean avoiding fights rather than finding a tactical solution to the fight right in front of me)."

    More than anything else what I'm getting out of this wave of tears is that the average PS2 player is not capable of strategic thought or problem solving in the face of direct opposition. They see "strategy" as avoiding a fight rather than creative use of available forces to push back enemy lines and are extremely PO'd that the ghost capping, generator overloading party is over.

    It's time to fight ladies. If you want to jump the front lines and work with your outfit to disrupt the enemy from inside their own turf you're going to have to fight there too
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  15. NC_Edacyn


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  16. NC_Edacyn

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  17. jessewhat

    Yes yes yes yes yes a trizillion times yes
  18. Barana

    This. An Indar alert just ended on Connery (or Conneliodine, if you so fancy). The entire two hours of the alert our platoon spent holding the TR at Briggs from East Canyon while another outfit pushed their deserted right flank and capped Mao (wait, isn't that called tactics?)

    Had there been no lattice, the entire alert would've been mindlessly running around responding to ghost caps, along with an inability to resist a push from a certain direction because if you stayed there too long, you were going to get backcapped by another platoon and cut off. Pre-lattice, trying to hold off an outfit or the zerg meant sacrificing a hell of a lot of territory, unless you were already backed up against your Warpgate, in which case you were screwed anyway.

    What people seem to be forgetting is that you don't have to advance strictly along the lattice lines. If the enemy is dug in facing down the line, chances are they don't have many people watching the rear, so use that thing called flanking and come at them from behind. This is what happened in that alert. While we were bashing our heads against the TR at Briggs, another outfit steamrolled up the right side of their lines and yanked Mao and Howling Pass away from them, after which they proceeded to hit Mao's SW satellite. By the time they got there, there was only a couple minutes left in the alert, but had they been able to really dig themselves in, they probably would have pulled a sizable amount of force away from Briggs, allowing us to move in and cap it.
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  19. haldolium

    No. PS2 is about shooting people and thats what most seeked and have within the hex system. Quite the contrary in fact, because now you have absolute numbers instead of a vague description of the enemie forces, therefore avoidance is even more a problem... You see, you're quite wrong because it is never "as simple as that".

    FYI I am NOT in utter defense of the Hex system. It's neither the perfect way and improvement is needed, though making a former open-world design into a tunnel-semi-linear one is not my interpretation of *improvement*
  20. Roxputin